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  1. Thank you Gillian. I heard her on a TED talk and quite enjoyed her talk.
  2. I am sorry I missed it. Hopefully there is a way for me to hear it. Real Change-I could use some of that for sure. Thanks for the notice. I am interested.
  3. Hi David, I am 68 and still striving for peace and how to get along in the world. Thank you for your thoughts. I do feel grief and anger as I walk along the road and find dead news and frogs and baby turtles in late Aug. and early SEpt. I move the live ones but curse the invasion of people who kill them even if unknowingly. Trust me I am emotional and express it every day. In fact I nave to go in a few minutes for the nightly rescue. I only hope they will be turning in for the winter soon. I too go through many moments of different moods and emotions. The anger and frustration for where I chose to live is my greatest challenge and it is really blocking so much. Anyway, it is indeed time for me and my small dog who would rather sleep to do our nightly walk before it gets too cool and dark. It is 5:49 here. I really appreciate your thoughts and your respect for nature and animals. This is all apart of my vegan life-do as little harm as possible.
  4. After I signed off I thought about how unmindful that may have sounded but relationships with people are a challenge for me and as an online activist mostly for animals but many causes as well I see what people do to them, the planet and each other. It is a struggle. I could feel the mindfulness leaders shaking their heads in dismay.
  5. That sounds like such a majestic and beautiful setting, David. I hope your house will be safe. I have seen the photos of SF and they are devastating. I know what you mean about people regarding the planet. Everything we do has an impact on nature and often wildlife or other animals as well as indigenous people or others without power. I live in Vermont and as I go for a morning walk I take in the sky, the mountain and the peacefulness of the pond and the beings who live on, in, or around it when it is not frozen. I do not like the road I live in or at least when there are vehicles (long boring story). We are a very self centered species for the most part and too many do not want to think about their impact for they would have to change what they do. Don't get me started but it is painful at times. I appreciate your sense of the planet. No matter what we do it has an effect but at least you try as well as I and many others.
  6. When it is warm outside I sit on the porch. I am up very early before it is dark and I move and meditate out there to the sounds of tree frogs, crickets, and barred owls. Fall is her and much cooler nights for the most part so i will be relegated to doing all inside. I sit on my chair that i always sit on to meditate with my mini dachshund sleeping beside me because usually if i am tare so is he. i do love being outside in the early morning and will miss it.
  7. You are a wise man , Mike. I try to stay calm about the election for that is stressing me out too much. I am trying not to look back and stay in the present-the immediate present-because the general present is not always good for me. I am striving for more mindfulness and ways to do it. I do better than I used to. Nature and wildlife and my dog (and my cats when I am not mad at them for being picky!) are what/who keep me going.
  8. Thank you. I did get this as well. I am on Sean's ;its too but did not get o look at it and I get so much on line that things fall by the wayside sometimes.
  9. I am trying to be calmer about it and have gotten much better but still mull over it every day. I have improved stopping that too but it is a challenge because selling houses here is not as easy as in Boston and I do not know where I belong. . Thank you though. You know what they say, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Right now I am in a good mood and will strive to stay that way. Sleep is a weird thing. Sometimes I am stressed and sleep well and sometimes I am not and even if not thinking too much I wake up in the night. I get enough sleep though I think. Still I will check out that link you gave me and I thank you for posting it. I hope you are well and not too stressed about the craziness in the world. At least you are somewhat separated from the election craziness.
  10. Thank you Gillian. The world affects me and I am an online activist mostly for animals and that can get pretty depressing. Still, I do it in the morning, and then it is done. My biggest struggle is having bought the wrong house on a road that looks quiet but is not and that has plagued me for 4 years. Isn fact I found where I lived in the city more relaxing than this road. feel a bit trapped but am trying to not. It goes up and down. Fortunately it is beautiful where I live. As I always say, there re people with much worse problems but in my little world it sucks. I am grateful that I am not homeless hungry, etc. I wish I could afford a teacher but wasted those resources elsewhere. I need to figure out how to let mindfulness help me more during the day (and night sometimes). I am doing better at it. I do not have people here so that makes it harder but I try. I appreciate your offer and I am not sure what you can come up with but this road is my biggest problem. Again it is pretty so that is why I was food but thank goodness is it pretty. I appreciate your offer greatly.
  11. I find this relaxing to listen to. I have played it on and off for many years and it often helps. Maybe you will find it helpful as well.
  12. Honestly my personal life has been affected little. I do the errands I need to even if they are a bit different. The houses are not close together so I rarely see anyone.. The talk of it all stresses me out in that they are not looking at the root cause of this virus and others. I am not great at people but I love animals and the planet and it is the exploitation of wildlife and other animals that is the being ignored except by environmental and some animal organizations. If such exploitation is allowed to go on there will be more viruses and pandemics thus we are bringing on ourselves as a species. Aside from my own personal life it is the possible 4 more years of Trump that is really causing me stress. I honestly do not know how I will survive it. The state of the world causes me too much anguish and I try not to get too caught up in it but it can be hard. That was a wise move, Gillian, to step away from FB. i have never participated in it but i know it can be overwhelming at times. We are living in a very bizarre time and one less bit of overstimulation is good move.
  13. As happens is in most places. I lived in Boston for 46 years and even within the city each small town was different from others. It is easier if you have someone to move with. I have heard Sweden is a lovely place to live for people. Are you learning to speak Swedish?
  14. How did you ned up there? i am always curious to know how people land in different countries. I had ahed enough time moving from Boston to Vermont although it is a very different life even though I did not even leave New England.
  15. Very true. When it gets to be stressful trying to find a mediation (not really) to find peace i tis time to bookmark. I would like the slightly warmer winters. I know some one who moved from Italy back to the northern UK after about 50 years and is quite in shock over the gloom and cold. Even moving almost 2 house away makes a difference.
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