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  1. I agree Daniel, having that flexibility is very Important as Isabel & I have shared; we both have had Surgeries this past year and mutually took care of one another....that's what relationships are all about; sometimes it's balanced & sometimes unbalanced too depending on the need. Mindfulness is key; its not perfect, then again, perfection is not possible, whereas near perfect can be!
  2. As painful as this is to admit, I am intending on being more organized; I'll spare the details; I have completely uncovered my desk that has taken a few days to clean; my Fiancé needs to move her desk in our office, which in turn, affects me, so my tall waste bucket is almost completely filled with torn up unneeded files; I have misplaced a could of Imp items too, with lots more to complete, and undone Federal taxes too, though I payed my Sales Tax early for the State of Texas yesterday, so that's one chore I no longer have to think obsess about. That's probably more than you wanted to read, tho seeing my whole desk now, makes me look more organized, with more boxes to empty throw away...it's been paniful yet can breathe a little easier...whew! I started to listen to Sean's 3 Mindful Breaths as I was finishing. Can anyone relate?
  3. Hi Lineo, Welcome. You are amongst Friends.
  4. Ahhh, so true, Gillian....when we hold our breath and be in that space...that Non-Doing, & just Be....
  5. Her Meditation is known Globally; see the Link below: https://hammer.ucla.edu/programs-events/2014/05/mindful-awareness-meditation?utm_source=*Hammer+Museum+Mailing+List&utm_campaign=616870a8fd-Weekly_Email_01_04_22&utm_medium=email&utm_term=0_7fbdd70951-616870a8fd-178255790&ct=t(Weekly_Email_01_04_22)&mc_cid=616870a8fd&mc_eid=34928f1383. <<<Singn up at this link<<< Come join us:) Venue takes place via the Hammer Museum, LA.
  6. FYI---Warmer Weather in McKinney, TX now -almost Record-breaking Warmer Temps. 80 degree temp for Christmas:).
  7. Hi Jamika, Welcome to our Group! My name is Rick; Gillian is Sean's Team Member & Moderator here; she is off off for the Holidays; let us know how we can assist you, ok? Again, welcome.
  8. Hi Egle, Welcome aboard! Gillian is our Group Moderator on Sean's Team! Let us know how we can assist you:) My name is Rick.
  9. Thanks so much, Gillian...off to another Dr's appt. today...just came from david Treleaven's Meet up...which he is putting at rest "for a while"...he will be Producing, a TSM Workbook, which was Super to hear...:)...anyway, there were 173 of us on his call:).
  10. Thanks, Gillian, It's been a crazy month for sure....it got a little more crazier when my Fiancé got knocked down on Sunday in front of our church & I took her to the Dr's today to be checked out, hence my absence from your group; thank God nothing broken except for some internal Hip and Arm...so she needs to be more careful and let me assist her; I'll let it go with that. I'm trying to breathe easier... It's strange or not, someone in our program recommended the Book: "The Five Invitations: Discovering What Death Can Teach Us About Living Fully" by Frank Ostaseski; I cant think who it was, who recommended it, actually that was before my Brother passed away, so I am reading it now; it is very enlightening & timely; anyone who wishes to work with the Death & the Dying, I highly urge you to read it; You can get from Amazon with a slight Discount....which, BTW, Resale-able Books is a good deal; every book I've bought second hand has been in great shape; the key is to read the Comments re: the Senders.:) Namaste....I have turned my recent Meditations to the Hallow App...those too are very Christian & inspiring.
  11. Hi Misa, Welcome to our Program! My name is Rick in Texas. Sure, feel free to share; would love to see:)
  12. Sounds like Transition times for Folks; I woke up today & realized 7 years ago today @ 8AM I arrived in McKinney, TX after a 3 day Drive from North Scituate, RI, to become a Professional Photographer. Another recent accomplishment was that I introduced an Introductory Intentional Mindful Meditation Program to our community at our Public Library a week ago Monday; it didnt end there cause I produced a Poll on NextDoor.com as who would be interested in attending similar programs in the future at the Library to prove to our Library that there is future interest. The comments from this program delivered were: "Very Welcoming, open, and a kind example". Another said, "Thank you for Connecting with each Student via your Eye contact". Now it's in the hands of the Program Staff...thanks for the opportunity to share:) Happy Holidays y'all!
  13. So many Healthy discussions here; now I know these were posted in 2020; we have a Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness Book Club for those interested; feel free to join us with suggested discussions based on David Treleaven's Book, Trauma-Sensitive Mindfulness; have any of you acquired it and /or read it? Anyway feel free to join our club...all topics related welcome....
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