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  1. I’m trained as a clinical psychotherapist. I wouldn’t teach mindfulness practices to someone diagnosed with paranoid schizoaffective disorder. IMO, it is contraindicated for this population. If you don’t mind, can you share what it is in your psychology training that suggests that mindfulness practice would be appropriate for this population?
  2. I’ve read it and elements of it really helped me get through the grueling process of writing my book at the point that I had written all chapters except one that just would not be birthed (known as ‘writer’s block’) no matter how I approached it. I don’t consume alcohol but that year of utter blankness and countless failed starts after 13 chapters that had poured out like a river made apparent to me why so many writers embrace the bottle when wandering in a state of amnesia in a dead dark lifeless cave, which is what it feels like. I especially benefited by Natalie’s articulation of the process of writing as ‘listening’ (I don’t remember if this is in the book or if I heard it directly from her (our social circles overlapped and we would occasionally converse) which was pointing at the same thing my Native American mentor at that time frequently spoke about: cultivating the ability to ‘hear’ / ‘remember’ the ancient messages encoded in ancestral (genetic memory) which I hadn’t yet thought to apply to the writer’s block. I had been trying so hard to ‘think’ through the block instead of staying in ‘hearing / remembering’ mode. I then stopped trying to push the river and completely walked away from the chapter. Some months later, in the middle of a particularly challenging rock climb, bam ... it started flowing again. I abandoned the climb, rappelled down, sat down when my feet hit the ground and wrote the outline of the chapter. It felt like breathing again. - - - I’m currently rereading Women and Nature: The Roaring Inside Her by Susan Griffin. Here’s a quote from it: "We say there is no end to any act. The rock thrown in the water is followed by waves of water, and these waves of water make waves in the air, and these waves travel outward infinitely, setting particles in motion, leading to other motion and motion upon motion endlessly. We say the water has noticed this stone falling and has not forgotten. And in every particle every act lives, and the stars do not frighten us, we say, starlight is familiar to us. The Magellanic Clouds. The Orion Nebula. Star clouds in the Milky Way. We say our lives are part of nature. We say in every particle every act lives. The body of the tree reveals the past. That the waves from the stone falling into the water were frozen in the winter ice. That stars pull at the bodies of crabs, and oysters know the phases of the moon. The elliptical orbit. The pull of gravity. The satellite motion. Time in space, we say, the half note pushing the air, the quarter note traversing the earth. The bud, the egg, the risen bread, the right time for things.”
  3. [ posted in my tier three FB group learning environment ] A few more thoughts about the dynamic interface between ‘self’ and the metaenvironment (Earth / Sky / Space) that it is an innately embedded microcosmic reflection of. - - - The human animal, with a consistent, disciplined and trained proper practice (of some length) of directly experiencing ‘here’ in its fullness / wholeness (that is, deeply feltsensing / remembering and observing the dynamics of the body.mind.biosphere.space continuum that the dependent, integral, functional element of the whole we conveniently call “self” is) - just as it is, in real time - can observe, vividly, and simultaneously: - an ascending season’s qualities and their physiological / neurological effects occurring in the personal experience of the above described continuum - a brief intensification of the descending season’s qualities and their physiological / neurological effects occurring in the personal experience of the continuum during the rising of the ascending season - a brief intense blast of the qualities of the season that will follow the ascending season and their physiological / neurological effects occurring in the personal experience of the continuum during the rising of the ascending season ... during transitions between annual seasons when these three very different energies meet - which can be bumpy rides in a body / mind that isn’t well-balanced or that is di.stressed / dis-eased. This dynamic phenomenon can also be clearly remembered throughout the hours of the day. Every two hours, throughout the 24 hour repeating cycle, the dominant nostril alternates, as I’m sure those of you with a consistent mindfulness sitting practice have noticed, assuming a consistent sitting-in-concentration for more than two hours minimally, which for aspiring mindfulness teachers is essential (and in the very lower range of the length of a regular sitting for a mindfulness teacher) if they are to be effective in their work. Each alternation can be understood as a ‘season’. During each of these two hour seasons of time, the same exact annual seasonal dynamics described above can be feltsensed / remembered and observed: - the ascending two hour season’s qualities and their physiological / neurological effects occurring in the personal experience of the continuum during the rising of the ascending season - a brief intensification of the descending two hour season’s qualities and their physiological / neurological effects occurring in the personal experience of the continuum during the rising of the ascending season ... and a brief intense blast of the qualities of the two hour season that will follow the ascending season and their physiological / neurological effects occurring in the personal experience of the continuum during the rising of the ascending season The ecosystem of the body/mind can be skillfully managed throughout the year and the 24 hour day in ways that facilitate smooth transitions which minimizes physiological / neurological chais as the three energy streams, each with different qualities and effects, meet. Please reflect on this and hold it lightly in mind during your sits between today and our next meet - and prepare your questions if any of this isn’t clear. - - - Thoughts and questions invited.
  4. A few more thoughts about how I use FB to attract and engage with potential students. - - - You can view my FB profile page here: https://www.facebook.com/jeffmiller432 ... to get a sense of how I use this channel to attract ‘followers’ and friends (potential students). It can be regarded as a fishing net that lures people in with what they are interested in and then captures / engages them. The page content is used to cultivate a remembering of what we are, where we are, how what we are / where we are operate, and what has happened in the past, along with an awareness of / attention to what is happening now and what is inevitably going to happen. Once they are in and sufficiently entertained / engaged, I then subvert their dominant paradigm, sneak the essence of mindfulness (not the container of the essence) into their field of awareness, undermine their conditioned patterns of thought, de-energize habitual emotional reactivity / grasping / craving and collapse hallucinatory misperceived divisions between ‘internal’ / ‘external’ and ‘above’ / ‘below’ (which are one space). At the point that they ask for deeper engagement, or I think they are ripe enough, I float the idea of them applying for access to one of three diff private FB groups to explore the post topics more experientially (at a level that matches their cognitive ability and degree of commitment). You may notice that direct reference to ‘mindfulness’ (and related jargon) aren't generally used. This is because it really isn’t positively regarded in Western culture outside of a small, bourgie (and those who aspire to it) and mostly white cultural subgroup. ... and also because I prefer not to be associated with it as it has been presented in Western culture (McMindfulness ... “Its All About You!”) ... or with how Western culture has been conditioned to mythify, mystify, personalize, neuroticize and fictionalize traditional sati / remembering - which was mistranslated as ‘attention’ by a few white privileged Western men in the 20th century, who, with typical Western hubris and arrogance, imagined they understood sati / mindfulness better than it was understood / taught in premodern / ancient cultures for thousands of years. This resulted in a consumer commodity that appeals to the above described insular cultural subgroup who imagine that their view of the interface between personal existence and the whole of existence is superior, more accurate, more authentic and more effective, even though it is nearly always a self-concretizing, self-reifying, preferred degeneration. My targeted demographic is people who aren’t captured and conditioned by received notions of ‘spirituality’, who aren’t enchanted and dragged around by their emotions, who reject consumer culture, who understand that this rickety civilization is perched on the edge of a crumbling cliff, that recognize that the natural world they exist innately embedded in and utterly dependent on for sustenance and survival is fast unraveling, and that sense / understand that the human animal is now deep in existential crisis and threatened by near-term extinction. Working in this personal page environment let’s me even more selectively target those participants who I suspect are high probability potential students by posting content that specifically but covertly addresses issues they reveal in their responses and by their posts on their page and on other pages. I also post content that reflects the physiological / neurological / societal effects of each season in real time as they are occurring and participants are experiencing them, whether they are conscious of experiencing them or not. Personalized targeted content increases engagement and conversion rate. Also note the use of relevant eye-catching images that communicate the essence of posts non-conceptually. Online learning environments aren’t even remotely similar to meatspace environments and require very different style and UX (user experience) considerations. The mind functions very diff in an online space. This actuality needs to be consciously factored into online teaching strategies if there is to be a meaningful and effective engagement. In sum, modern people really don’t want to wake up. If we are to be authentic mindfulness teachers then we need to meet people where they are and skillfully lure them out of their burning house and back to Earth (of which the body/mind is an inseparable dependent element of). https://encyclopediaofbuddhism.org/wiki/Parable_of_the_burning_house [ If you visit my FB page, hit the “friend” button! ]
  5. I pretty regularly pick up new students from my FB page and have several FB groups that I selectively place them in depending on their experience, degree of interest and receptivity which I determine by way of a pre-acceptance interview and essay. A couple of days ago I posted two brief sentences on a dark blue background with white text. It was shared 360 times as of today and the engagement topped out at 1,432 likes / loves / hugs. It resulted in two new long haul students.
