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  1. @Gillian, I completely agree with you about the energies and reflected on that a lot! At the same time, I came to the conclusion that there is value for the energies developed through the practice to be in the home since this is our primary place for practice 😉 and hopefully the transfer of skills might be easier too.... 


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  2. Thank you I am getting to find my way around the community, resources etc 🙂 

    I teach to the general public rather than particular sections, and 

    sometimes I do awareness workshops with charities and schools.

    Yes my teaching style has changed with all the covid adaptations. 

    I find that generally people partake more readily though because they

    are partaking from home on an online platform

    and find it not as difficult to motivate themselves to go out. 

    The tai chi and qigong I have resumed in person , but still keeping some online.

    How have you find the changes?



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  3. Hello, 

    Very much looking forward to be a part of this community. 

    I have been teaching Meditation and mindfulness for 10 years and

    this will be bringing a different and interesting outlook i am sure. I also teach tai chi and qigong  and generally fascinated by life and what animates us. 

    Looking forward to meeting you


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