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  1. Namaste, I am not sure how busy everyone is - and what timezones we are in - but i thought it would be a great idea, if we could set up a time to get together via zoom or 8x8. Since many of us are yoga and meditation teachers - it would be awesome if we could set up a rotational basis of teaching each other a SAFE and FREE yoga class (FREE) - open to everyone, so one doesnt have to be a yoga teacher... - all levels welcome - as this would be about bringing some positive real time energy together, share our teaching abilities and skills and most importantly strengthen this community. We would need to decide/set up a calendar: how long we can spare - 20, 30, 45 or 60 mins for a yoga/meditation session A teaching schedule i.e, who will teach? which date, time and length of class. we could do this once a week, - the consistency and regularity would help us encourage all members and even friends of members to join this mindfulness group and the yoga.meditation group? These are just some of the thought off the top of my head . would love to hear from other - is anyone interested - @Gillian Sanger@Jo L would this interest you? and as i mentioned earlier - everyone we know can be invited to join in ... i think zoom allows maximum 40 participants? Am sure i might have missed some stuff out so would be great to fill in any blanks? look forward to hearing from you priyanka
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