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  1. Hello All i am so pleased I opened up this email from Sean an find some beautiful offerings, thank you Sean and Gillian for all your efforts, I shall try and be a little more active in the community, I am pleased to connect with you all. I am currently offering Mindfulness sessions in a corporate environment. I have experimented with a mixture of lengths o sessions and times of day. I have settled on 4 days a week 3 x 30 min sessions and ! x hour At the beginning I offered hour long sessions and gave a talk on one aspect of mindfulness and followed this with a meditation of about half an hour, I leave time for Q & A but found people quite shy initially in a corporate environment, very different from running in person 8 week courses. ALso some people found an hour too long to take in the middle of the working day. I mostly offer a guided body scan peppered with Metta or self- compassion as it feels appropriate at the moment - sometimes counting and breathe watching. Its wonderful to watch the stress leave their faces and as they understand the sense of calm that arises. As a mindfulness compassion coach i also teach execs meditation techniques one on one with an emphasis on self-compassion and exploration.
  2. May we all be well, safe, happy and free xx

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  4. Welcome @Mel P! Thank you for joining this mindfulness community. We're really excited to see how it grows. If you would like to share any insights or questions, head over to our main forum page: https://www.mindfulnessexercises.com/community/

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