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  1. If anyone is interested, here is the link to the audio. It's about 4 minutes long. https://youtu.be/YI4w0dOcVqg
  2. Sometimes, like mentioned above, silence is a way to work towards the greater good. My words may not always be effective, they might fall upon an unreceptive person. But my actions, I hope, do offer a way to promote kindness and empathy towards living beings. Perhaps this display will help promote more goodwill towards others.
  3. Hi everyone It's been some time since I've posted here but I'd like to share a meditation I wrote on 'positive self-reflection'. Feel free to share as well and I'll record an audio version too. Positive Self-reflection Meditation. Let's begin by taking a moment to settle our body into a comfortable position. (5 seconds) You may close your eyes or keep them slightly open with a soft focus looking downward a few feet in front of you. (3 seconds) Put a half-smile on your face as well. (3 seconds) Allow your spine to lift and your shoulders to soften (2 seconds). Today we will practice positive self-reflection. (3 seconds) Taking a full breath in (2 seconds) and a long slow breath out (2 seconds). Take a few moments to consider a loved one or someone of importance in your life. See their warm smile. Hear their loving and encouraging words. (15 seconds) When you hear their words in your mind what words do you hear? (10 seconds) Maybe you hear words such as: thoughtful, caring, warm, kind, giving, resilient, artistic, or skillful. (10 seconds) All of these words you hear inside your mind are you describing yourself. (2 seconds) Notice there were no crass or hard words only soft and encouraging words. (2 seconds) You are each and everyone of these words and more. (2 seconds) Be aware that Right Thought and Right Speech are important in self-reflection. (5 seconds) And that when we reflect mindfully on ourselves, we reflect with these Noble Truths in mind. (5 seconds) We know how we describe ourselves is how others will describe us too. (2 seconds) You know that you have and will make mistakes. But you are forgiving of yourself. (2 seconds) Because you are: thoughtful, caring, warm, kind, giving. (5 seconds) As we conclude this meditation let’s end it with a deep breath in….and a slow, breath out.
  4. After completing the teacher training program here, which I enjoyed immensely, I started a YouTube channel and opened the Blue Lotus Mindfulness and Meditation Center here in central Minnesota. I have to say it's been a very rewarding experience talking with and getting to help the people I've encountered.
  5. Thank you Gillian Yes, it's a fireplace. But to be honest I never use it
  6. This is such a wonderful question with everything that's going on as well as the seasonal changes that come with winter. I'm also in the northern latitudes so the sun's angle is much lower during the afternoon. This causes the sunlight to enter my southern facing windows differently and casts long rectangular blocks of light on the floor. And for some reason I've always found this type of light very 'homey'. I work from home so I get to enjoy the slow progression of these beautiful illuminated shapes move across my floor. As a bonus, my dogs will sometimes bask in the warmth of the light bringing a sense of calmness to the house as well.
  7. Yes, it's written by me and wow, I had no idea there was a quote like this out there.
  8. I had a situation that involved the suffering of another being. Witnessing such allowed me to meditate on ego. I'd like to share this poem with you all. How thin and fragile ego is. Ego is like the shell of an oak tree seed protecting what hasn’t fully developed on the inside. As the tree grows inside it realizes it needs to break free of what holds its growth. The shell resists. ‘No, stay with me and let me shield you’. But yet the tree pushes outward. The shell resists even more. Fighting with all it’s might because it knows it is worthless. The tree has broken free of its confines and reaches towards the sky with no barriers in sight. Roots take hold and strengthen its base. The trunk widens and strengthens as it reaches towards unlimited growth. And after many years, the mighty oak begins to reflect on all that it has experienced. It looks down towards the earth and sees the remnants of the shell that held back its potential. How thin and fragile ego is.
  9. Just one of the paths to enjoy an autumn walking meditation
  10. Children laughing and watching them play makes me happy.
  11. I'd like to let everyone know that I recently completed the Seans Mindfulness Meditation Teacher training program.

    1. Gillian Sanger

      Gillian Sanger

      Congrats Vladimir! That is wonderful 🙂 What are your next steps?

    2. VBZivkovic


      I apologize for not seeing this earlier.

      I'm going to establish a mindfulness meditation center and peace garden for the community 🙂 

    3. Gillian Sanger

      Gillian Sanger

      That sounds wonderful! 😊

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