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  1. Today was day 28 of my 100 day challenge. I like the fact that I'm looking forward to each morning with a different meditation. These first 28 days were the mindfulness for beginners album. I'm interested to see where the rest come from. Kindness and love for all, John
  2. Yes, I started the 100 day challenge and today I'm just getting ready to do the day 5 meditation "wishing ourselves and others well". It has been a great way to begin my days.
  3. Today's three mindful breaths meditation helped to calm and clear my mind afterwards.
  4. Today I completed the first day of my 100 day challenge. The cycle of breath meditation was short and sweet. It was a perfect meditation for me to start this journey.
  5. My name is John and I'm from Vancouver, BC. I was introduced to meditation and mindfulness a while back. It has been helpful to me because of a lifelong anxiety disorder. I want to start to practice daily and I'm hoping this website and forum can help with that.
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