  6. Some of these questions are useful. Some, IMO, are contraindicated in the medicinal practice of remembering (‘mindfulness’) and are just more distracting self-obsession and obscuration (keeping in mind that ‘mindfulness’ is not psychology or ‘spirituality’ or ‘mysticism’ or ‘personal development’ or the preferencing of “good” emotions or pacification or a pursuit of personal happiness / accomplishment or the perfection of an ideal “self”). If we limit ourselves to these types of questions then they are a path of indulgence and perceptual confusion because the human animal is dangerously lost and perceptually reified in an absence of a consistent and committed asking of the following five essential and foundational questions along with a practiced receptivity to unvarnished answers to them, no matter how unsettling, uncomfortable and uncertain what they reveal about us and ‘place’ may be: - - - Q. What are we? A. Fragile short-lived biological organisms. - - - Q. Where are we? A. Innately embedded in and utterly dependent on a thin, fragile, always changing layer of biological lifeforms that grew out of slime on the surface of an infinitesimal mote of twirling cosmic debris made up of rock, fire, water, air and electromagnetic relationships that is whizzing through a churning debris-clogged ocean of radiation-permeated space around a colossal, exceedingly dynamic, flaming sphere that regulates and with precise periodicity disorders and weakens / collapses the terrestrial electromagnetic field and deregulates / annihilates the life it enables. - - - Q. How do we and where we exist operate? A. Utterly at the endless moment-by-moment effects of cyclical exoplanetary patterns and processes at all levels of this personal existence that we like to think of as “mine” in spite of mountainous evidence to the contrary. - - - Q. What has happened in the past? A. A science-confirmed multileveled multifaceted cyclical destruction of terrestrial operating systems and mass extinction events (most significantly in 13k year increments) that are triggered by exoplanetary patterns / processes and random celestial events that have collapsed every civilization / culture ever to have appeared here in Earth and that has killed off eight iterations of ‘human’ during just the past 300k years (the most recent just 13k years ago and Neanderthals 40k years ago) leaving just one broken iteration of human animal left that is now pathologically alienated from actuality to the point of literal psychosis and that has forgotten what it is, where it is, how what it is / where it is actually operate and that can no longer grasp what is happening now and what is going to inevitably happen sooner than later (as another cycle of destruction is currently / rapidly ramping up (13k years this side of the most recent science-confirmed global cataclysm / mass extinction event). - - - Q. What is happening now? A. The highest level of life-threatening radiation blasting Earth ever recorded (increasing nearly 20% just since 2015). A rapid disordering of terrestrial operating systems. Deadly climate chaos, soaring temperatures, widespread increasing drought, runaway mass extinction. A very concerning and rapid disordering / weakening of the terrestrial electromagnetic field upon which all biological creatures (including human) depend on for health, sanity, sustenance and life itself. An erratic wandering of the geomagnetic poles in advance of a geomagnetic reversal or excursion. An ongoing and projected displacement of two billion people this century. Plummeting sperm and seed viability and degrading of reproductive / germination processes. A rapid decline in cognitive ability and average IQ. A rapid increase in dementia (now fifth leading cause of death) and cancers. Increasing rates of mental disorder and suicide. Increasing social disorder and violence. [ the last five above, at least in part, related to soaring levels of radiation ] The saturation of biological lifeforms with plastic and toxins (microplastics and nanoplastic particulates are now routinely found in the human gut, blood, organs and even in placenta (which passes them on to the fetus). Infants are being born with rocket / jet fuel and industrial chemicals / pharmaceuticals in their bloodstreams. The harsh reality that Earth’s orbit is at this moment moving Earth into a zone of space that is densely littered with comet debris that includes many very large civilization-ending and species-extincting chunks. - - - The practice of ‘mindfulness’ (in premodern / ancient cultures around the globe) was literally regarded as actual medicine and was not limited to the cushion. The cushion practice was to cultivate off-the-cushion in-the-world mindfulness that results in an acute clarity of just-what-really-is in the mind/body/ecosystem /space continuum which is one space. The medical intent of mindfulness practice (‘sati’ ... recollection / remembering) ... before it was mainstreamed, recontextualized and strategically retooled in the interests of social control and bourgie self-obsession that protect consumer capitalism and profit projections ... was to cultivate a clear sense of the effects of our innate embeddedness in terrestrial and exoterrestrial patterns / processes (that are vastly larger than us and that drive physiological and neurological patterns / processes) which enables a conscious recalibration / balancing of our physiological and neurological systems in order to protect individual / collective health and sanity (to the degree that it is possible in any given state of fluctuating circumstances). It was the prevention of pathological alienation from place, perceptual dissociation, self-obsession and it kept the human animal acutely attuned to what we are, where we are, how where we are / what we are work, what has happened in the past and most importantly what is happening now, now, now and what will inevitability happen. It wasn’t about cultivating a happy ‘self’. It was all about cultivating a sane, healthy, informed group / community / species of human animal in the face of indisputable and perpetual uncertainty that represents a very real and ongoing collective human existential crisis here in Earth. Modern people are in a state of thick amnesia. They have forgotten what is most important and they defend themselves against remembering because remembering very effectively dismantles the rickety illusion of self-existence that the modern human animal so cherishes and clings to ... even mindfulness students and teachers. If the practice of mindfulness is all about an insular hallucination of, and obsession with, a separate ‘self’, then it is actively contributing to a deadly collective amnesia and collective immorality in this age of accelerating uncertainty that is seriously rearranging Earth, collapsing this rickety civilization and very possibly even eliminatIng 90-95% of terrestrial life this century (as has repeatedly happened even in the near distant past). Remembering is a radical act and an urgently needed medicine now that may enable the survival of the only remaining iteration of ‘human’ ... and tick tock, tick tock, tick tock ... it’s long past time to wake up. If we are to be effective teachers of mindfulness, with the mountain of responsibility that accompany the role, then we need to include these foundational questions at the center of our own practice to avoid causing / furthering confusion and suffering in our students / clients and to not waste our own fleetingly brief life lost in a labyrinth of conditioned / received patterns of thought and habitual emotional reactivity. [ note: recent peer-reviewed research is available for the hard-to-believe bits mentioned above ... please ask me if interested ]
  7. Hope is make-believe fiction, craving / grasping for succor, an obscuration to clarity, an emotional indulgence, a flight from actuality and ‘all-about-me’ (even if the hope is for someone else). Elder cultures warned against it. The ruling class conditions us to it and exploits it. I don’t recommend making it a habit. Best to note it when it flares up and not attach to it / enable it / be dragged around by it.
