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  1. I thought of something else-If I was going to be a Quality Therapist, then I should be a Power of example, then in order to promote Therapy, then I better take that same advice! Having been subjected to early Divorce proceedings, I was forced to see a Therapist via Civil Court which turned out to be the Best happening in my Life; I stuck with Virginia Pomeroy for a solid 2 years never missing a Session; I admired and respected her cause she had a strong Christian Faith whom I respected! It turned out one day prior to terminating with her, she said to me very earnestly: "I want to tell yo
  2. A Mixed bag: Oldies, Classical, Top 40's, some Rhythm and Blues...Pop songs too! Al;l depends on my mood! In addition I love listening to old Gregorian Chants!
  3. Hi Members, I am hoping & Inviting Folks to attend our Live Zoom Meditation! See this Calendar event; hope Folks will take advantage of this opportunity; I am inviting you as Students & Practitioners to critique this Session; we are all Students of Life; come celebrate with us! Namaste, ~~~Rick~~~
  4. I need to clarify this Image; my Dear Friend, Denise's (Her Greek name is Despina) Mom just passed way this week at age 65; I shared the Metta Prayer with her; she was happy I shared with her, so she decided to make up her own version of the Prayer! The Prayer cards are for her Mom's Funeral on Monday; the Religious Icon derives from her Greek Orthodoxy background; the Greeks are known to have many Icons in their Churches. May her Mom, Barbara Davidopoulos, RIP! Whatever your persuasion, please extend some Loving Kindness to Despina, her Family, and her Mom. Thank you.
  5. until
    Hi Friends, I am inviting you all to our Second, Free Live Zoom Meditation; here are the Details: Rick Barber is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: Compassion For Others To Self-Compassion Time: Tuesday, Feb 23, 2021 02:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada) Join Zoom Meeting (See Passcode below)! https://us04web.zoom.us/j/2712027508... Meeting ID: 271 202 7508 Passcode: Mindful >>>Please let know you will be attending-thank you!<<< ***>>>>Please sign up here...***
  6. RAIN can be quite profound, especially if we feel we are in a slump, especially in these Covid times...sometimes, the "I" may feel quite preculiar. I caught myself listening to Katherine May's "How Wintering Replenishes" Podcast...and inquiring, what does that feel like to me? I need to complete listening to that...she is diagnosd with Adult Autism...how can that be I thought...she has a College degree! It's almost like a form of Cognitive dissonance...to be explored more as I continue her Podcast.:)
  7. Great Posts, All! Hmmm...a couple of my Firsts: I wanted to be a Dr. Second: cant remember the date tho was recently...LOL! Many lessons...when I previously worked in a Detox program I was arguing with a Female client until my Friend, Lana, the RN spotted me and motioned me immediately into the Conference room, and reminded me in 30 Secs or less how sick these Patients are and I should know better...that was my first Real Lesson in Compassion; BTW...I found myself in my Supervisor's office time and time again prior to this; the Theme, was always the same!-"Compassion" After Lana's i
  8. Hi Steve and all! Great thread here; right up my alley as I sit in admiration wanting to Teach in Healthcare; more later...I am wondering if we could start a Corporate Subgroup, just sayin' We were kicking around different ideas with Sean today! I definitely want consult with y'all! In any case, Steve, funny thing about "Multitasking", In Daniel Goleman & Dr. Richard Davidson's Book, Altered Traits, they say: "Attention tasks don't really go on in parallel, as 'multitasking implies, instead they demand rapid switching from one thing to the other. And following every such swi
  9. Absolutely..I have a Local Landscape in McKinney, TX...
  10. Hi Jane!!! Welcome!! I'd love to have a conversation with you re: Marketing to Hospitals as I have attempted with not much success...seeking tips....how to open that conversation with Corporate Folks... anyway, if you are open to it.. Again, Welcome!
  11. Cool shot, Gillian!! Nice DOF!!!
  12. Hi Lori, Welcome to our Community! I am Rick in McKinney, TX, just North of Dallas, TX. So far, I seem to be the only one whose Font is Purple; growing up Catholic Purple at Church was a sign of Hope! Again, welcome; Congrats on the 100 Day Challenge...I've got a lot of catching up to do!:)
  13. Hi John, Welcome aboard! We are glad to have you! i am Boston born & raised, though transplanted to Texas in 2014! (I miss my RI Shoreline walks) I have a Global Mindful Meditation Group on Facebook if you would like to join us; no pressure; despite our 252 Members, we sure could use some new blood in there; here is the Facebook's link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/GlobalMindfulMeditationGroup/ I have been working up to doing Mindful Meditations & just beginning to! I seem to have one big fan from India, so guess that's a Start! Here is the my our, (meaning my
  14. Anyone who is attempting to bring Mindfulness into Businesses, this mindfulness Education Video is for you!: https://www.td.org/videos/how-and-why-to-bring-mindfulness-to-your-organization >> By Michelle Somerday-She reallly drives the point home and all the reasons why to do that! I would be interested in hearing comments.
  15. For me, my recent Book had to be A Clinician's Guide to Teaching Mindfulness by Christiane Wolf & J. Greg Serpa, which I just finished. That I will forever referencing! Now I am onto "Teaching the Mindful Self-Compassion Program" and their below Workbook. Not sure how to tackle those...nut sure whether they go relatively together, chapter by chapter? I still have my Healthcare Mindful Summit to catch up on too; I have lots going with my Brother's recent hospital release and his Aftercare, (Non-Covid related) The Mi
  16. Thanks, Gillian! It was a quiet Christmas with Phonecalls and Zoom calls!
  17. Happy Holidays, Gillian, I'll try to hold the Community down:) Enjoy your time away!!! Be safe...Thanks for all you do!!!
  18. Hi Carol, My name is Rick; I am in McKinney, TX. You are amongst Friends!!! Hope we see more of you! Merry Christmas!!!
  19. Hi Marianne, My name is Rick in McKinney, TX. USA Welcome aboard!! Glad to have you!
  20. Yeah, I'm searching for the right one, that's not too expensive; hearing is everything for me...actually, I found the Perfect one yesterday...it resonates so beautifully! And I bought in McKinney, TX in a little shop off, what we call "The Square"! I was shooting there today! Various Festive activities going on in "The Square" today!
  21. We are in Late Fall, tho prepping for Winter, with New Horizons ahead as I begin to embody all the Facets of Meditation! Exploring purchasing a Singing Bowl for Sound Meditation looking ahead!
  22. Hi Folks, I figured that those who want to follow Diana Winston at the Hammer Museum every Thursday @ 2:30PM/CDT, she has a Global Meditation Group; the process is: 1. Sign up each week at: https://hammer.ucla.edu/programs-events/2014/05/mindful-awareness-meditation 2. After you Register for Free, they send you the Zoom Link a couple of hours before; hope to see others there today! Namaste.
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