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  1. @Gillian Sanger I just finished reading The Alchemist! What a fascinating journey. I am still pondering my own personal legend...how about you? thank you so much for that book recommendation!
  2. I hear @Jeff Miller compelling us to see beyond our physical human experience. I find that often challenging in day to day life. However, practicing mindfulness has helped tremendously. I particularly liked this question from the list: What is this moment asking of me? When I tune into the moment with my family, I can really see them, be with them, enjoy them! I laugh with my girls more when I tune into the present moment. The moment is definitely reminding me to stay in it and not perseverate on worry or regret, which have been my habit. It is also asking me to be authentically me without worry of judgement, which also feels refreshing!
  3. Thank you, @Gillian Sanger! I love exploring all of these emotions more deeply. I can’t wait to hear more about what others think/feel. And hope to dive into intuition more
  4. Yes!!! That’s why when people do terrible acts, my first thought is that they feel terribly unloved. This is one of my favorite examples of pure love and forgiveness. While it was accidental...there is surely more behind the story that includes fear: https://www.npr.org/2019/10/03/766866875/brandt-jeans-act-of-grace-toward-his-brother-s-killer-sparks-a-debate-over-forgi
  5. Rachel, thank you sooo much for reminding me about David Treleaven‘s work. I watched some videos by him last year and couldn’t remember his name! I will check his work out further. Best wishes to you on your teaching!
  6. I have gone through angry stages throughout my life, but usually don’t get too hyped up very often. I have noticed that those phases were when I felt overwhelmed with life, ungrounded, probably struggling with my self worth/love. Mindfulness has helped counter all of those feelings, allowing love to flow from within...last year, I committed to be my own best friend, instead of relying on external relationships to fill any voids. What a difference that made for me!
  7. The interesting thing about fear is that while felt in the body, it starts as a thought, a future thought. At least, that’s how I understand it. While teaching a session about Intuition, a participant asked me about fear. I’ll attach a link of what transpired, if you’re curious to read: http://amyappell.com/2018/11/is-it-intuition-or-fear/
  8. The first thing that popped into my head is that I have a secret desire to be a sheep herder... it became clear when I visited my relatives in Ireland 20 years ago and one family raised sheep/lambs, whom I call “Baby Baas”. I had hoped to go back and try it out, but they passed away shortly thereafter. I am moving this summer and realized that there is a sheep farm that will be a mile down the road from my new house...can’t wait to meet those neighbors! Thanks—it was fun writing about this
  9. Hi Rachel, That sounds promising! Btw, do you have some tips to share about how to add trauma sensitivity to mindfulness meditation? I have a few students who expressed childhood trauma and we’re starting Body Scans... thanks, Amy
  10. Amy 🌸

    Amy 🌸

  11. To be blunt—do people make money teaching mindfulness and meditation? I teach one college level course and just signed on with a new start-up not making any money yet...it’s hard to justify paying for trainings when I don’t make much money doing this work. At the same time, it’s one of those gifts you just want to give to everyone on the planet
  12. What’s wonderfully helpful is that you can set up a brief phone conversation with Sean to see if his training is right for you!
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