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  1. I have immense gratitude for you Gillian and this whole forum. It is so amazing to have a place to go to ask anything and get real responses from real people! It is a great place to connect, learn, and grow. It is comforting and at the same time can nudge you out of your comfort zone with its inspiring offerings and new opportunities. I am truly grateful to have this resource at my finger tips and incredibly appreciative of the quality and timeliness of all the responses I have received. Immensely grateful, Jillian
  2. Hello! I have a question. Not sure if this was the best place to post it, but here goes How can you tell the difference between just being out of your comfort zone vs. forcing something that just isn't meant to be? Gratefully, JZ
  3. JillianZ


    Thank you Jeff! That was incredible and very helpful information! I have been trying to go with the flow more and surrendering to the universe. It is what I truly want, but as you noted, unfortunately we are conditioned otherwise. Understanding that everything has its season and that everything is unfolding for me just as it should, on the timeline of the universe, not that of my mind or my ego has helped me accept things as they are and not try to force or rush anything. But again, in this day and age can be difficult to remember. Thank you for pointing this out in such a universal way. Gratefully, JZ
  4. JillianZ


    Thank you Gillian! I appreciate the thoughts you shared, very interesting! I did recently engage in an online course which is something I have never done before and spending that much time in front of a computer is definitely new to me. Something I am not a fan of and still getting used to. I can feel my eyes becoming tired and worn out some days, but did relate that this may be happening to my body as well. Thank you for bringing this to my attention! Your 2nd point is interesting as well. I don't believe it applies to my current situation, but I can definitely see how certain environments can be energy drainers! All good thinks to be mindful of! I also feel my ego may have something to do with it (because what doesn't he try to get into). This new feeling of ease and calm that I am feeling, as wonderful as it is, also has me feeling guilty or like I should be doing more, that just resting in being and being present isn't enough. Im sure this is from many false beliefs drilled into me by society's view that you have to work harder longer faster just to make it, and do more and be more, and no pain no gain.
  5. JillianZ


    Hello! I am wondering where is the energy!?? Physical get up and go movin' & groovin' energy! I have been living a moderate to fairly healthy lifestyle for awhile and have recently kicked it up a few notches to pretty darn good! I am meditating 2xs per day at 30min + I have an active lifestyle which includes daily yoga practices, I am very mindful about what I eat and have recently incorporated additional superfoods and nutrient rich foods in the form of a daily smoothie, I also took a tip from one of the 5 mindful musings and ordered the Triphala supplement, I am getting plenty of rest as well. So with all of this good stuff going on, I am still not feeling the energy levels I would like. What I am noticing is my stress level is way down and I am more present, calm, and at ease in general than I have ever been (which is incredible and I am incredibly grateful for!). I am also noticing that I am getting much more sleep than ever before, I used to have trouble sleeping and never felt rested. Now I am falling asleep faster, staying asleep longer and feeling that deep full body rest, however I am also feeling like I could sleep all day or nap at anytime of the day which is something I could never do before. Is there some key energy element I am missing or something I am doing wrong? Gratefully, JZ
  6. JillianZ