  8. In Classical Chinese Five Element medical philosophy, the seat of anger in the body is identified as the liver. The liver is referred to as the ‘Little General’ or ‘Little Tyrant”. The liver activates in Early Spring ... some of you are experiencing symptoms / expressions of this right now as Spring is rapidly ascending. If we observe other people carefully we see that these aren’t limited to just this specific individual biological organism that modern people regard as a self-existing and exempt from cause / effect natural laws. During this seasonal transition and throughout Spring, if the liver is stagnant (by way of diet and emotional repression or biological inheritance) or if it’s thermo quality runs hot (by way of diet), then there is a greater likelihood of feeling / expressing irritation, anger or rage ... and muscle ache, eye discomfort or irritation, insomnia, diarrhea, throat issues, shortness of breath, obsession with detail / list making, and a driven sense that everything is finally coming together! (which is only a story used to explain a surge of energy that most people have no rational explanation for). This is why irritation and bursts of anger and rage are more prevalent in Spring as the body is exposed to increasing levels of solar particles that stimulate the metabolism. This rushing movement of Spring electromagnetic energy through channels in the body gets stuck / backed up in the liver (because of its physical condition), frustration / irritation is the effect and then it gets released forcefully to the degree that it is stuck, like an exploding conflagration that moves uncontrolled. Modern people, pathologically alienated from the body, ignorant of how the body works in relationship to the patterns and processes of the metaenvironment (terrestrial / exoterrestrial) that they are innately embedded in and at the endless physiological / neurological effect of, and ignorant of the effects of the body on emotion, all in every moment at every level of personal existence, tend to personalize / neuroticize the (cause and effect) event of anger that is rooted in the condition of the liver / dietary habits / cultural conditioning and environmental processes, and that is not just the effect of external social circumstances and the particular emotion itself. Ideally, the human organism, starting around two weeks ago, began to eat lighter, less meat / dairy (especially dairy), more whole grains (with the exception of buckwheat which is contraindicated in Spring for everyone), considerably less spices and more greens (though kale should be eaten in great moderation year round because of its detrimental cooling / weakening effects on the kidneys). Gentle daily breathing exercises (particularly alternating nostril breathing) and moderately brisk (yet relaxed) walking help to unstagnate the liver and get things moving smoothly. All of this becomes vividly apparent if we remember what we are, where we are, and how where we are operates. This remembering (a properly practiced pre-conceptual / pre-verbal ‘mindfulness’), practiced consistently by stilling the mind and ceasing habitual emotional reactivity (no matter how attached we are to to it) and by way of proper breathing practice, clears perceptual space to ‘hear’ / sense the movement of seasonal energies through the electrical pathways of the body and to detect where in the body this stream of electromagnetically-driven metabolic energy gets jammed up causing discomfort / disease and agitated (or dulled) emotions. This practice of remembering enables us to skillfully mediate these dynamic seasonal currents instead of being mindlessly (mindlessness is amnesia) dragged around by them and endlessly / unconsciously reacting to them. This is clarity. It was also the original intent of ‘mindfulness’ before Western consumer culture turned it into a narrow obsession with thoughts / feelies that are dissociated from the actuality of their causes / origins and the processes that regulate / deregulate them.
  9. Jeff Miller

    Jeff Miller

  10. “What do you do when you don't feel like meditating?” Then I don’t.
  11. This excerpt from a micro teaching I just fired out summarizes my response to the questions that Gillian asked. - - - The challenge as 2020 passes is to regard it with generous gratitude. It has given humanity the powerful gift of remembering. Remembering is a potentially radical and life-affirming act. Remember or die. The collective human biological organism literally isn’t going to survive, let alone regenerate civilization and the natural world that it depends on for sustenance and survival, if it doesn’t clearly remember what a human being actually is, where it actually exists, how where it exists actually operates and how dependently it exists there. The most important practice for humanity in 2021 and ongoing will be to not look away as fast-moving circumstances shake / wake us up to the naked actuality of our existence in this age of degeneration and uncertainty. To remember, remember, remember, moment-by-moment, and to let the clarity of remembering, no matter how difficult or confusing or anxiety-producing this experience may be, inform and crack open the collective heart like the sun cracks open a buried seed. Forgetting what we are, where we are and how where we are operates is degenerative. Remembering these foundations of healthy perception, kind intention and skillful action is regenerative. This is the way of all flesh here in Earth. - - - 2021 is likely going to be a difficult year. May we all calmly regard it as an opportunity to help others.
  12. “ ... the root of suffering is neither the feeling of pain nor of sadness nor even of meaninglessness. Rather, the real root of suffering is this never-ending and pointless pursuit of ephemeral feelings, which causes us to be in a constant state of tension, restlessness and dissatisfaction. Due to this pursuit, the mind is never satisfied. Even when experiencing pleasure, it is not content, because it fears this feeling might soon disappear, and craves that this feeling should stay and intensify. People are liberated from suffering not when they experience this or that fleeting pleasure, but rather when they understand the impermanent nature of all their feelings, and stop craving them.” - Yuval Harari [ image: Henry Jabbour ]
  13. “One final note, I have often wondered what Buddhism might say about the state of an enlightened one after death.“ The “Buddha” declined answering this.
