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Gillian Sanger

5 Gates of Grief - Francis Weller

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I came across a video this morning of Francis Weller talking about grief. I must say, it felt to come at the perfect time. I have been experiencing a lot of grief about the state of our collective and his explanation of the many gates of grief was affirmative for me.

Below is the video (with discussion about the five gates starting at 3:03, though the whole thing is worth a watch). That said, I'll just quickly outline the five gates he mentions here. If you have thoughts or reflections on any of these, I would love to hear them:

1. Grief that occurs when we lose something or someone that we love

2. Grief that occurs when we lose some part of ourselves we've never known

3. Grief related to the losses of the world, the sorrow of the world

4. Grief for what we expected when we came into this world but did not receive

5. Ancestral grief

He notes that in our modern societies, we tend only to really acknowledge the first type. Just hearing him talk about the additional gates of grief felt deeply validating.



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