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  1. Hi Rick,

    Yes happy to have a conversation although I am not really sure I can help.  I work for a charity and they fund the programme that I talked about, so the incentive is there.  As a community nurse myself by background, as well as an educator I have always found that releasing community staff for educational activity appears easier than hospital staff.  However in Scotland I do think that the well-being of all healthcare staff is being seen as crucial because of the pandemic and I am hoping that this will increase interest/support for such programme.

    Thanks for the welcome too!

    1. Gillian Sanger

      Gillian Sanger

      @Rick @ FinestCoaching - I am just tagging you here in case you haven't seen Jane's comment. For some reason posts on people's profiles do not always send a notification!

    2. Rick @ FinestCoaching

      Rick @ FinestCoaching

      Hi Jane,

      Thanks, Gillian...it's been a pretty hectics week.

      Been dealing with a lot so, sorry I did not get back to you!

      I was simply look for Marketing ideas in dealing with Healthcare Systems; what is your Strategy?

      What has worked for you & what has not? just reaching out for help, that's all?









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