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  1. Yes, it's written by me and wow, I had no idea there was a quote like this out there.
  2. I had a situation that involved the suffering of another being. Witnessing such allowed me to meditate on ego. I'd like to share this poem with you all. How thin and fragile ego is. Ego is like the shell of an oak tree seed protecting what hasn’t fully developed on the inside. As the tree grows inside it realizes it needs to break free of what holds its growth. The shell resists. ‘No, stay with me and let me shield you’. But yet the tree pushes outward. The shell resists even more. Fighting with all it’s might because it knows it is worthless. The tree has broken free of its confines and reaches towards the sky with no barriers in sight. Roots take hold and strengthen its base. The trunk widens and strengthens as it reaches towards unlimited growth. And after many years, the mighty oak begins to reflect on all that it has experienced. It looks down towards the earth and sees the remnants of the shell that held back its potential. How thin and fragile ego is.
  3. Just one of the paths to enjoy an autumn walking meditation
  4. Children laughing and watching them play makes me happy.
  5. I'd like to let everyone know that I recently completed the Seans Mindfulness Meditation Teacher training program.

    1. Gillian Sanger

      Gillian Sanger

      Congrats Vladimir! That is wonderful 🙂 What are your next steps?

    2. VBZivkovic


      I apologize for not seeing this earlier.

      I'm going to establish a mindfulness meditation center and peace garden for the community 🙂 

    3. Gillian Sanger

      Gillian Sanger

      That sounds wonderful! 😊

  6. Thank you @Gillian Sanger As for the graphic, it was a 'suggestion' offered by PowerPoint.
  7. As requested, here are 2 links to the guided meditation recordings. The files were both too large to upload here so I'm providing links to the files in my Google Drive. One is in a .mp4 (500 mB or so) file with a nice background Large This file is audio only (11 kB) Small Please let me know if there are any issues or concerns.
  8. I have considered recording it Probably within the next few days
  9. Hi Villa and welcome to the community. We're happy to have you here I used to live in Memphis a long time ago
  10. Hi Faith and welcome to the community
  11. Hi all, First, let me start off by stating that I hope that I put this in the correct location. If it's more appropriate to another location, please let me know. I've been developing some guided meditations but this is the first I feel is ready to post. I've titled it Universal Connectedness because sometimes I think when we feel alone in our thoughts and feelings we feel alone in the world, drifting aimlessly. One of my first lessons in Buddhism is that we are never truly alone. When we sit and meditate we sit with the universe. We are all connected to each other. I hope that in reading and practicing this meditation you feel that it captures the essence of universal connectedness that I've tried for. And I hope that it may off you some comfort in difficult times. Universal Connectedness For this guided meditation start off by finding yourself in a comfortable and relaxed position. You can be sitting or laying down. Whatever fits you best. Imagine yourself at the beach. Youre standing with your feet just where the sand meets the water. You look at the sand at your toes. You can see the different color sand grains, the beiges, the blacks, the whites. You can feel the warmth of the water as each little wave covers your feet. You begin to lift your gaze to just where the waves break. You can see the curls of each wave as they begin to break. You lift your gaze slightly more to where the waves are just beginning to rise from the distant ocean. As you look more distant, you can see where the horizon meets the ocean. You look towards your left and can see the ocean and beach meeting for miles into the distance. You look towards your right and can see the ocean and beach meeting for miles into the distance. It’s all very calming. As you look at your feet again you begin to sense a feeling of unconditional love being adsorbed into your body with each passing wave over your feet. The love feels very warm and inviting that you decide to sit slightly more into the water. As each wave now passes over your thighs, your entire body is totally absorbed with love. You begin to rest back on your hands and can hear the gentle sounds of sea gulls in the distance. As each moment passes the sounds get closer. As each sound enters through your ears you begin to feel the sense of utter acceptance flowing through your body. This acceptance allows you to feel as if huge burdens are being released from the deepest parts of you. As these waves of love and acceptance fill your body you feel the warmth of the sun embracing you. You bring kind attention to the suns warmth on your body and realize this is the feeling of compassion. Your heart fills with compassion. Love, acceptance, and compassion are filling your body. You now being to explore more as to where this love, acceptance, and compassion are originating from. You open your mind to being receptive to whatever the source is. You begin to see flashes of people. Some faces are familiar. Some are not. But all are smiling and peaceful. You see the images of all types of animals and lifeforms. Trees, fish, dogs, cats, elephants…some you don’t know the names of, but they all flash across your mind. You continue to be open and receptive and begin to see scenes and faces of beings you’re totally unfamiliar with. You realize they’re from some distant off world location. As you reflect deeply on what you see you begin to realize that we are all connected to one another in the universe. We are all apart the same network of consciousness, unconstrained by time and space. The love, acceptance, and compassion that you send out is also being sent from across the universe to you. Thank you.
  12. You're not late @Gillian Sanger , you commented right when you were supposed to
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