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  1. Just Some Poetry 

    I Saw You

    I saw you, all of you 

    I saw you broken, wounded and bleeding

    I saw you angry, confused and crying

    I saw you hopeless, weak and lost

    I saw you scared, un certain and scarred 

    I saw you struggling, stumbling and falling

    I saw you, all of you

    I saw you smiling, singing and silly

    I saw you excited, creating and content

    I saw you thinking, experiencing and discovering

    I saw you start, endure and finish

    I saw you willing, determent and proud

    I saw you caring, kind and understanding

    I saw you brave, courageous and strong

    I saw you, all of you

    I saw you in light, in dark and inbetween

    I saw you good, bad and ugly

    I saw you, all of you

    And I still do..



    Where is home? What is home?

    Home is the one place i don't need an escape from

    Home is safe, warm with no judgement, no nightmares

    Home is where i can just be

    Home has no fears, limits or expectations

    Home is peaceful, calm and never rushed

    Home is simplicity, sanity and solitude

    Home holds memories, hopes and dreams

    Home brings understanding, kindness and forgiveness

    Home heals, fixes and guides

    Home harbors no secrets, negativity nor lies

    Home provides solution, answers and insight

    Home allows for childlike faith, believe and trust

    Home can not be found on any map

    Nor be given by another

    Home lies deep within the soul

    Home is me and I am home


    Watching You

    Watching you from across the room

    Silent, content all on your own

    Lost in the words you are writing

    Deep dark soulful eyes and gentle smile

    A glowing energy all around you

    The way your lips form each songs lyrics as they play

    The calmness on your face as you drift off in thought

    The slow movement of your fingers across your neck

    The clear enjoyment of your cigarette

    The way you close your eyes, lift your chin

    When the cool breeze moves across your skin

    The patient understanding of your drink served abit late

    The slight tilting of your head when something draws your attention

    The subtle yet unmissable sway of your hips as you walk

    Watching you from across the room

    Consumed and mesmerized by your beauty

    A beauty clearly unbeknown to yourself

    How you draw me in, like a moth to a flame

    Unaware of your magical pull

    All the attention of the room focussed on you

    How i wish that time could stand still

    So i may spend it always in this moment

    Just watching you from across the room


    I Miss You

    I miss you

    In a million different ways

    I miss your smile your inviting laugh

    I miss your gentle yet firm touch

    Your mysterious glance

    I miss your childlike faith

    You're unshakable believe

    I miss your raw honesty

    And all your crazy ideas

    I miss your passion for life

    Your voice singing out loud

    I miss your understanding

    Your caring kind nature

    I miss your stubborn determination

    Your will power to hold on

    I miss you dancing in the rain

    Your love for spending time watching the stars

    I miss your fearless personality

    Your gifft to find light in the darkest of moments

    I miss watching you pray

    The way you had long intense conversations with your God

    I miss you every single day

    A little more in every little way

    I miss you, i miss you

    In a million different ways.


    Dedicated to my Grandfather


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