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  1. Thank you for your response.  I am an LCSW and do not work with clients who have paranoid schizoaffective disorder.  Someone close to me has this diagnosis so I am always looking for additional ways to support this person.  Any insight you have is greatly appreciated if this is a population you work with at this time.  Thanks!

  2. I’m trained as a clinical psychotherapist. I wouldn’t teach mindfulness practices to someone diagnosed with paranoid schizoaffective disorder. IMO, it is contraindicated for this population. If you don’t mind, can you share what it is in your psychology training that suggests that mindfulness practice would be appropriate for this population?
  3. I’ve read it and elements of it really helped me get through the grueling process of writing my book at the point that I had written all chapters except one that just would not be birthed (known as ‘writer’s block’) no matter how I approached it. I don’t consume alcohol but that year of utter blankness and countless failed starts after 13 chapters that had poured out like a river made apparent to me why so many writers embrace the bottle when wandering in a state of amnesia in a dead dark lifeless cave, which is what it feels like. I especially benefited by Natalie’s articulation of the proces
  4. [ posted in my tier three FB group learning environment ] A few more thoughts about the dynamic interface between ‘self’ and the metaenvironment (Earth / Sky / Space) that it is an innately embedded microcosmic reflection of. - - - The human animal, with a consistent, disciplined and trained proper practice (of some length) of directly experiencing ‘here’ in its fullness / wholeness (that is, deeply feltsensing / remembering and observing the dynamics of the body.mind.biosphere.space continuum that the dependent, integral, functional elemen
  5. A few more thoughts about how I use FB to attract and engage with potential students. - - - You can view my FB profile page here: https://www.facebook.com/jeffmiller432 ... to get a sense of how I use this channel to attract ‘followers’ and friends (potential students). It can be regarded as a fishing net that lures people in with what they are interested in and then captures / engages them. The page content is used to cultivate a remembering of what we are, where we are, how what we are / where we are operate, and what has happened in the past, along with an awareness
  6. I pretty regularly pick up new students from my FB page and have several FB groups that I selectively place them in depending on their experience, degree of interest and receptivity which I determine by way of a pre-acceptance interview and essay. A couple of days ago I posted two brief sentences on a dark blue background with white text. It was shared 360 times as of today and the engagement topped out at 1,432 likes / loves / hugs. It resulted in two new long haul students.
  7. Some of these questions are useful. Some, IMO, are contraindicated in the medicinal practice of remembering (‘mindfulness’) and are just more distracting self-obsession and obscuration (keeping in mind that ‘mindfulness’ is not psychology or ‘spirituality’ or ‘mysticism’ or ‘personal development’ or the preferencing of “good” emotions or pacification or a pursuit of personal happiness / accomplishment or the perfection of an ideal “self”). If we limit ourselves to these types of questions then they are a path of indulgence and perceptual confusion because the human animal is dangerously l
  8. Hope is make-believe fiction, craving / grasping for succor, an obscuration to clarity, an emotional indulgence, a flight from actuality and ‘all-about-me’ (even if the hope is for someone else). Elder cultures warned against it. The ruling class conditions us to it and exploits it. I don’t recommend making it a habit. Best to note it when it flares up and not attach to it / enable it / be dragged around by it.
  9. In Classical Chinese Five Element medical philosophy, the seat of anger in the body is identified as the liver. The liver is referred to as the ‘Little General’ or ‘Little Tyrant”. The liver activates in Early Spring ... some of you are experiencing symptoms / expressions of this right now as Spring is rapidly ascending. If we observe other people carefully we see that these aren’t limited to just this specific individual biological organism that modern people regard as a self-existing and exempt from cause / effect natural laws. During this seasonal transition and throughout Spring
  10. Jeff Miller

    Jeff Miller

  11. “What do you do when you don't feel like meditating?” Then I don’t.
  12. This excerpt from a micro teaching I just fired out summarizes my response to the questions that Gillian asked. - - - The challenge as 2020 passes is to regard it with generous gratitude. It has given humanity the powerful gift of remembering. Remembering is a potentially radical and life-affirming act. Remember or die. The collective human biological organism literally isn’t going to survive, let alone regenerate civilization and the natural world that it depends on for sustenance and survival, if it doesn’t clearly remember what a human being actually is, where
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