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  1. Hi Paggie,

    Welcome! You are amongst Friends! Our Administrator for this site, Gillian, is on Retreat, so I thought I drop in to say Hello from McKinney, TX. Sounds like you are off to great start with your Groundedness.

    May you Be Well! Let us know how we may help you.



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  2. Welcome, Tim,

    My name is Rick Barber!! Let me know if there is anything I can do for you!

    I am a Student-Teacher of Mindful Meditation in McKinney, TX seeking students; I have a background in Social Work & Management Consulting...you are part of a Great Program; there are literally, thousands of Free Resources here!

    Again, welcome! We have a Staff person, Gillian; she is on Retreat right now. I am not on Staff, though like to touch base with Newbies!


  3. Welcome, Steven,

    Thanks for your Transparency. What's the link? Glad to hear how Meditation helped you.

    No matter how bad things get, there's always the Breath & Meditations! 

    Again, welcome!

  4. Hi Gillian,

    Thanks for these...

    I just spotted this! Arent these one and the same link or is that what you intended?


    Gillian, Is there a Resource for teaching Teens as well?

  5. As I posted in the Calendar & dont know when Gillian will post it.

    FYI---According to Dr. Richard Davidson, the Founder of Center for Healthy Minds: https://centerhealthyminds.org >>>Today is World Meditation Day!

    See Dr. Richard Davidson’s replay of the Meditation I took part in along with 358 Others, Globally!!!

    Here is the Link:


    Richie’s Meditation was very Engaging & Spirited as he encorporated the 3 of the 4 Pillars of Well-Being:

              A. Encorporating of Breath

              B. Connection

              C. Purpose

    Dr. Davidson's was inviting us to be Mindful of what Values could we assign to today's Meditation suggesting, whether it be Generosity, Integrity, or whatever we chose; mine was a gentle Loving-Kindness for all today.

    ****He ended today’s celebration with the quote:  “Change your Mind to change your World”!****Such a humbling privilege to be part of this Morning Meditation!


  6. Hi Beth! 

    I'm Rick in McKinney, TX.

    Welcome aboard! You are amongst Friends & Colleagues! Happy you are here!

    Let us know how we can help you! Just follow the Sign below!:)

    ~~~Rick~~~I am going to send an Intentional Mindful Proposal to a High School! Any suggestions?


  7. I have been exploring Local Art Exhibits in Dallas, when I stumbled across this Video;

    it appears to be a sort-of Guided Imagery of a soothing description of an ArtWork called: "Stargazing in Texas"; the Woman describing the Work of art asks us to be curious about

    this ArtWork by taking a 1 minute Mindful pause...it is pretty Amazing. As Dr. Richie Davidson suggests, Mindful experiences are all around us...we just have be curiously aware!

    Here is the Video Youtube link:      I am asking you to be curious about it...and express that!






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  8. Wow! How timely, Gillian, (I checked all the boxes) as I was just reading Kristen Neff's & Christopher's Germer's Book, The Mindful Self-Compassion Workbook last night and the Chapter on:

                           Self-Compassion Motivation (Chpater 11)>>>talk about doing a deeper dive! much food for thougt...the book feels like a Mature Diary as it becomes neccessary to, not only look at flaws, but to forgive those as well Via Self-Compassion.

    I am striving to make changes in my Life as I have extended to offer a Mindful Meditation with one of my Dr's office's whom I admire for his humility; I know that could be perceived as a Conflict of Interest, though have given him an out if that is a problem for him.

    Have a Great day all!!

    IMG_1634 copy_1.jpg

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  9. Thanks, Ladies,


    I'll share my Secret: It's called the Prisma App. on my phone...any Photo on your Phone you can turn into Prisma Art!!! So I cant take all the credit, tho, the original Photos are my own & Copyrighted to www.FinestFotos.com, my Photography Business.

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  10. On my Creative side! Just so I am not just repeating the same Mantra or Prayer every time, I am going to originate some in my own verbage to make them more authentic! 

    After my Breakfast this AM, my Partner conveyed her own short one-liner to me, which I responded with one too! something is sinking in apparently...I think the day I informed her that Mindfulness is not a "Woo-Woo" as Sean explaines, it has become a way of Life!!

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  11. Yes,  My Dr.  responded in an email to me today:

    "This means more to me than you know".

    That says to me, keep Extending that Loving-Kindness!

    I once read a short article called: "A Pebble in a Pond"; here it is:


    It ends with this:

    "We each have a tremendous responsibility to be the best person we can to the world at large. 

    The Pond is depending on us. Love is the only answer".

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  12. I was grateful to Meditate before a Dr's Appt. today, that I was anxious over; after the Dr. examined me he informed that I was healed from my Malady; we exchanged some Loving-Kindnesses as he disclosed to me that his Mom who just recently moved to Texas, just before the Covid hit, and now his Mom has been diagnosed with ALS; wow, I could tell how much he loves his Mom; we had a Family member who passed away from that...I told him She would be in our Prayers...He's an Awesome Dr. and treats me like a whole person!

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