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  2. You are a lot kinder than i am in that respect. i am a bit of a curmudgeon and naysayer when it comes to people.
  3. How interesting the difference in interpretations, Gillian. In some ways we are a part of the world and I truly do not like being such a cynic but in my mind we are an unnatural species Every being has a role to play to keep the balance of nature but what is our role? Thankfully I am able to remember there are many good and caring people who fight for animals and the planet even if I remain a cynic about our species. Thank you for telling us about that dream.
  4. A wonderful photo! He looks like a very happy cat and a lucky one. Cats are funny beings. I had an orange male and he was one of the best cats ever. You must have gotten him to walk early. i can not imagine doing this with mine but then I never tried.Thanks for the smile.
  5. I had to laugh at what your cats do because mine do the same.One in particular-the other one just watches-will jump on the window as the squirrels run mourned looking for food.Sometimes they come up to the window of the porch and loo in and that really gets him going. They do go out but with the cold weather they are not out much and so it gives them some fun and exercise. Those glue traps are horrid as well as so many of the contraptions people use for animals. We are truly the most dangerous and ultimate invasive species despite the good and caring people who exist.No matter what we do
  6. I think too many see themselves as separate from nature and mostly wildlife is because then they would have to realize they are animals too. As more things got invented it set us apart from nature preferring concrete and glass instead. Notice how people insult others-snakes, weasels, rats, pigs. They are just different animals. People like to control nature as if they know better and let's face it there are a lot of humans who like power and control and seeing themselves as better than other species. I always say that humans are not special or the most/on;y important species but merely the on
  7. Hi Gillian,I wish i would remember to stopping here more. this is such a beautiful and yet so sad quote. So many do not feel any connection to nature and while some people do not like the city others do not like nature which is beyond me. We are cut off from it so often and that is really too bad. because in my humble opinion they are missing out and it enables them to not care about the harm that is done to it or cause harm themselves. I do ot live in a wild place far from people but i am in a rural area and am surrounded by trees and mountains. Even when i lived in the city I walked in an ar
  8. It is a truly calming and peaceful feeling. I have heard of that book and should put it on my list. If i do not have titles to refer to I never think of them when I want to read a book thus i am overloaded with books from Little Free Libraries. I have finally started using actual library so maybe now I can read this. I have heard some great shows on trees though and will have to have a hug when I go for my walk this morning.
  9. Have you ever heard of read of the way trees communicate and help each other. There is so much that goes in in that world that we are unaware of..
  10. I will have to check that out, Thank you for posting it. Nature and wildlife are the best -all animals really. I do a lot of petition signing and yell at the ones that want to clear cut. Vermont does sustainable logging but even here forests are in trouble in some places. Bravo for canvassing for the trees. I have hugged many and the feeling of calm is wonderful. I wonder if they feel me hugging them. We are not a natural species sadly and try to control nature too often instead of being part of it. That is all I will say about that.
  11. Good morning to all. I confess I forget to come on here. I get so caught up in my online petition and news that I spend a fair amount of time on my laptop and then forget to do other things. I am glad to "see" you though. It is indeed a stressful time here and not listening to the news has helped a lot as does nature which almost always helps. As an online activist for many causes-mostly animals but for many it can be hard so I know what you mean, David. If there is something in person i can do I will do that too. I have said before though that blissful ignorance was a nice place to be b
  12. I was really stressed and depressed Wed. morning as i feared the same outcome as last time even though I know the final count would not be in. I did feel better after going out for my walk. I am an online activist so I get a lot pf mail too much of it political since that man took the WH and I deleted ever one, every bit of news, did not turn on the radio and when in the car I put in CD's. It lessened my stress considerably. I got a few snatches but i do not pay attention i might see although i was boosted by some that I saw. the tension is there but i try to keep it in the back of my mind.
  13. Thank you Gillian. I heard her on a TED talk and quite enjoyed her talk.
  14. I am sorry I missed it. Hopefully there is a way for me to hear it. Real Change-I could use some of that for sure. Thanks for the notice. I am interested.
  15. Hi David, I am 68 and still striving for peace and how to get along in the world. Thank you for your thoughts. I do feel grief and anger as I walk along the road and find dead news and frogs and baby turtles in late Aug. and early SEpt. I move the live ones but curse the invasion of people who kill them even if unknowingly. Trust me I am emotional and express it every day. In fact I nave to go in a few minutes for the nightly rescue. I only hope they will be turning in for the winter soon. I too go through many moments of different moods and emotions. The anger and frustration for where
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