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  1. Actually, Diana Winston did not lead the Meditation; it was Mitra Manesh! She did a Wonderful "Introduction to Spring" Guided Imagery Meditation! 

    She indicated as a Persian, the beginning of Spring is a major event for her as Winter rids Nature of the deadness of Winter and expressed how Nature renews itself in Springtime!

    She has a Passion for Trees and their Connectedness to one another, as they are a Community of sorts and talk to one another;

    it was a Great analogy of People and how we are all connected and grounded like trees & their roots! She was quite profound as 456 folks participated in the call!

    Here is the link to her Meditation; she did a short intro first:


    Hope y'all like! I enjoyed her suggesstion of seeking our "Inner Eyes" & "finding Silence" in our minds!! I was very impressed with her!

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