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  1. Yeah, I'm search for the right one, that's not to expensive; hearing is everything for me...
  2. We are in Late Fall, tho prepping for Winter, with New Horizons ahead as I begin to embody all the Facets of Meditation! Exploring purchasing a Singing Bowl for Sound Meditation looking ahead!
  3. Hi Folks, I figured that those who want to follow Diana Winston at the Hammer Museum every Thursday @ 2:30PM/CDT, she has a Global Meditation Group; the process is: 1. Sign up each week at: https://hammer.ucla.edu/programs-events/2014/05/mindful-awareness-meditation 2. After you Register for Free, they send you the Zoom Link a couple of hours before; hope to see others there today! Namaste.
  4. Ok, Gillian, My Post above I thought would be Edit-able and could not do, just saying. Anyway, is this the right area to land my background? I am in McKinney, TX; have a Social Work/Managment Consultant background and spent 11+ years in Healthcare up in Massachusetts. I moved to McKinney, TX in Dec. 2014 and live with my Partner/Significant Other, Isabel. I am also a Professional Photographer. I have a Coaching/Meditation Practice having No Clients as yet. Helping others is my Passion; let me know if there is anything I can do for you! I look forward with getting to know others here! Namaste!
  5. I am Rick, a Senior at 70 Years Young!:) @ FinestCoaching in McKinney, Tx.; it's rather late so I'll have to come back again! So ciao for now!!!
  6. Yeah, Gillian, I get that! Sometimes, I don't realize I am going to get spoofed!! Good advice!!
  7. Hope that helps, Tanya!!! It was very valuable!!
  8. Hi All, Not to upstage, Sean; you might be able to access his direct seminar; here's the link; I watched both of these: https://davidtreleaven.com/webinar/ >>>Very Powerful! Let me know if this works...I took six pages of notes!!! You may have to submit your email to gain access! Namaste!
  9. Hi Folks, Dont know if you are familiar with this Embodiment Conference that is going on now; Sean has has already presented there! Great Job, Sean! You only have 1 more day to sign up; sessions are available for 48 Hours for free; after that you pay fees! I just completed watching David Treleaven's class on: The Truth About Mindfulness & Trauma>>>Which is/was Awesome! As Practitioners, we all need to be aware of the pitfalls of dealing with Trauma and Meditations and how to cultivate the Sensitivity about it and how to present options to these folks who suffer from PTSD especially, if they relive any of the previous Trauma! Sean already had David present to us! I had to see it a 2nd time in a different venue! Anyway, here is the link & again, only 1 day to sign up for FREE! https://www.theembodimentconference.org It is worth it depending on your Focus!!! There is such a Wide open Focus of Disciplines! I say, Go for it!!
  10. Hey, Gillian, RE: Tech Issue/Question I don't know whether you can answer; if we are in the middle of a Post; actually I had a rather Brain-flourishing post, and lost it all, not because of this site, though my Wifi went flukey, without me realizing it, and I lost the whole post! My Question: Just as our "Drafted Emails" get saved, is there anyway if we were in the middle of a Post, is there a way those can be saved without losing them? Not reaching for the impossible, just reaching...:) Thanks.
  11. As I was watching the Video RE: The 7 Attitudes of Mindfulness with Jon Kabat Zinn & when he spoke of the Letting Go attitude, I was reminded of the Serenity Prayer from a Religious perspective: God, Grant me the Serenity to Accept the things I cannot change, Courage to to change the things I can, and the Wisdom to know the difference. ( Dr. Reinhold Niebuhr). I am usually reminded, those "things" I can change 99.9% of the time, is my attitude! The "Wisdom" for me was usually failings from wanting that Control! Hence, the magic has been knowing the difference between Controlling a situation, yet, however, Managing a situation. (Sidebar, Gillian---the re-editing the Italics worked today).
  12. I have to report my Family & my previous Life experiences..all are a contribution to what brought me here today! The Whole Person is = to the Sum of its parts! Quad Erat Demonstratum! (Latin for That which is demonstrated!).
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