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  1. I would like to remember to breathe into my body before my mind starts going down the path of impatience and irritation. When Covid took hold my client population exploded and became somewhat overwhelming - it is good to return to the community.
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    katie garnett

  3. I am very grateful for a friend who has taught me so much about acceptance and contentment. She and her family lived in a very small house with a tiny kitchen without even room for the refrigerator that sat on a landing to the basement. Every meal and every day were made to feel welcome with her homemade muffins, a special adornment for the table, appreciations for the small things in life. She marked each change of season with special decor - the emphasis was not on the smallness of the house but the warmth and attention to detail. She has been caring for her husband for the past ten years - he is now close to transitioning and she never complains about the care and time she provides and he also, has never complained about his condition. He is grateful to her for his care and she is grateful to him for his amazing fortitude in spite of the challenge of his illness. Her friendship has been a true gift and I am so grateful to be her friend.
  4. I think that is a big part of what I might call limited thinking. I think in the same way we are empathetic with stories of abuse, etc, we need to express (albeit not easy) empathy to folks who need to elevate themselves above others and find fault with color, religious, gender, etc differences. If we can use curiosity to place doubt in their minds about their viewpoint, maybe we can make a small chip in the facade. Staying out of judgmental thinking for those who are being judgmental is a battle I continue to work on internally. In the same way a person has anxiety about leaving their home or going to the super market perhaps there are those that experience anxiety when confronted with difference. I believe there is research about this now and some work on relearning for people who struggle with judgmental biases/hate.
  5. I believe people need to feel safe and free from judgment in order to express curiosity and be open to the possibility of change. This involves creating an environment of acceptance for whatever may come to the surface and acceptance for the emotions of others without trying to fix or change them. It involves a willingness to explore from "I wonder why/if etc" rather than "why do you believe." Trying harder to understand than to be understood can go a long way......something we all need to work on starting with me. We also need to accept that what we have to say is not going to change someone else's beliefs but may ignite curiosity and movement in that person to pursue an internal exploration.
  6. I just started the challenge and experiencing some challenges with remembering to do them, thinking I would do before bedtime and becoming distracted - starting a new routine. I meditate in the morning when I wake so wanted to find another time of day. I have already found the prompts helpful, especially for paying more attention to where my body is and sensations. I have been used to yoga breathing so wondering about the difference between open mouth exhalation vs exhale thru the nose.
  7. I'd like to remember it's ok not to have all the answers...
  8. Hi! My name is katie and I live in Richmond, Virginia. I am relatively new to meditation - just a few years now - and after starting the practice I became interested in Sean's course, which I have not yet completed. I am a psychotherapist and mindfulness and meditation are a part of my work with all clients (at least introducing them). I believe it is so powerful and hope to devote more time personally in the next year to completing the course and becoming more involved in teaching. I am looking forward meeting folks, participating in discussions, and growing myself!
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