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  1. Observation. This morning, as I was meditating with our daily exercise, I discovered the video of Gil while reviewing the links included. Great discussion on empathy. https://mindfulnessexercises.com/gil-fronsdal-empathy/ Discovery. I always enjoy Gil's audio meditation but, I had never seen Gil until this video today. I had a completely different idea of what Gil looked and would act like based solely on the way he sounded in my ears. Wow. I am grateful that I realized that I imagined someone based on the single sense of "hearing" that technically, could be considered second hand or here say as Gil was presenting something specific and not involved with ordinary talk. Think about some of the radio news people or DJs that you know? What about the presented News clip of a victim or perp? Any suggestions on previous "Day xx" that cover biases and judging.
  2. Day 8: Focused Attention Q.) What impact does bringing your full attention to a conversation have on you or those around you? A fully present conversation with my friend today. It is so crazy that giving full attention, also shut up my mind and listen what not being said. It helps my friend to speak up more of his awareness and what is the best solution for him to achieve his goal. I am so happy to be in service.
  3. Day 1 Hello, I'm working to make mindfulness practice a daily occurrence. I always feel better when meditation is a part of my day. Reflective Questions: 1. How does it feel to put your full attention on one breath? In the beginning of the meditation my tendency was to try to regulate my breathing rather than letting it be what it is and just watching. Once I let everything flow naturally I found myself relaxing and shutting out surrounding sounds. 2. How does this practice affect your state of mind? It makes me feel more centered. I was at work when I did this practice on my break and I came back feeling more focused on my tasks. I tend to multitask (listen to podcasts or music while working), but after this meditation break I didn't turn anything on, just focused on my task. A good first day. Becky
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