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  1. My understanding of ‘beauty’ is that it is entirely a particular quality of perception, and as such, it is entirely a subjective projection. It is a way of seeing / experiencing / being that the perceiver generously brings to the perceived (or not). Phenomena isn’t inherently beautiful (or ugly) and the condition of mind can color it either way.
  2. With 58% of vertebrae species, 80% of freshwater fish, 40% of the global insect population (76% in some regions), and 90% of ocean biomass having extincted just since 1970, ... and with 70-90% of remaining species projected to extinct by the end of this century (at current rate of extinction, not factoring in acceleration), ... and with cognitive ability and average IQ scores plummeting (7 points since 1970) and dementia now the fifth leading cause of human death, ... and with human sperm viability declining 53% since 1970, ... and with climate chaos and a ‘baked in’ 3-5 C temp increase with an exponential increase in catastrophic weather projected this century (which will collapse civilization), ... and with suicide and psychosis rates steadily increasing, ... and as Earth’s geomagnetic poles erratically wander as the strength of the terrestrial electromagnetic field rapidly weakens as an overdue geomagnetic excursion ramps up (a geomagnetic excursion significantly contributed to the extinction of the Neanderthal species 41k years ago). ... and as it becomes increasingly clear that the human species is already in an actual full-blown existential crisis, ... I try to daily remember to get over myself and actively help others here in this age of uncertainty, mass extinction, degeneration and collapse. - - - It isn’t life as usual anymore. It isn’t all about our privileged and endless tsunami of dissatisfaction, constant craving, self-absorbed patterns of thought, addictive emotional reactivity, or our much cherished hallucination of a separately existing invulnerable solid ‘self’. We are short-lived biological organisms, innately embedded in a rapidly unraveling thin fragile layer of life here in an increasingly unstable planet that we are utterly dependent on for the sustenance and survival of the human species, and as Andy Fisher wrote: “As the biosphere crumbles, so do we.” The human species, right now, is crumbling. Modern people have forgotten what we are, where we are and how where we are actually operates, to our great detriment. They have forgotten that there is no solid ground to be found anywhere in all of existence. The practice and experience of mindfulness (or ‘sati’, translated as ‘remembering’ in the ancient mnemotechnical tradition from which it was extracted, relanguaged, renamed and repurposed for modern consumer culture) originally existed for the purpose of reminding the species that the nature of all existence is endless change, uncertainty, dependence and impermanence. Collapse is inevitable and most of humanity, wandering lost, disembodied, and isolated in a ritually fortressed conditioned bubble of storification and self-fascination, has no idea what is flying at us again like a speeding runaway Mack Truck. Remembering that Earth, and the human body, have never been safe places to live is medicine for our very modern madness of self-obsession, amnesia, ignorance and denial. Remembering that our purpose for living is to help each other, and to protect the web of life, provides us with meaning. As it grows darker, remember to be the light.
  3. Hi Gillian, thanks. Yes, I wrote it. I haven’t done any recordings, I don’t have the voice for it, but I’m going to have some practice videos made for the site I’m building using a voiceover provider.
