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  1. Dr. Fiona, were you aware of the recent "Mindful Healthcare Summit"? In case you were not, here is the link to purchase the Events for Life: https://www.mindfulhealthcaresummit.com/training-package-2020/ It was very enlightening since I use to work in Healthcare for over 11 years..Dr. Rick Hanson Participated, Daniel Goleman, Ph. D., Richie Davidson, Ph. D. and many others...I understand they have scholarships too. Hope that helps... Namaste!
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    Ahhh....I never know if anyone is affected by any Photos, thanks for sharing, Erin!! Namaste!! I choose a Purple font because to me, it represents, Hope! Your Great Grandma would feel proud of you to carry her Spirit!!
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  8. Hi All, First of all, I thirst for knowledge; those who are familiar with Clifton-Strengths, my 1st Strength is: Learner! I combine those with my other Strengths for sure! I love to Research various Mindful related topics! Another Game Changer Book I love is: "Mind Shift", by Joshua Ehrlich. I work my mind from a certain Mindset to a new sometimes, unfamiliar "Mind Shift" as a Leader. Also, when I heard Daniel Goleman said in a Youtube talk about Creating New Neuro-pathways in our Brains when we Mindfully Meditate! That excites me...Studies of Buddhist Monks by Dr. Richie Davidson & Daniel Goleman's Co-Author of "Altered Traits" have proven this! This is amazing Research! As a Senior this has a youthful Calmer way of growing older; without consistent practice, it will not work! Namaste!
  9. Hi Everyone, I am a Self-Taught Practitioner living in McKinney, TX & a Transplant from Boston, MA. I Look forward to connecting, Engaging, & Learning from others; a lot of passion is derived from Daniel Goleman & Dr. Richie Davidson; I actually listened to an interview between him & the Dalai Llama, that was very inspiring! I have lots to share and be opened-minded for Pearls of Wisdom to be got here!
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