  14. We are as if flowers in space. How vividly we bloom and how contented and effective we are, in significant part, depends on how deep and broad the rivers of memory run, on a refinement of perception, on a fierceness of heart, on an acute recognition of vulnerability and (most importantly) on how forgiving we are. [ image: Eter - Andres Marti ] ***** I frequently email a brief micro-lesson like the one above the day before a group meeting. This gives students a chance to reflect on it a day before we dig into it. discussion keys: interrelationship, memory, perception / attention, compassion, sensitivity and restraint / release
  15. Thanks for the thoughtful responses to my comment. I’ll write up some thoughts about them this weekend. For now I’ll drop these articles and a quote for everyone’s consideration: *** “They saw this work as part of their meditation and mindfulness practice, not apart from it.[1] Thich Nhat Hanh outlined fourteen precepts of engaged Buddhism, which explained his philosophy.” https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Engaged_Buddhism *** https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.lionsroar.com/the-fourteen-precepts-of-engaged-buddhism/amp/ “ ... prevent others from profiting from human suffering or the suffering of other species on Earth.” *** “We may be tempted to see compassion as a feeling, an emotional response we occasionally experience when we are touched by an encounter with acute pain. In these moments of openness, the layers of our defenses crumble; intuitively we feel an immediacy of response and we glimpse the power of nonseparation. Milarepa, a great Tibetan sage, expressed this when he said, “Just as I instinctively reach out to touch and heal a wound in my leg as part of my own body, so too I reach out to touch and heal the pain in another as part of this body.” https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.lionsroar.com/she-who-hears-the-cries-of-the-world/amp/ *** “According to Buddhism, the root cause of suffering is ego, our mistaken belief in a solid, separate, and continuous self, and the three poisons we use to protect it—aggression, attachment, and ignorance. We act selfishly in service to a non-existent self. Buddhism traditionally said that the cause of suffering was personal and individual. Now to the personal causes of suffering we have added the psychological and the political. We understand how suffering and trauma are passed down within families, generation to generation. We work to break the cycle. We see how ego and the three poisons operate on a vast scale in our political, social, and economic systems. We take action against injustice and work for a more caring society to fulfil our basic vow as Buddhists—to reduce suffering. Buddhists are political because suffering is political.” - Melvin McLeod
  16. Hi David, “my deepest bows to anyone and everyone starting there.” Thanks for bringing this up. I’d like to add that a lot of us started “there” a long time ago and have a different perspective about social activism. A lot of people who are socially-engaged activists are motivated by compassion to act against social factors that are traumatizing and harming people and non-human beings. I was taught as a child, and by my dharma teachers, that these acts are human duty, a reflection of psychological maturity, a necessity, and of what you describe as: “If everyone simply would be responsible for behaving compassionately and somewhat decently, toward themselves and others, the world would be a very different place.” Alice Walker describes active social engagement as “paying the rent” for living in Earth and in society. I describe: “to get out there and "do something"--become an activist engaged in constructive social change, actually help people where help is needed” as: ... “behaving compassionately”, as a human duty, as morality and as essential medicine for ourselves and others, because we are responsible for those people who are suffering / traumatized and we are also responsible for ending or minimizing the factors that are creating their suffering and trauma. Compassion is engaged action. It is social activism. Our wellbeing is dependent on the welfare of other living beings, so it follows that their trauma is our own trauma. If we see and don’t act, then we are complicit and our “compassion” is just another pacifying lollipop ... another story in the head. Turning away / not acting to relieve the suffering of others is an egoic mechanism that degrades compassion into “self” serving succor and, IMO, results in a pathological alienation that significantly contributes to and perpetuates our own and others’ trauma / suffering. - - - Re: the OP question. I’m good. This isn’t my first pandemic circus. I was living in S.F. when the AIDS pandemic washed over that small city like a fast moving tsunami. People were dropping dead like flies. I witnessed young men drop dead on the street trying to go get food. Friends and neighbors would abruptly disappear. Hospitals were overwhelmed and those of us who were healthy became caregivers and assisted people as they died, one after another, and we became grief counselors for the families of the dying and dead. Daily, during the first year, I used a red pen to draw a line through what added up to more than 100 people in my address book. For a couple years there was literally no time for self-obsession. The living lived every day for the dying and grieving, and to our great surprise we discovered that “in a dark time, the eye begins to see”. Many of the living found something very valuable in this dark time when we were forced by circumstances to get over ourselves, be compassionately active and necessarily socially activated (activism). Our personal grief transformed into activism organically and this transformation when we rose above the needy scared “self” made us sane and effective. When I get my mindfulness teaching site launched, in addition to courses, I’ll be offering a one year online retreat. One of the requirements to participate will be a commitment to some form of social / community activism or volunteerism for the duration of the retreat. This is to prevent participants from spiraling deep into all-about-me-ism as we descend deep into a naked direct experience of what we are, where we are, and how where we are and what we are actually operate here in a fragile body, with a mind that tends toward wild, in a sick and collapsing society and in Earth, which has never been a safe place to live and never will be.
  17. From the linked article: “In conclusion our model shows that a catastrophic collapse in human population, due to resource consumption, is the most likely scenario of the dynamical evolution based on current parameters ... we conclude from a statistical point of view that the probability that our civilization survives itself is less than 10 percent in the most optimistic scenario. Calculations show that, maintaining the actual rate of population growth and resource consumption, in particular forest consumption, we have a few decades left before an irreversible collapse of our civilization.” * * * * * “As the biosphere collapses, so do we.” - Andy Fisher When we turn away from the actuality of what we are, where we are, what is actually happening, and what will inevitably happen, internally and externally - because we’re afraid of the dark and fear our fear - then we (individually and collectively) actively create the conditions for personal confusion, alienation, dissatisfaction, emotional reactivity, stress, endless craving for good feelies, and harm / collapse, that, at best, render us exhausted, ineffective, and at worst, delusional and destructive. We are all the captains of our pain. When we attempt to medicate these painful experiences with doses of feel-good rather than recognize them as the inevitable results of turning away from the actuality of this personal existence - which exists at the moment by moment effect of all of existence - and endlessly seek release from them in the balms of succor rather than sitting with them and regarding them as invaluable teachers, then we are trapped in a vicious circle of our own making. We manufacture personal pain, attach to it, emotionally react to it, and unskillfully attempt to make it go away, over and over and over. The cure for this affliction isn’t consuming more ‘sugar’. It is only found by clearly acknowledging just what is, with all its inherent muck and thorns - without emotionally reacting to it or conceptually embellishing it - and deeply feeling / letting the painful actuality of our personal existence as a broken biological element of the (now broken and collapsing) terrestrial biome, which we are no more separate from than clouds are separate from the sky and that doesn’t give a bunny’s butt about us - completely unravel our illusion of self-existence and utterly break open our fortressed heart. Only then can we be effective, and by “effective” I mean getting over our clever, fearful, succor-addicted illusory “I” and finding meaning and purpose in the active skillful care of ‘other’ beings. “There are times to cultivate and create, when you nurture your world and give birth to new ideas and ventures. There are times of flourishing and abundance, when life feels in full bloom, energized and expanding. And there are times of fruition, when things come to an end. They have reached their climax and must be harvested before they begin to fade. And finally of course, there are times that are cold, and cutting and empty, times when the spring of new beginnings seems like a distant dream. Those rhythms in life are natural events. They weave into one another as day follows night, bringing, not messages of hope and fear, but messages of how things are.” - Chögyam Trungpa When we cultivate a clear and ongoing re-familiarization, without personalization or neuroticization, of what Trungpa describes above as “messages of how things are”, internal and external, which are literally one space, in this rapidly changing, collapsing dying time, this beneficially colors our intentions and skillfully guides kind effective action for the common good. This is where we find contentment and a quiet enduring joy. https://www.vice.com/en/article/akzn5a/theoretical-physicists-say-90-chance-of-societal-collapse-within-several-decades? fbclid=IwAR1cjwyc8JTC46wGjXrt0VjtAAOi42OTADg2n5QXsVb2B5zI4ovRbp-Xv2Q
  18. lol ... he (and Kabat-Zinn) make me shudder. - - - Hi Larochelle, I recommend: Mindfulness in Plain English by Henepola Gunaratana “Mindfulness in Plain English is an approachable introduction to mindfulness and meditation. These are practical tips and truly written in plain English with little spiritual mumbo-jumbo. Inside are practical tips on how to start meditating and deal with common problems.” It is very clear and accessible.
