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  2. @Gillian Sanger yes, we have discussed and shared dogs in the past. Thank goodness they keep me honest with how life should be lived. If you are feeling the grind, stop and pet a dog.
  3. Compassion for me these days comes in the form of seeing people. Really seeing what people do. I try to celebrate them when I can. At work I even suggested ways to celebrate the everyday victories so that people feel "seen". We are doing this now and it has already shown to be a useful morale boost for people. Compassion comes in many forms, and in such a angry world, we need more.
  4. The pandemic created so much turmoil in my life that I turned to mindfulness. I needed it everywhere! I have really tried to stop and think about what I am doing and why. It has made so much about my life better because I feel like I have really learned to be present in my existence. But I do sometimes find myself getting caught up in emotions caused by work still. I am working from home these days, and frankly enjoy it more this way, but there are days that try my patience. Long days of Zoom meetings make me numb. I walk away from the computer and really struggle to come back to Earth. My dogs help a lot to remind me to think about things again. Once I get their nudges, I begin to be mindful again. But in a world with so much technology connection, I struggle.
  5. Today I must remember that the physical pain in my body came from a life lived to the fullest. That helps me continue to live loud rather than hide in low depression!
  6. I am an evolution professor. People do not want to have their beliefs challenged because it rocks their entire identity. So the natural response is to hold tighter when challenged. So, I often ask people to think about where their beliefs come from and to learn the history of that set of norms. When they do that, often they realize they may not truly believe 100%. This can still be hard to cope with but it often provides a small crack that opens for reason. As for the news, it’s just too much these days. Speaking of evolution we haven’t evolved fast enough to keep up with our technology. Scientists have been examining the dramatic increase in anxiety, especially in young people, with this technology advancement. To help myself, I look at news (written or on TV) for no more than 30 min, and I watch the BBC news. It doesn’t tend to be sensationalized and it provides an interesting “outside” perspective. good luck out there!!
  7. I have an American bulldog, a Great Pyrenees mix, two Pomeranians, and a Chinese Crested. Each has a different personality and each one is unique. Dogs make the world better! How about you?
  8. I am a college professor so 18-22 is my target age. I find this group just wants someone to listen without judgment. They want an adult to see them and respect who they are becoming. I am wanting to start bringing mindfulness to this group as we move back into a school year (covid be damned!) and I look forward to this group as I move into this challenge!
  9. Most feel slowed in the winter, but I am the opposite. The heat of the American South slows me down and I am most alert and content in the Fall and Winter. My mind is aware that the longer days should make me happier, focused or energetic, so sometimes I find myself at odds with the seasons. When that push and pull is strongest, I usually take the dogs for a hike and communicate with my surroundings...literally talking to the woods around me. I often come home feeling a bit better!
  10. Hi, I am a college biology professor who has been coping with online transitions and stressed out students...not to mention my own stressors. Mindfulness came at a great time for me and has been a wonderful way for me to come back into focus. i look forward to sharing this with my students. I purchased the 300 meditations and worksheets. If there is enough interest, I was thinking we could do a “Mindfulness 15” three times a week...where we do a meditation and just relax with one another for 15 minutes. Of course we would need to be socially distanced and masked. Weird concept for good breathing but it is our situation. I am hoping by doing these things I can help a population of people find some focus and de-stress a bit. Hoping they will learn some peace. I am considering the Mindfulness Teacher course. I need to find the resources first. Thank you for these fantastic resources! DB
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