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  1. Hi Jo, Thats great thank you! would you recommend starting with “The Psychology of the Child“ ? I’ve had personal/professional experience with children who have witnessed “trauma” and how their behaviours have resulted in “reactions” And working through them to gain a “happier and more settled” mind. Im wanting to understand more, so I can guide them, so it doesn’t have a knock on affect in later life. Thank you Leanne
  2. Went for a Bike ride along the banks.
  3. Hi David, Where is the picture taken ? looks lovely. Thanks for sharing it, I take my dog for a walk there lots of nice places where I live too. Hope you like the picture. Leanne
  4. We have some lovely places to walk where I live, I live in Monton.
  5. Hi, My name is Leanne, I’m from the Uk, I’m really interested in child psychology, And how it affects their behaviours, and has further knock on affects with in families. Can anybody point me in the right direction please? Thank You Leanne
  6. Hi Ann, here is a website listing the top Buddha websites:


  7. Mystic Ann

    Mystic Ann

  8. Hi Gillian, I’m from Salford in the UK, born and raised, I’m following Buddhism at the moment, trying to get a better understanding. Do you have any interests? I haven’t looked at the map yet, I’ll have a look now. Ann
  9. 3 magic number 3 time’s to learn trauma 3 years 3 happiness finally free with magic 3
  10. Hi , I’m from the uk, where is everyone from ?
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