  19. Hi Tanya, In my household this verse, from Eight Verses for Training The Mind, written by the eleventh-century meditator Langritangpa, and understood in the context of all eight verses, is the agreed upon guide when it comes to hearing other people say things that we’re uncomfortable with, would prefer not to hear and that we tend to reactively push away to protect a tightly held attachment to our own view: Whenever I interact with someone, May I view myself as the lowest amongst all, And, from the very depths of my heart, Respectfully hold others as superior. Commentary by Jetsun Lobsang here: https://www.dalailama.com/teachings/training-the-mind/training-the-mind-verse-2 This has the effect of everyone in the conversation taking responsibility for their own feelings and their emotional reaction to them to avoid lighting fires and distressing others. It isn’t initially an easy practice because it very effectively reveals our conditioned needy demanding ‘self’ to ourself, but when we take it to heart and get over the hungry and insecure ‘I”, it is very effective.
  20. Hey Daniel, thanks for reading it and for your feedback, I appreciate it and am glad you enjoyed it. “I'm sure the super-rich have a contingency plan for a catastrophic CME.” Oh yeah. Over the past two decades they have been very busy buying up remote acreages that include large underground water reservoirs and are building state of the art ‘off grid’ underground bunker mansions. They know exactly what is coming. “Your article seems to focus on the worse-case scenario from the perspective of human survival.” It is focused on the inevitable case-scenario from the perspective of human survival. Just one example: we can know with a reasonable degree of certainty that a super coronal mass ejection (CME) will strike Earth in the relatively near future because the scientific record shows that this has happened with regular periodicity in the past. Also, scientists have warned that this cycle of Solar Maximum, or the next one, may be a ‘Super Solar Maximum’, keeping in mind that solar activity over the past 100 years has been higher than anytime in the past approx. 12k years. We can’t know exactly when we’ll get smacked by a big one again but we can be certain that we are far closer to this event than we are away from it. My guess is anytime between now and mid-century. A Super CME event, and even a not-quite Super CME event, has a very high degree of being unimaginably devastating because how modern pathologically alienated people live, their confused occluded perception and obsession with their desires, and how our sick modern society operates, are radically out of sync with the reality of how this place we exist embedded in actually operates. Further increasing risk is that global temperatures are steadily rising with an increasing frequency of catastrophic heating events. Scientists have warned that several very large regions of the globe are now at extreme risk of a perpetual ‘heat bulb’ climate that will render these regions “unlivable”. As global temperatures continue to rise, these regions will expand and more of them will appear. If a CME collapses the aging and rickety energy grids of countries around the world (including the neglected patched up U.S. energy grid), as scientists and governments are worried about, the global mortality rate of terrestrial biological creatures, including human, will be far higher than most modern peoples’ comfort zone allows them to consider. The current and the previous U.S president both officially ordered and funded federal research regarding the myriad effects of a super coronal mass ejection on society and infrastructure. On this looming danger they agree. Also, during the past 20 year, the U. S. Defense Department (and the defense departments of most nations) has commissioned a number of studies regarding the effects of rapidly accelerating global climate chaos. All of them have called on the Pentagon to urgently prepare for the very real possibility that domestic power, water, and food systems might collapse due to the impacts of climate change as we near mid-century. For example, a report commissioned by the U.S. Defense Department in 2003, titled “Abrupt Climate Change Scenario and Its Implications for United States National Security”, asserted that “disruption and conflict will be endemic features of life” in the relatively near future, if their climate projections become reality (Shwartz and Randall 2003). And, the U.S. Pentagon commissioned a report titled Implications of Climate Change for the U.S. Army which concluded that the military itself could collapse within 20 years due to the converging cataclysm. In June of this year Australian climate experts warned that "climate change now represents a “near - to mid-term existential threat" to human civilization. In this grim forecast — which was endorsed by the former chief of the Australian Defense Force — human civilization could end by 2050, in thirty years, due to the destabilizing societal and environmental factors caused by a rapidly warming planet. These stark warning of “disruption and conflict” and “collapse” are consistent with research conducted by a team of climatologists and archaeologists and published in Science, which determined chronological parallels between pronounced patterns of social upheaval and significant variations of climate over the previous 2,500 years (Buntgen, et al 2011). Other studies have shown that there is a clear 300-500 year pattern of social disruption / collapse that correlates to climate and other natural catastrophes extending back through time . If collapse happens midcentury, as projected by a great number of scientists, which is a blink of the eye away ...at a time when human population is projected to reach approx 9.5 billion, when two-thirds to three quarters of all species will have extincted since 1970, and when temperatures are projected to have increased to somewhere in the 3-5 C range with an exponential increase in catastrophic weather events and mass extinction ... then the largely unconscious conditioned conceptual patterns and habitual emotional reactivity that currently dominate the collective modern mind and that drive modern society, as the very thin bourgie veneer abruptly dissolves, will quickly be revealed as none other than barbarism. No surprise to students of science, history, psychopathology and those who view society and the human animal nakedly without ‘self’ protective filters / blinders. While acknowledging our technological splendor, intellectual prowess, and material wealth, the modern ego-driven mind has been conditioned to be self-absorbed, crude, reactive, embattled and dangerous just under the surface. Modern humans have been trained to view their existence and place in society through an animalistic survival-of-the-fittest ‘me first’ lens. They have been conditioned to value their own emotional desires ahead of the needs of other people and other forms of life. As everything falls apart again, this perceived-as-normal pathological mind state will lead to unimaginable levels of confusion, madness, conflict, cruelty, aggression, violence and war. Our ancient ancestors around the globe, who knew that the collapsing of society happens over and over and over and over here in Earth, endlessly, valued living simply, restraining desires and accumulation, valuing the needs of others before their own hungry desires and cultivating compassion for everyone and all living creatures. When collapse rolled around, as it frequently does, this way of living prevented them from turning savage ... like modern humans (as a group) will when the shit really starts hitting the fan. To prevent this, we all need to remember what we are (fragile biological organisms), where we are (in a collapsing society and embedded in an tiny, unstable, whirling, turning mote of dirt, fire, water, air and rock) and how where we are works (endless interdependent rising and falling, beginning and ending, becoming and unbecoming, in every moment, at all levels of existence and our personal existence). Seeing this clearly is the true concern of mindfulness practice, and ‘what we are’, ‘where we are’ and ‘how where we are work’, can all be sensed as we consistently train the mind to neutrally observe internal states / processes that mirror external conditions, including terrestrial and eco terrestrial processes that drive biological and neurological processes. When we clearly remember this, and clearly recognize how acutely vulnerable we are here in Earth, then we begin to understand the foremost critical importance of ‘compassion’ (caring action) and ‘remembering’ as foundations of human community, and we begin to see that selflessness and kindness toward others is a survival imperative. Unrestrained concern for and a default kindness to others are essential to health and survival, both individual and collective. They are a literal a necessity, like air, food and water. If the human species is to survive this recurring fast-moving multi-faceted, science-confirmed cataclysm (which was the entire context of traditional dharma practice before it was religionized, ‘spiritualized’ and mystified by Western scholars in the 19th century) then we must refine our perception and change our mind so that it reflects actuality, not our learned neediness and slavish fealty to ego and good feelies. We need to methodically look “inward” with an understanding that what we sense when are present and clear(ed) is not a ‘self’ but a reflection / mirror of “external” patterns and processes that are larger than us and that we are deeply conditioned to habituated to and cling to. We need to stop personalizing and neuroticizing everything we experience. We must look for our own safety in the care of others and comprehend that their safety depends on our care for them (even if we don’t like them). We need to do this now because there is no time to waste. The world is now literally on fire (over 1000 massive fires globally since May), as is the the collective and individual mind. We owe this to our children, our descendants and every single life-form in this web of life that we are a dependent and insignificant part of. It isn’t about us. Ironically, when we get this then we start developing the personal conditions that can eventually blossom into flowers of effective and renewable contentment which bear the medicinal fruits of authentic sustainable happiness. “I have come to suspect that an appreciation of interconnectedness and impermanence is not necessarily sufficient to turn a heart toward caring and kindness, which may be one reason why so much of the Buddha's teaching begins with and is rooted in sila or virtuous conduct. Ever the pragmatist, the Buddha linked it to one's wellbeing by pointing out that it leads to the bliss of blamelessness without which spiritual progress would be impossible.” Yep. Each of us are as complicit in the manufacturing of the conditions that create suffering for all living beings (including ourselves) as those we like to blame. When we understand this then we also understand that blame is useless and just more ‘self’ serving perceptual confusion. Then we can get to work on removing blinding layers of neurotic grim from the mirror of perception that is the mind and refining our conduct. “Let's just say you do have an unusually florid writing style. “ Specificity, detail, vocabulary, repetition and complex rhetorical constructions are our friend, especially as teachers. Thanks for letting me bounce off your thoughtful comment as I write to the room.
