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  1. We went out to dinner and just spent time talking. We are taking our oldest to move into College next weekend so we are going to spend time at the lake near Michigan City.
  2. Today, is my anniversary. I feel that is a major win. After 20 years we have made it through some challenging times. I believe the good outweighs the bad and love concurs all. I am glad that we were able to stick it out and hold on to one another. Also Today I received notice that I will be graduating on September 25th with my Bachelors in Business Administration. I started working on this degree in 2011 I have had to overcome much adversity to make it to this finish line. This is two major accomplishments. Never let anything stop you from crossing the finish line. No matter how long it takes you can always make it.
  3. I love life. I am a life enthusiasts. I believe we are here to make life better. Our job is to lead by example and show others the way. I am the Mindful-Coach. That is who I want to be when I grow up.
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  7. Hello Everyone! My name is Tonikia L Steans and I am certified in NLP. I teach and practice mindfulness. I am the creator of Your Full Mind Life. Helping others to understand how their thinking affects their ability to function fully. I believe having a full mind leads to having a full life. I helped many people overcome their self doubt and fear of failure. Working with children with autism including two of my own children I have learned different techniques through mindfulness that helps with coping and stress leading the children to be more understanding of what they are going through within their mind. My methods are proven to work taking away for any drugs to be involved Growth and development on all levels is very important. I believe that everyone deserves to live a life of abundance and peace. We all need an accountability partner someone who cares enough to not leave us in a state of unrest but who will help us along on our journey. My and husband and I are ministers and we believe that relationships are the best part of life. We teach on forgiveness and reconciliation and one thing is for sure if you can not think clearly you can not make good effective decisions. Understanding how to renew new the mind transforms your whole world. This is what Christ came for. I am a mother of five adopted children and I have been married to my husband for 20 years. Faith, Family and Friendship are things that empower us. I broadcast a live stream 3 days a week on Facebook where I have created a platform for your voice to be heard. Please contact me if you would like to talk about your business or tell your story or have information that can help others that you would like to share. God Bless stay Mindful! https://yourfullmindlife.com/about
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