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Paige PIlege

How to re energize your vibe

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Hi, instead of recharging your phone, how about taking the phone away from you and putting it in a drawer to recharge yourself?  I do this when I go outside.  For me that is my domain.  My recharging space.  So people know when I do this because my phone is never answered or text or anything during this time.  MEDITATION, turn that thing off.  Yes, we forget.  Be selfish for this time of yourself.  You much RECHARGE yourself.  

Now with the new 5G phone.  It is proven that cell phones connected to us all day can run us down.  It is the magnetic energy, universal vibrations that are broke down.  Be sure to get that energy vampire phone away every day.  

And please do not sleep with it under your pillow.  Really?   LOL

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I've definitely been guilty of falling asleep with the phone next to my pillow 😆

I appreciate this reminder to recharge yourself, not the phone. I recently shared something similar when I realized that I was allowing my phone (& all the notifications that come with it) to set the tone of my morning. Thank you for this tip 

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Shut off the Television.  I noticed that I have been watching more of the Sad Christmas things or happy that creates crying.  It is a bit mixed up for me.  So at this time I have to SHUT OFF THE TV.    

I have been crying a lot and bringing up things that I am dreadfully sad about.  Never knowing my grand kids.  My son not wanting a relationship, I think.  No communication.  It seems to be from the things I watch on tv.  I am better off with my reading and study of TCM Qigong.  

I find that in order to process some sadness though I do need a break through and at times this is needed.  But I also realize I have to stop at some point and learn to regulate.  But how?  Still a work in progress.  I almost posted a sad and drawn out story of my past issues of sadness.  Depression, stuff I do not want people to go through and I am over but seem to sneak in once in a while at this time of year. 

I am so grateful for this area and having the space to space out at times and put emotions back in order.  So my suggestion for those that have some "things" that come up be careful of that "TELEVISION" the shows mess up our emotions even more.  Non-attachment, right?   Not so easy for a sensitive.  I have too strong of intuition that proves it this time of year.  

Music is soooo much better anyway.     Blessings.   

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@Paige PIlege - Yes, the television (or phone or computer or any other quick-streaming programs) can definitely lead us into complicated emotions and/or numbness. I'm very sorry to hear you are having a tough time, but also so happy that you have the space to breathe and come back to your center point. Have you come across this 'mindfulness of emotions' resource yet? https://mindfulnessexercises.com/mindfulness-of-emotions/

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