  21. I’ve been invited to write an article for a large closed invitation-only FB group I’m in (alt psych / eco / anthro for professionals in these fields) that summarizes some aspect of my work. I’ve posted a first draft of it below, complete with my usual run on sentences. Feedback, yay or nay, welcome. - - - MY BODY? MY MIND? NOPE NOPETY NOPE. [ read time: approx. 20 minutes ] “Generational amnesia is when knowledge is not passed down from generation to generation.” - E.J. Milner-Gulland “The major problems in the world are the result of the difference between how nature works and the way people think.” - Gregory Bateson We are the sovereign owners of this body and mind, right? The ultimate overseer and authority? It would be cute that most of modern humanity believes this if this delusion didn’t cause so much confusion, suffering and harm. Modern people have been conditioned, to the point of literal madness, to unconsciously think that they are the owners and drivers of the convergence of biological / neurological patterns and processes they mistakenly perceive as a self-existing ‘I’. A consistent practice of remembering what we are and where we are (mindfulness), which cultivates a clear recognition of and a returning to the actuality of ‘place’, which is of state of clarity and grace, will blow up this perceptual confusion. Let’s take a look at what we actually are, where we actually are, what has happened in the past, what is actually happening, and what is very likely going to happen, starting with: SOLAR MINIMUM / SOLAR MAXIMUM Scientists, in response to a coronal mass ejection (CME) last week and another CME that blasted toward Earth yesterday, have announced that the ‘Solar Minimum’ of the last approx. 11 years has come to an end and that Solar Maximum has begun. This progressive ‘waking up’ and firing up of solar activity for the next approx. 11 years will periodically trigger serious problems in Earth, including disruptions of high frequency communication used by airlines or emergency responders, satellites, GPS navigation systems, cellphones, solar panels, internet connectivity, application functionality and even the entire electrical grid. It will also trigger multiple existential crises for countless individual biological lifeforms (including human). Research for many decades has shown that high speed solar wind events and CMEs that blast and disorder the terrestrial electromagnetic field (EMF) also disorder the multiple EMFs of body and brain. Earth's life forms are intimately synchronized with the larger electromagnetic fields (EMF) within which they exist and depend on for their existence, particularly Earth’s EMF, and life forms themselves are enveloped in and emit their own electromagnetic fields. The EMFs of body and brain in all biological creatures are innately synced with the terrestrial EMF. We are awash in a dynamic sea of fluctuating electromagnetic waves, and these waves have biological and neurological effects, ranging from mild to wild. It shouldn’t be surprising then that even small CMEs and moderately high solar winds have strongly and repeatedly correlated for decades with increased hospitalization for clinical depression, cardiac events and strokes, increases in premature birth and sudden infant death, migraines, episodic psychosis, suicide, social disorder, mass shootings / violence (and also mass crustacean beachings and bird migration failure resulting in mass flock death). Many humans will die during this period of increasing solar activity because the state of their physical health and quality of their behavior will be incompatible with the patterns and processes of the metaenvironment (Earth and Sky) that the human species evolved within, exists innately and vulnerably embedded in, and that is always, in every moment, at the deep and wide-reaching physiological and neurological effect of. Solar events that disrupt Earth’s electromagnetic field aren’t rare, and even with the protection of the magnetosphere, CMEs and solar storms are known to disrupt electrical systems. A NASA-funded study by the National Academy of Sciences entitled Severe Space Weather Events— Understanding Societal and Economic Impacts (National Academies Press 2009) warned of the potential danger, concluding that a severe influx of solar radiation as a result of a CME could lead to a cascading failure of electrical transformers that would disable a third or more of the U.S. electrical grid for a year or longer. This study was based on a superstorm the size of one that occurred in 1921. However, a solar storm that took place from August 28 to September 2 in 1859, known as the 1859 Solar Super Storm, or the Carrington Event, was fifty times stronger than the 1921 solar storm. It produced the largest solar flare witnessed by Western scientists. This flare caused a massive coronal mass ejection that was aimed directly at Earth. While average ejections take around thirty-six hours to reach Earth, this event took only seventeen hours to get here. Its impact on Earth’s electromagnetic field resulted in the largest geomagnetic storm ever recorded by Western science. At night the aurora was seen around the world, even as far south as the Caribbean, and was so bright that people could read a newspaper outside at midnight by its light. Telegraph systems failed, in many cases giving electric shocks to the operators. Telegraph transformers emitted shocks and sparks and caused fires. Imagine the potential effects of a CME the size of the Carrington Event hitting Earth today, considering that one the size of the 1921 event, fifty times smaller than the Carrington Event, could shut down electrical systems that supply power to a third of the United States for an indefinitely long period of time. This is hard to imagine. Even harder to imagine is that these events can happen anytime, not just in the distance past or in the far away future. It can happen tomorrow. Next week. Next month. Next year. It very nearly happened on July 23rd, 2012. On that day the sun ejected one of the largest CMEs ever detected that travelled at a speed of 3,000 km per second, 4 times faster than average solar eruptions. Fortunately for us, it missed Earth. If it had happened just a week earlier, Earth would have been struck by a billion-ton cloud of magnetized plasma. Satellites, power and water supplies, computers and internet, smart phones, television and radio, hospital equipment, nuclear reactors...all would have been disabled. Mind-boggling numbers of people would have died along with the likely death of our rickety civilization. According to Daniel Baker, of the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics at the University of Colorado, “If it had hit, we would still be picking up the pieces.” He went on to say “In my view the July 2012 storm was in all respects at least as strong as the 1859 Carrington event...the only difference is, it missed." (The Guardian, July 2014). That’s a chilling thought. Humans and other living beings aren’t immune to the effects of these disruptive events. It’s known that metabolic activity among humans and animals increases measurably during solar storm and CME events, and that there are significant increases in the number of human cardiac events during periods of increased solar storm activity, indicating that humans can be directly affected by these storms. Research jointly conducted by the Institute of Space Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Sechenov Moscow Medical Academy has established that fluctuations within the terrestrial EMF, resulting from solar storms and CME events, can negatively disrupt the human heartbeat. These terrestrial EMF fluctuations occur in about half of all solar-triggered geomagnetic storms. Medical statistics for the city of Moscow show that 70% of these fluctuations are accompanied by an abnormally high incidence of heart attacks. And a team of researchers led by Valery Feigin, MD at the Auckland University of Technology, New Zealand, discovered strong evidence connecting geomagnetic activity to increased risk for stroke. Feigin says: “We have known for ages that geomagnetic storms can shut down electrical stations across many regions and affect satellite navigation equipment, so it is logical that they can also affect human health.” He warns that "People need to know when these storms are coming” and suggests that “In time we might have a geomagnetic forecast along with the weather forecast.” He matter-of-factly concludes: “As it is known that 2014 is a year of high geomagnetic activity, we can