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  1. @luma your note fills me with joy and hope! Many blessings to you and your daughter!
  2. I too would like to send you love and support. I find that when I have feelings I'm not entirely comfortable with, I meditate to understand the source of those feelings. When you are comfortable knowing the answers, talk with your daughter. She will always be your little one and need the safety of your unconditional love.
  3. @Henriette this is great information about the mindfulness technique. I wish I had known about it much earlier in my life. It would have saved me a lot of anxiety and grief.
  4. Self compassion. I am too hard on myself. When I hear criticism, I tend to believe it. I get angry with the messenger, otherwise I will cry. I breathe in. I breathe out. Rhythmically lulling myself away from distracting emotions. My racing heart calms. I listen to the breath. I am open. My mind is ready to hear the messenger's truth.
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  6. Hi Sondra! Welcome 🙂
    How did you find this community? Looking forward to learning more about your insights and experience!

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