    Day 1

    Allowing myself to focus solely on my breath is empowering, to give all of my attention to myself and let go of everything else it that moment. It is also comforting knowing it is ok to take that time and nothing bad is going to happen. This impacts my state of mind by immediately generating a sense of calm and peace. It provides a pause to just be and not feel the need to deal with any outside distractions, while providing an opportunity to become centered before you do need to face a situation allowing for a more balanced response rather than a rushed, defensive, or involuntary reaction.
  7. Thank you Gillian! The only practice I am using is my awareness and then trying to bring myself back to where I need to be. I actually think my awareness is pretty good, its the action that I am challenged by. I can recognize when I have been thinking about something that is not happening now and tell myself "stop, that doesn't matter now." But eventually I find myself there again. I'd like to prevent that from happening or at least less often. The physical awareness you mention is interesting and something I have not paid that much attention to. Recently I did however recognize that I was feeling rather numb or indifferent at the time that a lot of really positive, and what should be exciting, things were unfolding for me. I also was having some physical pain in my body during this time that I believe was manifested by stress. It was brought to my attention that this could be my physiology trying to keep me stuck in my comfort zone by making it uncomfortable for me to move forward. This is very intriguing to me and I would like to learn more about how it is all connected, do you have any insight on this or resource recommendations? Gratefully, JZ
  8. Does anyone have any tips or personal practices they use to help stay present? I want to live in the now and focus on the present moment, but so often I find myself dwelling in the past or anticipating the future. Eckhart Tolle's book The Power of Now turned me onto this concept. It is so simple and brilliant, yet feels so impossible! And for the Ego I am well aware it is there and how it is constantly trying to sabotage my true self and my new positive choices, trying to keep me stuck in my comfort zone and in a place of fear rather than love. But again, even with the awareness, the struggle is overcoming the ingrained false beliefs and old egoic ways that have taken such a strong hold. If anyone has any advice or helpful hints to offer on any of this I would greatly appreciate it!
  9. Thanks for the tip on Triphala! I could use an energy boost!
  10. I love the idea of compassion and aspire to be a truly compassionate being. Learning self compassion has made a great deal of difference for me in my every day life and I could not have gotten this far on my self growth journey without putting it into practice, and often. Giving to others and being generous and helpfulI is something I deeply enjoy doing and look forward to finding opportunities to do so. However, I do struggle with the non-judgemental aspect of it. I can show kindness and generosity and help others and be glad to do so, but not without a brief moment of judgement crossing my mind. And something I find extremely curious about myself (and I assume in some way is related to my ego) is that it feels more natural and less judgmental on my end, to help strangers or acquaintances than people that are close to me.
  11. I look forward to that as well! Thanks for everything! I will peruse the other topics in the forum.
  12. Gillian, I can't thank you enough for your helpful advice and suggestions! I checked out some of the sites you recommended and can't wait to dig in deeper. Other than our names, it is so ironic that you recommended that book to me, because my best friend who is on a similar self growth journey as I am, is reading that and just recommended it to me as well! I am so grateful to have come across this website. In addition to all of the incredible resources it has to offer, I feel a special connection and appreciation for the informative conversations I have had with you. Thanks again for everything! Enjoy your wknd and Happy 4th of July!
  13. Hi Gillian Thank you for the response and encouraging feedback! Can I ask how you got in to freelance writing and what if any kind of professional training or education you have? I enjoy writing as well, but have no professional experience or formal training. I would love to do something similar to what you do here. I do not know all that your job entails but the communication aspect of it intrigues me. I am also interested in the voiceover industry, specifically narrating audiobooks. I have been looking into coaching and training programs for that but have been hesitant to commit. I really appreciate the advice you offered about not needing to know everything in order to take a step towards something. I think I really needed to hear that, Thank you. At the moment, I am reading The Power of Now by Eckart Tolle. I absolutely love his ideas and want more than anything to be able to live in the present and not dwell in the past or anticipate the future, however it is definitely easier read than done! I have quite the over active mind and stubborn ego that I have managed to reel in, but still have a long way to go to feel in control. My favorite meditations are those of Deepak Chopra. I am currently participating in his latest 21 day meditation series and today is day 8. I just finished listening to an audiobook by Rachel Hollis titled Girl Stop Apologizing. Her story is very inspirational to me. I appreciate that she admits the things most people won't, things I thought I was the only one who felt. I also do yoga with Julia Marie everyday via Amazon prime video! Thanks again for the helpful feedback and I look forward to being a mindful member of your community!
  14. Hello! My name is Jillian and I have been on a self growth journey that has been kicked into high gear in the last few months. I have gained incredible self awareness and adopted new positive habits such as meditation, journaling, and yoga. I used to consider myself a cynical skeptic who was just getting by, but now I have become mindful and discovered the power of positivity and the universe and I want more! I am a server in a restaurant and until recently was content with my job and planned to do it for the rest of my life. However, I want more. The challenge I have at the moment is I don't know what direction or where to start on a new career path. I want to do something helpful, creative, and positive that fulfills me and also helps pay the bills. I recently wrote and recorded my own meditation which was extremely rewarding. I also am in the very beginning stages of writing a book. I stumbled upon this website in my research and I love it and everything it has to offer. Id like to be involved in some kind of positive work like this. Any suggestions, advice, or guidance would be greatly appreciated! Gratefully, JZ
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