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  1. 1. I wanted to become a Doctor or a Lawyer-neither of which I am... 2. Probably watching a Mr. Bean movie.. 3. Always to watch my back... 4. I suppose Sankes too, however my 2 biggest Fears are: Unruly crowds & Poisonous Vapors; I was exposed to both in the past. 5. Cant really think of any... 6. A New Question I would like to add: Who was were the most influential people in your life growing up? I would have to say, my Uncle Rob, who was a Protestant Minister who for many years always showed a unique interest in me & my Siblings' EducationCareer and any Sports we liked, especially, Baseball. He gave me my first Baseball glove; also he was a huge Boston Red Sox fan.
  2. Ahhh...thanks, Gillian, The figure in the 2nd Photo got me curious as well! It actually is a Stone columns supporting the roof; it was likened to a semi-human profile, if you allow your Imagination or your attention to drift away....or aka an alien figure of sorts:).
  3. My Quote: "Mindful Photography is effectively focusing on the Present Moment resulting in---Click, ---A New Capture"!
  4. My Quote: "Mindful Photography is Focusing on the Present Moment on Purpose & setting aside the rest of the World".
  5. Trips to the Ocean if possible; if not, then listening or watching Great Meditators! Then when I need an immediate escape I grab my Camera and go Shooting! That for me, becomes Mindfulness Photography! Everthing outside of my Lens is outside of my Lens becomes irrelevant.For example, I focused sharply on this Robin because his Sweet song caught my ears and eyes! He even had Spiked feathers on his head!:)
  6. Welcome Mancete, My name is Rick, in McKinney, TX, USA:) You are amongst Friends! Let us know how we can assist you!! What kind of questions might you have?
  7. OMG, that is so sad!!! May you be & feel Safe!!!
  8. From MindandLife.org: “On July 6th, Mind & Life honors the Dalai Lama’s birthday with the release of “Evolution of the Heart.” The 37-minute film chronicles conversations between the Dalai Lama, evolutionary biologist David Sloan Wilson, and social scientist Pumla Gobodo-Madikizela. The film emerged from a 2019 Mind & Life event, “Conversations on Compassion, Interconnection, and Transformation,” held in Dharamsala, India”. Much Insights can be learned here!! .eg. "Love & Compassion". From "Forgiveness To Repair". Hope you like!! See this link: https://www.mindandlife.org/insight/evolution-of-the-heart/?utm_source=DedicatedEmail&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=Evolution
  9. Hi Keenen, Welcome! There are thousands of Free Resources here: https://mindfulnessexercises.com/free-mindfulness-exercises Let us know if there is anything we can do for you! I'm Rick from McKinney, TX....
  10. Generally, when I am watching the ebb & flow of the ocean tides up in RI along the Narragansett shores, especially watching the Surfers catching many waves...for the changing tides have an enticing way of possessing you with many Present moments, on purpose & yet, arousing an enticing curiosity without judgements. As I sit on the Beachwall eating a Take-out Clam Chowda, as we say up in Rhode Island, along with a small order of Stuffed Quahogs the distinct aroma is simply amazing! You would have to be there to fully experience what I am saying! That soothes my mind.
  11. Hi Jane, Welcome! Initially, Jane, check out this Free resource: https://www.score.org/find-mentor That is a where I began. As with any new Business venture, hiring Coaching services should be a piece of the pie just like having a Business Bank Acct. Sometimes that may involve investing in various Workshops, etc. Since you are servicing the US States, you may consider joining your Local Chamber of Commerce, Professional Organizations, Churches, etc. By investing in some of those, you may then receive Free services. The initial Investment is priceless, IMHO. I cant say enough about checking out B2B Networking groups too!. Anyway, looks like you are off to Great Start!! Again, welcome aboard!
  12. Hi Melissa, Welcome! I may be acting cautiously; I hardly would not expect for anyone giving that kind of advice; my suggestion with Medical injuries, you may be wise to consult with your Primary Care Physician, since we cannot pretend to be Doctors here; seeking Movement advice would be too presumptuous for anyone to give that kind of advice; RE: Meditations, that's different. Being a Beginner, always would advise to begin with the Basics. See our whole list which Sean has provided: https://mindfulnessexercises.com/free-mindfulness-exercises You may pick & choose there! Best of luck with your in jury!
  13. Hi Gillian, We have saved The Social Dilemma in Netflix to watch soon. I'll let you know when we watch it.
  14. Having taught my First Meditation Practice, I am reading our Teaching Manual, How To Guide Mindfulness Meditations For Well-Being and Resilience. It has lead me to new in sights as a Teacher!
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