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  1. Hello All. My name is Matt. My username is a throw-back to the nickname of my career field that was in for 20 years before retiring. I consider myself a newbie to Mindfulness and have a lot more to go to better my mindful practices. I volunteer my help in facilitate a 9 week program called the Whole Health Pathways that the Veterans Administration puts on as a Whole Health Peer Partner. We have at least one mindfulness script that we either do by reading or playing a recording of the script. I've also done mindfulness practices for a Leadership experience for a Veteran Service Organization (Team RWB) that I also volunteer with at the Regional & Local level. I've been lucky to get the opportunity to explore more mindfulness & meditation through Team RWB and am going to an upcoming iRest Yoga Nidra Level 1 training that they are paying for. I'm always looking for ways to do mindfulness & meditation myself online via Zoom, Skype, Google Hang-out or other video conferencing so i'm all ears if someone does know some inexpensive and/or free options out there. Looking forward to learning and interacting with everyone here Matt
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