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  1. My childhood growing up is in Ann Arbor. am a unique person in my own ways and my role modal is Sabrina the teenage witch.
  2. I have a caseworker from cmh and I ask her to get something for me and she is not willing to do it so I add my advocate of mine on the same email and I also let my parents know even my husband to.
  3. I do my meditation with my eyes open and am planning to change my wellbeing that is my gratitude.
  4. I use to weigh at 161.2 pounds and I went down to 154 pounds
  5. am caring for myself and my husband also my hug family.
  6. I went for a walk to the gym and feeling bright in this weather this morning and listening to the i heart radio.
  7. This is new to me and I just see the video clip.
  8. I always do my breathing with my eyes open to clam down my body whenever am tense sometimes. I do my mindfulness by looking at my gratitude journal and writing in it each day that is in the beginner's guide. I do show compassion to all of my relationships.
  9. am doing my daily gratitude journal each day and Journaling in Mindfulness to each day.
  10. I like the link because it makes alto of sense to work on for our self's and help our community out more.
  11. some moorings can be different on any day it doesn't have to be a routine thing.
  12. I take time to reflect at any time in the evenings to clear my mind by watching a TV show series on hulu so I can stop thinking as much also my body senses and still be aware.
  13. Erin


  14. Am happy to be 40 and take care about myself more so I can do fun things what I like to do.
  15. I listen to enya my soothing music to keep my whole body nervers clam and relax when am getting things done in a day.
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