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  1. Ali, very insightful. Yes, I've tried to live the Power of Now. Just recently, I proved myself I am bigger than my fear of being hungry, something acquired in childhood. Staying in the NOW. You can rise above this! Leah
  2. Hi, here is a long response (sorry if too long) to share my perspectives and what works for me. Everyone has addictions. Attaching to anything (food, drugs, relationships, roles, things, activities) external to ourselves is an addiction. So, you are not alone. What works for me. Your beliefs are your reality. I believe who we really are is a divine aspect of the Universe, the field of consciousness, infinite, eternal and powerful. I am bigger than my problems. The small me of form is only temporary, a steward for my mind, body, and spirit. Recite this at least twice a day. The small me can easily be controlled by the ego (same as the mind, negative thoughts and emotions). Observe and don’t judge the thoughts. I am NOT my thoughts. Go into no thoughts, no-mind by catching myself thinking about the past or future. Past is only for lessons learned and future is only for planning. Catch the ego weaving incessant stories that causes regrets or shame from the past or worries and anxieties for the future. Don’t try to control by using my mind, try to participate the NOW with my heart. My mind is NOT my friend. Deep breaths are my one true friend that take me in the NOW, into mindfulness, into stillness where my essence resides and true solutions can arise. Stay in the NOW, in No Mind as much as possible. What I think feel real, but NOT true. Don’t believe in my thoughts. I am not my thoughts, my ego. Talk to myself as I am talking to a third person. Observe the thoughts. Don’t judge. Accept where I am and then proceed with kindness. I believe I am a kind person, the essence of me is kind and gentle. I naturally am kind to my mind, body, and spirit. Be kind and be enough. Food, drugs, compulsive thinking are ego’s way of filling itself with stuff to feel enough. I am Bigger than that. Whenever I feel like feeding more pain to the pain, remember to be kind to my mind, body, and spirit. I am responsible for their well being. Don’t judge suffering as bad. Most of the time, only suffering can crack my ego open and let the light (awareness, awakening, enlightenment) in. Trust that the Universe always brings what I need for my spiritual growth even though I perceive them as negative or bad. Practical ways when I am off the track: be okay with it. Deep breathing. Read spiritual teachings (I have written down many go-to quotes and teachings as great reminders for pick me ups) or watch on YouTube. Do yoga, meditate, walk in nature. Do puzzles or anything that I enjoy and immerse me in the NOW. Watch the trees. Talk with my friends who are on the spiritual path. Have a few spiritual accountability friends who can be in touch regularly to help each other on track. Stick with intermittent fasting - fast for 16 hours and eat for 8 hours. Stick with a vegan diet for animals, health and mother earth. Be aware that my negative thoughts and feelings are in me, not in the world. Only I can observe them and choose not to believe them. When I judge myself, other people and events, I know that’s from my ego, not from my essence. All are not true. What’s true is we are all in this together, all at different phases of our evolution, all doing the best we can. Have kindness, compassion, understanding and commitment to nurture our mind, body, and spirit for self and others. Be mindful and treat everything and action Sacred - watching hands, brushing teeth, etc. Only loving and kindness for self, everyone and everything can true joy be found. Whatever happened and will happen, whatever I did and will do, does NOT affect the real I one bit. It’s just a dream, an illusion, a stage for us to express ourselves like actors and actresses. Don’t take thoughts and life too seriously. Remember the real I. More important, giving is the fastest way of receiving. If I need attention, give someone attention. Calling people who are in need of a friend periodically to make their day. That fills me up more than any material things in the world. Namaste, Leah
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