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Today, is my anniversary. I feel that is a major win. After 20 years we have made it through some challenging times. I believe the good outweighs the bad and love concurs all. I am glad that we were able to stick it out and hold on to one another. Also Today I received notice that I will be graduating on September 25th with my Bachelors in Business Administration. I started working on this degree in 2011 I have had to overcome much adversity to make it to this finish line. This is two major accomplishments. Never let anything stop you from crossing the finish line. No matter how long it takes you can always make it.

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Sounds like Transition times for Folks; I woke up today & realized 7 years ago today @ 8AM I arrived in McKinney, TX after a 3 day Drive from North Scituate, RI, to become a Professional Photographer.

Another recent accomplishment was that I introduced an Introductory Intentional Mindful Meditation Program to our community at our Public Library a week ago Monday; it didnt end there cause I produced a Poll on NextDoor.com as who would be interested in attending similar programs in the future at the Library to prove to our Library that there is future interest.

The comments from this program delivered were: "Very Welcoming, open, and a kind example". Another said, "Thank you for Connecting with each Student via your Eye contact".

Now it's in the hands of the Program Staff...thanks for the opportunity to share:) Happy Holidays y'all!

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