expect a higher stroke rate this year.” (Medscape Medical News, 2014). For decades, scientific research has shown that geomagnetic storms strongly correlate with catastrophic weather events, whale / crustacean mass beachings, and with increased rates of suicide and hospitalization for cardiac events, stroke, high blood pressure, clinical depression and other mood disorders, premature birth, sudden infant death, sudden elder death, social disorder, violence, psychotic episodes and other psychiatric admissions. Solar triggered geomagnetic fluctuations have correlated with heightened anxiety, insomnia, elevated blood pressure, premature birth, sudden death syndrome, mood alteration, and increases in psychiatric admissions (Persinger 1987, p 92). A study on the relationship between these fluctuations and depression found that hospital admissions of persons with a previous diagnosis of depression rose 36.2% during periods of solar disruption as compared with normal periods (Kay 1994). Raps, Stoupel, and Shimshoni (1992) established a strong correlation between numbers of first psychiatric admissions and solar disruption. Kuleshova et al. (2001) documented that the average number of hospitalized patients with mental and cardiovascular diseases increases measurably during these fluctuations, and that the frequency of myocardial infarction, angina pectoris, and disruptions of cardial rhythm and brain blood circulation doubles. Zakharov and Tyrnov (2001) documented an adverse effect of these fluctuations not just on sick people but also on the healthy: “It is commonly agreed that solar activity has adverse effects first of all on enfeebled and ill organisms. In our study we have traced that under conditions of nervous and emotional stresses (at work, in the street, and in cars) the effect may be larger for healthy people”. Tarquini, Perfetto, and Tarquini (1998) analyzed the relationship between these fluctuations and seasonal depression, and determined that terrestrial EMF fluctuations induced by solar activity, by disrupting the rhythms of the pineal gland, causes imbalances and disruptions of melatonin production, which have been closely linked to behavioral changes and mood disorders. And there is mounting evidence that these fluctuations are related to increases in violent crime and social upheavals during more intense occurrences. Also, exposure to higher levels of solar radiation as a result of an increasing occurrence of CMEs might be related to a surge in herd animal cataracts and human and animal cancers. Scientists have expressed concern that a supersized CME aimed at Earth could tear the rips in the magnetosphere farther open, and that the blast of gas, magnetic energy, and radiation could become trapped inside the magnetosphere, causing, at a minimum, widespread disruption of electrical systems, both technological and biological. At worst, such a blast could cause social collapse, conflagration, and biological mutations. Their concern isn’t limited to just the danger of intense solar activity. In 1998, Earth was blasted by shockingly high levels of radiation. As NASA reported, a “blast wave swept past Earth. Satellites registered a surge of x-rays and gamma-rays…”. It seemed like another X-class solar flare. Except for one thing: this flare didn’t come from the sun. It came from outer space. ‘The source of the blast was SGR 1900 + 14, a neutron star about 45,000 light years away,’ says NASA astronomer Pete Woods. ‘It was the strongest burst of cosmic x-rays and gamma rays we’ve ever recorded’” (“Solar Flares on Steroids” 2003). Earth has never been a safe place to live and never will be. The recurring cycle of Solar Maximum / Solar Minimum isn’t the only exoplanetary cycle that regulates and periodically deregulates the patterns and processes of body and mind. There are countless other cycles ... ANNUAL SEASONS Each of the recurring annual seasons trigger physiological / neurological shifts that erode or enhance physical health, perception, cognition and emotion. In Seasons of Life, Russell Foster, professor of circadian neuroscience, and Leon Kreitzman, a science writer, report that “moods, performance, sleep patterns, thermoregulation capability, thyroid function, cortisol levels and almost everything else one cares to mention show some seasonal variation” (Foster and Kreitzman 2009, p6). By seasonal variation, they are referring to fluctuating seasonal degrees of solar particle exposure and interplanetary / stellar electromagnetic and gravitational forces that affect the biomechanics of terrestrial lifeforms, shaping physical health, perception, cognition, and emotion. LUNAR PHASES A study published in the International Journal of Biometeorology (Chakraborty 2013) regarding heart rate and blood pressure in different phases of the moon determined that the gravitation pull of the moon throughout the shifting phases has a measurable effect on human cardiovascular systems. The lunar cycle also contributes to the regulation of fluid balance, menstrual flow, libido, energy, sleep patterns, creative impulse, cognitive ability, and countless other physiological and neurological processes. PRECESSIONAL CYCLE Our intellectually sophisticated premodern and ancient ancestors had an advanced understanding of an approx. 26,000 year cycling celestial mechanism, dating back many tens of thousands of years (and likely hundreds of thousands) that is commonly known today as the ‘precession of the equinoxes‘ (axial precession). There is physical evidence that this phenomenon was understood by the Neanderthal species, at the very minimum 70,000 years ago, and by nearly every premodern and ancient culture around the globe since then. It was foundational and central to a global mnemotechnical language consisting of oral tradition, symbols, rites, geoconstructions, gnomons and deeply rooted in everyday life. Throughout the incremental stages of the precessional cycle, moving through each house of the zodiac, Earth is dynamically exposed to new electromagnetic relationships and gravitational forces that are moving within the larger cosmic electrical balancing mechanism. Earth’s magnetic axis, incrementally, disengages from declining influences while engaging with new influences as it moves along the zodiac path. At specific points on the path, it experiences tension, adjustment, and realignment which can be visualized as if we’re riding in a cart that has a slightly broken wheel, so that the cart is jolted each time the wheel rolls over the broken spot (which is how one advanced culture described it at least 2,500 hundred years ago). This periodic tension, adjustment, and realignment is the most pronounced at the beginning and ending of each 2,160 year zodiac period, at the halfway point of the precessional cycle and at its completion; in other words, at approximately 13,000 and, even more disruptively, at approximately 26,000 years in the precessional cycle. There are also lesser convergent jolting events approximately every 720 years (three times during a 2,160 zodiac period) and 360 years, +/- 50-100 years. These events are accompanied by increasing levels of cosmic radiation striking Earth (and the terrestrial biome), catastrophic climate chaos, increasing volcanic and seismic activity, ecosystem failure, famine, war, madness, massive species die-off, and social collapse. These jolts, which happen at regular increments as Earth circumambulates the approximately 26,000-year cycle, are the catalyst for a convergence of Earth-changing, civilization-collapsing catastrophic events, and provide a context for the modern theories of Catastrophism and Punctuated Equilibrium that have significantly challenged the dominant orthodox theories of Gradualism / Uniformitarianism in the sciences. The strategically encoded precessional cycle is the central context of nearly all monumental ‘myths’ (including so-called ‘religious’) that our ancient ancestors carefully recorded and sent forward in time for us, so that we would remember how where we are actually operates, and to prevent the pathological alienation that is now pandemic among modern people, who have been culturally condition to be self-absorbed children in adult bodies who regard their personal existence as a pursuit of pleasure, to the species’ great detriment as the cycle of the precession of the equinoxes now draws to a close once again. Additionally, research over the last 50 years has recently determined that this grand cycle that repeatedly collapses civilizations, unravels the terrestrial operating system and wipes out massive amounts of life, Significantly contributes to the regulation of a corresponding cycle of: GEOMAGNETIC REVERSAL / EXCURSION “Behold, the lord maketh the Earth empty, and maketh it waste, and turns it upside down, and scattereth abroad the inhabitants thereof.” -Isaiah 24:1 “The sun, it has come to pass it riseth not. The winter is come as summer, the months are reversed, and the hours disordered.” -Papyrus Anastasi IV

