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  1. Blood Moon! See Next Photo to explain:)
  2. I have a strong affinity to Sky/Cloud formations via Sunsets and arrival of Storms. Some Landscapes can be a replica of feelings deep inside, some Raw emotions, some Serene, some Inviting of Emotion. You choose what comes up for you....
  3. During Meditation, if you are experiencing Tension in the body, can you bring some softness to that Tension in the body?
  4. During Meditation, what Shapes occur in your mind?
  5. During Meditation, thoughts come & go like puffy clouds in the sky....they too will pass...
  6. What does your Jagged edge look like?
  7. Like raining Cotton Balls from the Sky.
  8. So Serene:) Beautiful Contrast.
  9. What Feelings come up for you when you see this Landcscape?
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