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  1. I recently watched a dialogue between Swami Sarvapriananda of Adveita Vedanta and Rupert Spira who practices the Direct Approach to Adveita Vedanta. Both speakers and their moderator were always kind and respectful. However, as a life long reader of body language the only thing that kept hitting me was the sense of pain and disappointment on Swami S's face. It seemed clear to me that taking elements of Adveita Vedanta outside of their monastic origins was a difficult thing for Swami to endure. When Swami addresses a group, he talks with consumate knowledge of the origins of Adveita Vedanta through the centuries. He tells stories of past sages and their wisdom. Rupert Spira has none of that in his presentations. He works effeciently to help people realize that at the bottom of their human experience is the primal consciousness or awareness. It is like rapid enlingtenment. However, without a background of the ethics that go with it or the meditation practice to support it I am not sure what this rapidity brings to his listeners. They seem astonished or shocked by this discovery. I wonder if this feels like the gift Rupert hopes they will receive. Others will feel differently. For me, I will take a planful process of discovery echoing the footsteps of sages over quick enlightenment. Daniel

    1. Gillian Sanger

      Gillian Sanger

      Hi Daniel! I am sorry - I am just seeing this now. Status updates don't always show up for me, but it looks like they are now appearing at the bottom of the forum homepage.

      Anyways, thank you for your reflections on this. I think there is value to both approaches and that different people will resonate with different ones (perhaps also at different points in life). I appreciate both. Some of Rupert's more direct teachings have really struck me in profound ways, such as one that explored insecurity in relationships. It sparked a beautiful shift in me, but I know that not everyone will react in the same way to his teachings (as you've mentioned yourself as well). 

      I also just want to point out that I love those words you've used - "echoing the footsteps of sages". Beautiful!

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