  4. I’m hanging out in the woods today, quieting the mind and opening the senses.
  5. I offer this simple effective exercise to clients / students to keep in their self-help toolbox because tough stuff has a habit of popping up in this age of uncertainty. === LIKE A MOUNTAIN, SITTING . . . Sit in a comfortable cross-legged position, or on a straight-backed chair with feet flat on the floor which is supported by Earth. Close the eyes and gently direct the inner gaze down toward the heart. Inhale a slow, full, deep breath ... then slowly release the breath. Do it again. Now breathe normally and just be aware of the breath easily flowing in and flowing out.. Imagine a majestic mountain, its base deep in Earth and its peak in the passing clouds. Hold this image steadily in the mind as you’re aware of the natural ebb and flow of the breathe. If mind starts up a chat session or five, just return the attention to the mountain and the rhythmically flowing breathe. If strong emotions rise up, just note them without being dragged around by them. If tears come, let them flow (you too, guys). If a smile comes, don't grasp at it ... just let it be and be it. Do this for five minutes (or longer, as time permits). Give yourself entirely to this experience. To close this exercise, tell yourself: “I am like the mountain, rooted, steady, receptive and strong with an expansive view of everything around it … no matter what the circumstances.” Repeat this a few times to remember that you are as if a mountain. The seasons swirl around the mountain. Clouds and mountain intersect. Showers, mist, sleet, and snow continuously reshape the surface. The view is endlessly repainted with light and shadow. Creatures shit and piss on the mountain. The mountain’s rocky surface continuously expands, contracts, and vibrates with the baking sun, the chill of the night, the light of the moon, the rotations of Earth from which it rose, and the mechanics of the heavens that move Earth through space. Towns, cities, whole civilizations rise up and fall away on the mountain’s slopes. All the while, mountain is being mountain … rooted, steady, receptive, and strong with an expansive view of everything. === Keep an image of a mountain on your refrigerator door and in your mobile device. In daily life, especially when muck and thorns are flying fast, recall your mountain essence. Wherever you are, if circumstances veer toward overwhelming, step outside or into a restroom stall and do this exercise for a few minutes (it's ok to take this time to restore balance). There are times when it helps to remember our true nature.
  6. I bring my attention to the breath and do a slow deep full repetitive three part inhale / exhale. It puts me right out. Breath sweeps mind.
  7. Hi Jillian, You might consider that this isn’t the season for peak “physical get up and go movin' & groovin' energy!”. In modern society people are relentlessly conditioned to crave peak energy all year round, which isn’t how the human animal evolved to survive. If we pay close and consistent attention to the body / mind, we begin to notice that the cycling of the annual seasons influences the degree and type of physical, mental and emotional energy that we experience during each season. Modern people, pathologically alienated from the body/mind and from the metaenvironments they exist innately embedded in (earth and sky) have forgotten that they are bioelectrical organisms that are driven by seasonal celestial mechanics. We don't exist as separate, solid, will-driven entities as we've come to hallucinate ourselves as. Russell Foster, professor of circadian neuroscience, and Leon Kreitzman, a science writer, report that “moods, performance, sleep patterns, thermoregulation capability, thyroid function, cortisol levels and almost everything else one cares to mention show some seasonal variation”. By season variation, they are referring to fluctuating seasonal degrees of solar particle exposure and interplanetary gravitational forces that affect the bioelectrical systems of terrestrial lifeforms, driving physical processes (including levels of energy), perception, cognition, and emotion. In Spring both physical and mental energy are peak. As Summer rises, Spring energy declines - it is the season to rest and relax and sing and be lazy and love. In Autumn there is another peak (during which animals industriously prepare for winter survival). In Winter another deep decline. And repeat. We are dependent driven biological elements of the metaenvironments we exist in. We literally are these metaenvironments to the depth of each cell of our being. As Eihei Dōgen (1200-1253 CE) sharply observed: ”I came to realize clearly that mind is no other than mountains and rivers and the great wide Earth, the sun and the moon and the stars.” ... as is the body. These dynamic environmental patterns and processes are literally our organic patterns and processes, if we pay attention to what we actually are, where we actually are, how where we actually are actually works, and what is actually happening, internally and externally which are one space. Maybe just chill for the remainder of Summer. Craving peak Spring energy all year round leads to endless dissatisfaction and an early death (a very sturdy and reasonable case can even be made that this conditioned addiction to Spring energy, pandemic in modern society, is what has brought our rickety civilization to the edge of a very unforgiving cliff in this age of uncertainty). Let the body / mind rest for the season as it evolved to and depends on for health and sanity. Then notice as Autumn energy organically rises internally and externally toward the end of Summer and take full advantage of it. We can align with the dynamic influences of the seasons throughout the year for health and wellbeing but first we have to sense their movement within, trust them, sink into them, and let them move us.
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