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If people routinely used tiny point-of-view cameras to record precisely what they saw and heard, what slices of life would you watch?

Assume that countless dramatic videos of first-person experiences of everything from battles to crimes, sports, and sex would be readily available on the Internet.

I think I will get more understanding why people act/react that way. Judgment started because of misunderstanding to the people no matter, behavior, world view, emotion and else. If I able to use the tiny point of view cameras to record my life to help me to reflect my life, I'm willing to do that so that I can see what's blocking me to become a best version of me, what's decision and belief that I had made to cause myself in that being. If used the first person experiences of everything I don't think I will prefer that because it just like a live video games change to real life video games or drama for people to experiences it, our life already cause us many drama and we don't even want to take the responsible on ourselves yet we still can assess to more dramatic videos. I don't think that is a great ideas for doing that if is using for dramatic videos. I prefer is it used in a fact videos to present as a first person experiences of everything that I will agree on it.  

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