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  1. Hi, I'm Erin. I have just started the 100 day mindfulness challenge after completing 2 21 day Chopra Challenges, and a 40 day mindfulness challenge with Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach with a group that A friend started on what's app group for the first challenge. We have stuck together and really benefitted from the meditation and mindfulness in the last few months as a group. We are excited to embark on the next 100 days together! I am an American living in the UK. Other interests include yoga, horse riding, trail running/ walking and being outside in general. Happy to be here, especially given the uncertain times we are living in!
  2. Q.) How does it feel to put your full attention on one breath? Strangely unusual, as my mind usually is running the show with what's next on the agenda, etc. To stop and focus full attention on the breath felt like a huge relief. Q.) How does this practice impact your state of mind? It relaxes my mind/body and brings me to the present moment
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