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  1. Jeff Capenos

    Jeff Capenos

  2. Came across a Tibetan Peace Park while exploring Sedona. Beautiful place and day.
  3. Yes, I took that in the spring. Thanks, glad you liked it.
  4. Hi there...thanks for the info. Regretfully I don’t have the time now to venture into teaching yoga online (zoom). But it sounds like a great idea. Wishing all involved peace and happiness.
  5. Hi everyone - Thanks for the warm welcome into this group. I am happy and excited to be part of this, and begin learnIng from Sean and all of you as I deepen my practice to better serve others. I formally began meditating and studying Buddhism in the 1990s. I’m retired military and for the past few years been teaching yoga and now lead a small mindfulness group at work. Most of my yoga and mindfulness students are either military or retired military and now DoD civilians. I’m looking forward to getting to know you and checking out all the resources in here. Be safe and well out there.
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