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  1. Hi Gillian,

    If I could bother you this one last time. Today I received the day 130 email, the last day in the fitmind program. After going over all the meditations from day 1 - 130, I realized I never received the day 126 or day 26 in fitmind. I checked my past emails and seen that I went from day 125 to day 127. Day 126 is the Yoga Nidra Final Meditation. There's no rush. Whenever you can find the time, I'd love if you could send me the day 126 email. My email is jdmk@shaw.ca.

    Thank You,

    John MacKinnon

    1. Gillian Sanger

      Gillian Sanger

      Absolutely. I will look into this and you'll receive it from myself or directly from another member of the team.

    2. John MacKinnon

      John MacKinnon


      To you or whoever sent me the day 126 email, thank you.


  2. I'd like to know where I can download # 5 - Breath Focus A FINAL. I've been getting bonus meditations on the 100 day meditation challenge. I'm up to 109 which I believe is number 9 in the 30 day fitmind program. I didn't receive the 105 bonus meditation email so I haven't been able to download it. I have found it on the site so I am able to listen to it, but I would enjoy downloading it as I have with all the meditations so far. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. Today was day 28 of my 100 day challenge. I like the fact that I'm looking forward to each morning with a different meditation. These first 28 days were the mindfulness for beginners album. I'm interested to see where the rest come from. Kindness and love for all, John
  4. Yes, I started the 100 day challenge and today I'm just getting ready to do the day 5 meditation "wishing ourselves and others well". It has been a great way to begin my days.
  5. Today's three mindful breaths meditation helped to calm and clear my mind afterwards.
  6. Today I completed the first day of my 100 day challenge. The cycle of breath meditation was short and sweet. It was a perfect meditation for me to start this journey.
  7. My name is John and I'm from Vancouver, BC. I was introduced to meditation and mindfulness a while back. It has been helpful to me because of a lifelong anxiety disorder. I want to start to practice daily and I'm hoping this website and forum can help with that.
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