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  2. oh YES!! Thank you Gilllian! So many times when my clients or loved ones talk/discuss something (anything) that they are taking a side to, I am then asked if I agree .... I usually am left feeling like a deer in headlights because - maybe I understand, but not necessarily "agree", and I often stumble over my words and sound like someone who needs to "just stop talking". I type that while laughing at myself. And then there are times (a lot) I just "plain don't have anything to say ... just don't know" - or see both sides. I guess we can learn how to verbalize that without offending people
  3. This morning, I'm sitting here before heading out to work, thinking - am I entering a depression? This low-hum has been sitting with me for a week or so - comes and goes - and creeps up when I have to voice my opinion or choice about something. Like Jo L, I took the time off from work (massage therapist - aspiring somatic exercise instructor) during the COVID shut down, to finish a meditation instructor course (I call myself a mentor instead of instructor because - I'll be learning for the rest of my lifetime), get a 200 hr yoga certification so that I can then take the 3-level somatic exercis
  4. I haven't actually started it, but have read your email "5 Mindful Musings June 10, 2020" ... On a day that seems as though much of the built up emotions and stress of the last few months and weeks has finally caught up with me, this was a welcomed email. On a day that it seems almost impossible to get out of bed - meditation, gentle Yoga, and this email are all helping me to get started - so thank you for sending this out when you did! I will check this out, and perhaps share it with my husband if he'll check it out with me. Happy Wednesday!
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