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  1. @Rick @ FinestCoaching @Gillian Sanger Thanks for sharing Rick! I wasn't able to join the conference but as interested in learning more about this topic in particular. Is there a link to the presentation Sean had David do for us as I'd like to watch if there is. Please let me know. Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone! My name is Tanya Hawkins and I live in Foster City, CA (about 25 miles south of SF). I was certified in Mindfulness through Mindful Schools a few years ago and have been teaching mindfulness to kids in my local community ever since. I feel so grateful to be a part of this group and I look forward to learning from and sharing with everyone.
  3. I think it's a super interesting concept. Thank you both @David Weiskopf and @Gillian Sanger for your comments. I feel very similar to both you. In one regard it's wonderful ... the more we can look inward and begin to better understand ourselves and "what consciousness means" for us the more we're able to make choices to live a more deliberate/conscious life. With that said, I still think there is large part of our population that is COMPLETELY asleep as to what it means to live a more consciousness life. It's not even on their radar ... they're completely immersed in a 3D world where everything they can see/feel/touch is all there is to "living." With that said, as Mikey points out in his presentation, so many of the apps out there now give us "feedback and data" as to how we're doing. For those still "trapped" in a 3D mindset, most often those apps are a means to an end to measure themselves by external parameters. Did I get enough steps in, did I sleep enough hours, did I [fill in the blank]? If this the perspective people are coming from, it adds another layer of judgement that will be piled on themselves rather than simply being useful information. And when people are "using" these tools without coming from a higher place of consciousness, there is alway the risk of the "tools" and information from those tools to be used in a nefarious way to control/manipulate. So from that perspective, technology of consciousness or "consciousness hacking" could be dangerous. As an enlightened person, Mikey is coming from this from a place of pure intension, but we as a society have to be careful to balance that with awareness that not everyone (at least at this moment) comes from that same place of pure intension. And as we create technologies in this regard we MUST keep that in mind, otherwise we run the risk of creating technologies "for the good of humanity" that actually have unintended and possibly quite opposite results.
  4. I recently watch this Tedx on "Enlightenment engineering". I have my own opinions on it, but would love to hear what others think before sharing. Certainly an interesting concept ...
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