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  1. I just wanted to let you all know that I will be away for the next two weeks on personal retreat. If you have any urgent community concerns or questions between now and June 21st, please reach out to support directly. You can find their contact details here: https://www.mindfulnessexercises.com/community/about/

    1. Rick @ FinestCoaching

      Rick @ FinestCoaching

      I got your back, Gillian!

  2. Hi Rick,

    Yes happy to have a conversation although I am not really sure I can help.  I work for a charity and they fund the programme that I talked about, so the incentive is there.  As a community nurse myself by background, as well as an educator I have always found that releasing community staff for educational activity appears easier than hospital staff.  However in Scotland I do think that the well-being of all healthcare staff is being seen as crucial because of the pandemic and I am hoping that this will increase interest/support for such programme.

    Thanks for the welcome too!

    1. Rick @ FinestCoaching

      Rick @ FinestCoaching

      Hi Jane,

      Thanks, Gillian...it's been a pretty hectics week.

      Been dealing with a lot so, sorry I did not get back to you!

      I was simply look for Marketing ideas in dealing with Healthcare Systems; what is your Strategy?

      What has worked for you & what has not? just reaching out for help, that's all?









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