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  1. I need to clarify this Image; my Dear Friend, 
    Denise's (Her Greek name is Despina) Mom just passed way this week at age 65; I shared the Metta Prayer with her; she was happy I shared with her, so she decided to make up her own version of the Prayer! 

    The Prayer cards are for her Mom's Funeral on Monday; the Religious Icon derives from her Greek Orthodoxy background; the Greeks are known to have many Icons in their Churches.

    May her Mom, Barbara Davidopoulos, RIP!

    Whatever your persuasion, please extend some Loving Kindness to Despina, her Family, and her Mom.

    Thank you.

  2. RAIN can be quite profound, especially if we feel we are in a slump, especially in these Covid times...sometimes, the "I" may feel quite preculiar. I caught myself listening to Katherine May's "How Wintering Replenishes" Podcast...and inquiring, what does that feel like to me? I need to complete listening to that...she is diagnosd with Adult Autism...how can that be I thought...she has a College degree! It's almost like a form of Cognitive dissonance...to be explored more as I continue her Podcast.:)

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