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  1. Hello! For quite some time I’ve been looking for some online courses/study material/apps, etc. that could help me find out more about mindfulness, different practices to use. I mostly found material and info about meditation, breathing exercises, yoga practices and more. Some apps even had music selection for if you’re having problems sleeping, among other things like psychological advice for your mental health. I tried out a few apps like Headspace, Breethe, Calm and Yours App to see what it’s like. I admit, at first I had my doubts since I haven’t had a really positive experience with online meditation before, but these apps really made an impression on me and changed my mind about technology. I always thought it impossible to use apps for meditation and mindfulness as in my mind - the peace and quiet doesn’t really go hand in hand with technology. I had a great experience and I’m sure that there are many people around here who are looking for something that could help them out with practicing meditation/mindfulness and improving their wellness, so these mindfulness apps might be something worth trying. At least for me, they were really helpful. I’m interested - what is your story? What are some of your experiences regarding online meditation or apps?
  2. Hey guys! Wanted to create a fun little discussion over different meditation techniques you guys have tried, as I'm trying to expand and challenge myself more. What helped you guys the most? What was the most healing meditation for you? I just got on my streak of constantly meditating for more than 10 days and it's been amazing! Sending love
  3. Hello, my name is Stephen Gregg, I’m glad to join this forum. I need a few tips on meditation, I am pure beginner. Can anyone drop a few links on some meditation techniques you are currently using? I’m using a good one but I want to see what everyone else is using.
  4. Hello everyone! I'm new here and I am happy to be part of this community. I would love to exchange ideas with beginners. Let me know what websites, apps, other forums/blogs you are using that has helped you on your journey and I can let you know mine. If you are looking for help and guidance, I can provide you with some helpful links. Can't wait to hear from you all. Namaste!
  5. Hey is anybody have any problem as related to meditation i just manifest something cool and i can suggest you as well
  6. Hi my name is Rich, I’m so glad to have joined the forum! Can you guys drop links of the current techniques you’re using? I found a free one but I want to explore what others are using.
  7. Hello guys. I was just curious if anyone has a answer to this? I want to know what are the three types of meditation that you have tried? For me, I have tried silent meditation, where i find a silent corner to myself and I sit and just put a pair of headphones on and listen to relaxing piano music. I stop listening to noises around me except what comes out of the headphone. The other type of meditation I try is to watch items restoration videos on YouTube where someone takes a old and broken object and restores it. For some reason their efforts in restoration of the item seems relaxing and satisfying and in the meantime educating. The third option for me is focus on what is going on right now in my life. Note: Not my problems, not what is going on in my life. But what state of mind I am in currently and what toxic thoughts are bothering me and are not necessary for me to think about. I filter those thoughts and stop thinking. I guess my third option is STOP THINKING process. This doesn't make me careless but it does help me pause my head for a short while. The fourth option for me is that I try to be creative and by being creative I mean I begin to think about what are the best ways to deal with my problems in life. What is the logical way to deal with problems? This helps to calm myself when I face life problems. Sorry for the long note. but I am curious to hear from you. How do you meditate and what are the three ways you meditate? Please share your thoughts. Thank you.
  8. Hey, I'm Siearra, Licensed Therapist & Instructor in Atlanta. I spend most of my time dwelling in mindfulness and viewing the perspectives it has on other’s lives. I joined in hopes to find more like beings that may turn into spiritual connections while we're on this journey of self-discovery that they called life. I'm currently doing more of nothing since it's so peaceful, but I love discussing, goal crushing and compassion meditation is my weakness. It's awesome that I found this. I hope to virtually make an impression and if I do, my username is the same on social media & Spotify. Love, peace and good spirits.
  9. Hi Ladies, If you are struggling to get into meditation and need to know exactly what to do, then please check out an instruction video that may be useful to you. Namaste
  10. It is very important to get sound sleep every night on order to feel fresh and fit the next morning. We all know how it feel in case we don’t get a good sleep. Legathry, irritation, and dullness ruins the next day. Many people struggle to get a sound sleep and experience insomnia. While there is meducal help available for insomnia, many people have also benfitted from the daily practice of yoga asanas that help treat insomnia. Some of these yoga poses are: • Ujjayi Pranayam: This breathing technique is great for calming the mind, and warming up the bpdy. It is a popular breathing technique practiced in Ashtanga and Vinyasa style of yoga. It promotes quality sleep, helps prevent snoring, and boosts the immune system. • Nadi Shodhan Pranayam: This alternate nostril breathing technique helps getting a good sleep. It also relieves stress and exhaustion, and calms the mind.
  11. My name is Andrew, and I am elated I am apart of this forum, from my simple overview of this forum I can tell that I am in for a treat. I have been practicing mindful meditation for a short time now, but a mentor of mine https://bit.ly/2Wpl5rF has been assisting me with it and I'm seeing improvements already that I'm absolutely proud of. You can check out his free Meditation link here -- https://bit.ly/2Wpl5rF
  12. Hi my name is Karen and I have joined this wonderful site to gain soom resources to help me with my new job as a co facilitator working at a recovey college which offers courses relating to mental health for free to anyone wishing to learn new tools or meet new people who will be able to help them wihtin their journey. I am currently creatig a yoga, mindfulness & meditation course with another person which will be begining to be held at the college for term 4 this year.
  13. Namaste, I am not sure how busy everyone is - and what timezones we are in - but i thought it would be a great idea, if we could set up a time to get together via zoom or 8x8. Since many of us are yoga and meditation teachers - it would be awesome if we could set up a rotational basis of teaching each other a SAFE and FREE yoga class (FREE) - open to everyone, so one doesnt have to be a yoga teacher... - all levels welcome - as this would be about bringing some positive real time energy together, share our teaching abilities and skills and most importantly strengthen this community. We would need to decide/set up a calendar: how long we can spare - 20, 30, 45 or 60 mins for a yoga/meditation session A teaching schedule i.e, who will teach? which date, time and length of class. we could do this once a week, - the consistency and regularity would help us encourage all members and even friends of members to join this mindfulness group and the yoga.meditation group? These are just some of the thought off the top of my head . would love to hear from other - is anyone interested - @Gillian Sanger@Jo L would this interest you? and as i mentioned earlier - everyone we know can be invited to join in ... i think zoom allows maximum 40 participants? Am sure i might have missed some stuff out so would be great to fill in any blanks? look forward to hearing from you priyanka
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