 Research over the past four decades has recently revealed a periodicity of relatively short term geomagnetic reversals (excursions) during which the strength of the terrestrial EMF plummets to within 0-20% of normal: - 72,000 - 75,000 years ago: Gaotai excursion – 60,000 - 62,000 years ago: Vostok excursion – 41,000 - 47,000 years ago: Laschamp excursion – 32,000 - 35,000 years ago: Mono Lake excursion – 24,000 - 26,000 years ago: Lake Mungo excursion – 12,000 - 13,000 years ago: Gothenberg excursion … and these dates align with an approx. 13k year (+/- 1-2k) periodicity of the generating and degenerating hemispheres of the precessional cycle as persistently tracked, diligently recorded and lived by our ancient ancestors (that is, those who survived). A geomagnetic excursion reversal, like the one that seriously contributed to the extinction of the Neanderthal species approx. 40k years ago, and that wreaked hell on Earth 13k years ago, is once again ramping up. Radiation levels striking Earth are now higher than ever previously recorded. The geomagnetic poles are rapidly and erratically wandering hundreds of miles (recently, to adjust for this movement, the runways at Tampa Airport in Florida and Stansted Airport near London had to be renumbered because of the shifting of the Earth’s magnetic poles) and are fast losing strength, the terrestrial EMF is disordering, climate is chaotic and catastrophic, and mass extinction rates are roaring on. Fast increasing rates of dementia, suicide and cancer, and a rapid declining of sperm viability, average IQ scores and cognitive ability, are all, at least in part, related to the disordering of the terrestrial electromagnetic field. We’re inseparable, and not exempt, from the seasonal fluctuations of time and space that ripple through and drive all of existence, and we are once again at the end of time before time renews itself. J.M. Harwood and S.C.R. Malin, in a Nature Magazine article (nature.com) stated that a geomagnetic reversal is due around 2030 (other research suggests sometime during this century, within the next 80 years), which lands directly within a suspected cycle of the rise to paradise and fall of civilization in approx. 13,000 year cycles. If this excursion plays out to the degree that the previous six excursions have, we’re looking at the face of hell. This is what our ancestors tried to get us to understand, accept and let inform our intentions and actions. Circling back, as the strength of geomagnetic polarity collapses to 0-20% of normal, in turn collapsing the terrestrial EMF, the EMFs of biological lifeforms will also disorder and collapse, likely causing the extinction of 90-95% of all species ... and we will perhaps / likely be the next iteration of the human species to go extinct. Humans have made a dangerous and deadly mess here in Earth for a few hundred years but this isn’t the whole story. Pathologically alienated human recklessness / ignorance / immorality / self-absorption, combined with an fast emerging geomagnetic excursion driven by planetary precession, interacting with Earth’s internal geomagnetic dynamo, is. We are once again at the end of time before time renews itself. If this excursion plays out to the degree that the previous six excursions have, we’re looking at the face of hell, but all things come to an end, even world eras. This is what our ancestors tried to get us to acutely remember, to understand, accept and let guide our intentions and actions in order to delay the collapse of civilization and the extinction of the human species, noting that every previous civilization that has ever existed here in Earth collapsed and every previous iteration of the human species has extincted, a few of them relatively recently within mere tens of thousands of years. “We know not where we are.” - Henry David Thoreau Remembering what we are, where we are and what has happened is critically important as we move forward, because even if we're paying acute attention in the moment, which modern bourgie micky mouse mindfulness pivots on, if we're doing so with an erasing acontextualized or recontextualized paradigmatic view of our existence, that is, in a collective state of culturally conditioned received ignorance, denial, and amnesia ... then our perception of existence, and our personal existence within it, is an active dissociative hallucination and collectively we are ripe for exploitation by the needy, demanding and very clever “I” that attempts to avoid consciousness of dependency and mortality, and by the immoral ruling class in the interest of recurring very rich revenue streams and enormous power. What is it that we are supposed to be remembering? What and where we actually are and how these actually work, separately and as one entity. When we recall the patterns and processes that are inherent to this place, internally and externally, that are one space, then we can become aware of how the cause / effect patterns and processes of where we actually are, are always affecting everything at all levels of existence, including body and mind. We remember the fragile, impermanent and always changing nature of all of existence, including our personal existence and civilization. The modern human, blindly alienated, mad as a hatter, babbling incessantly in the head, rushing to and fro, emotions endlessly agitated, and wandering lost in self-centered fantasies, surreally doesn’t even remember how to grow food or find water, which are at the very top of the list of what's needed for the human biological organism to survive even just mere days. Most importantly, it has forgotten the most essential of all ... that the human species cannot survive unless helping others is regarded as the most critical of survival tools and the species’ highest calling. Modern humans don't like to remember all this because when we remember, we suddenly recall how terribly vulnerable we are here in catastrophe-prone Earth where everything is subject to endless seasons of time: Spring, Summer, Late Summer, Fall, Winter Generation, Expansion, Degeneration, Dissolution, Dormancy Birth, Aging, Sickness, Dying, Death ... and repeat. The electromagnetic songs of life that exist in Earth and within its living beings are unraveling, here at the end of time, and the full extent of the great silencing that’s taking place is anyone’s guess, although it isn't unreasonable to speculate that it will be somewhere in the range of 90-95% when all elements of the converging cataclysm are factored in. When we acknowledge the electromagnetic fluctuations that ripple in interplanetary space and that emanate from the galaxy, stars, planets, and the sun; acknowledge the relationship between these fluctuations and Earth’s EMF; acknowledge the relationship between Earth’s EMF and its climatic, seismic, and volcanic activity; and acknowledge the well-documented relationship that exists between Earth’s EMF and the EMFs of its flora and fauna, it becomes untenable to think that the only break in this dynamic and complex electromagnetic web is between humans and everything else. We are not the sovereign owners of this body and mind. We are not the ultimate overseer and authority of this personal existence. Human health and consciousness is a product of, and is conditioned on a moment by moment basis, by the endlessly fluctuating electromagnetic patterns and processes of the metaenvironment (Earth and Sky) that the human biological organism evolved within, exists innately embedded in, and that is continuously at the effect of, all levels of its existence. If the species is to survive this rushing cataclysm, which is a big ‘if’, then individual human organisms will need to rapidly get over themselves, recover the ability to acutely observe how body and mind actually work, deeply sense the interdependent interrelated matter and energy that we are, return to Earth and Sky, and learn to dance within and with the moving elements of the whole, and then help others, help others, and help others, instead of living against all of existence while in the pursuit of good feelies.
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