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  2. Thank you Gillian and Daniel; I will check out the meditation. I appreciate the ideas, sometimes I find myself overly self critical. I am a big fan of Kristin Neff's work.
  3. Good day, I have a question? I know there are some kind people on this forum. I am wondering what people do when they become self aware of a negative aspect of their behavior or character?
  4. Am I allowed to do this in a society of self-help? Always pushing to improve? Right now, just sink into the moment and truly love and accept myself! thanks for posting
  5. I am in between semesters and I always save myself a delicious novel to read at LEISURE! Because I love books and I refuse to let school ruin that for me! haha. My last novel was "Half-Blood Blues" by Esi Edugyan, a beautifully written novel about Jazz history between WW1 and WW2 in Nazi occupied France. There are themes of ego, tallent and accepting yourself, forgiveness and family. The main character is essential in making a family of the rag tag jazz band. I am also a science fiction fan, and had a recent listen to Levar Burton Reads podcast of "Room to Rent" by Richie Narvaez. This too has themes of acceptance, but from a different view point. Acceptance of your position in life, the fight for injustice and miscommunication. https://omny.fm/shows/levar-burton-reads/room-for-rent-by-richie-narvaez My conclusion: the tension that I am feeling: I am the support person in my family, the oldest born, I also took in my husband's younger brothers while they were attending university. My husband is the oldest in his family too. Lately, I have been struggling with going back to school and how to communicate that I need support too. It is an injustice that I have all the responsibility that I had before I started school, and all the responsibility of full-time studies. (I know this is a small injustice). My communication of this fact has been nagging, unproductive shifting of blame, resentment and just shutting down communication. The tension is knowing who I am, accepting my desires and dreams as important to me, and communicating them with grace. I can see the way my small injustice and my attempts to communicate my need for change is faulty. I hope that this awareness can help me in communicating larger issues. From the foundation of common humanity, most people think their point is the most important, a lot of people are hurting and don't feel heard. If I accept I still need to learn grace and understanding, even from my opposition (and for myself), while holding true to my beliefs, this is a win!
  6. I would like to join the book club, just uploaded the Kindle edition
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