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    • Hi, Greetings from India. I am Sucheta. Started my mindfulness journey with the 100 day challenge. This journey is beautiful - of knowing yourself, bringing yourself to this moment, looking within. helping to build quiet confidence within and being calm.  Not easy at all   
    • This is such a good question.  Thank you.  I am trying to live more from my heart center these days.  The feeling in my heart that I am aware of this morning is “gladness.”  I am glad to be alive and to be able to enjoy the gift of this day.
    • This week's question is: What is present in your heart today? Feel free to share multiple times throughout the week (or in the weeks that follow). Without overthinking it, what is present in the energetic centre of your heart space?
    • Hello to all those interested in the intersection between creative arts & mindfulness! I feel inspired to share with you a poem I wrote this morning. Thoughts and feedback welcome ❤️  This breathing body Lay down your fears let them rest awhile coming back home to the pulse that’s in your body. Can you feel it? Can you feel yourself alive? As the wholeness of this quiet, humming body holds you just here without seeking an answer nor confirmation that you, my dear, are enough. This moment this breathing body was never anything but enough. Gillian Florence Sanger https://medium.com/@gillianflorence/this-breathing-body-9c0b43be5f3a?source=friends_link&sk=0b6a839fa667308177941c4b61036914
    • @Ali Zien - Thank you so much for this update and congrats on finding the courage to seek support! It can be so difficult to reach out and ask for help, but when we do, there is great potential for change and healing. I love how you've shared your reaction to the psychiatrist saying he believes you are stressed 😄 and how you were afterward able to note your own resistance this idea. I really think that stress is so pervasive in our society and that even those who practice mindfulness and meditation can be stressed on a much deeper level than we realize. So glad something 'clicked' for you during the session. Keep us posted as time goes on! 🙂 
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