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  2. When focusing on my breathing i felt movement in my belly and in my chest. I found that even though I focused on my breathing I was still thinking about an important work meeting that is due tomorrow. Focusing on my breathing is not something I ordinarily do. it has never been a task I give attention to. In fact, its an activity that I have never recognized to be occurring. I realise now that breathing is a critical part symbolizing life.
  3. What brings me happiness is to see my family enjoying good health and progressing in their lives. It gives me joy to be able to see opportunities and take advantage of them to do something beneficial to my family and community. i feel happy when I too enjoy good health. Another thing that brings me happiness is to be free from stress resulting from the demands of today's world on my finances. When I achieve success in my endeavours I feel happy.
  4. Hi Everyone. I have just joined this community and look forward to benefit from this association with you all

  5. I am Davison Ncube. I have a 9 to 5 job as an Auditor. I work in an agricultural concern. I work as a coach during my spare time. I am interested in coaching people to achieve a positive mindset and want them to be able to achieve resilience in their lives. I would like to introduce Mindfulness in my coaching and use some of the techniques from mindfulness to help my clients to cope with stress. I have had some experience with Mindfulness but want to deepen my u nderstanding of it and my practice of Mindfulness.
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