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  1. Hello Nikolay, Welcome to the community. Myname is Joseph, and look forward to your contributions. As a psychologist, I look forward to hearing your insights regarding integrating bio-feedback and mindfulness. As well as your other insights. Welcome, Joseph
  2. Joseph


  3. Yes, ma'am,that is me. I am trolling the web to learn as much as I can about mindfulness, and I am looking forward to learning more from you, Take care, Joseph
  4. Thank you for thepost. Recently, I was out walking with my wife-- I walk daily, and now she walks with me--something that I am gratefull for. I was struck by the freshess of the smells--newly mown grass, new leaves on the trees, and blossoms--intoxicating. I was also struck by what I was seeing--birds and animals moving about, and the brightness of the colors-- grass, blossoms, trees, ferns-- a crimson epaulet on the red winged blackbird. I alsonoticed new things that I had not noticed before, like-- hey that woods has trees in it.. Thanks, Joseph
  5. I have acquired the book, and read the first 4 chapters. Thank you for accepting me into this club. As a psychologist, I am attempting to integrate the framework of ACT Acceptance and commitment therapy) into my work, and I am finding Dr. Brach's book interesting--familiar in many way, yet she deepens the concept by incorporating her own life story into the idea of acceptance. For myself, I have had to work at understanding the acceptance as something more than a great idea, and I appreciate the added dimension that Dr. Brach adds. She has spurred me into engaging acceptance as t relates to my patients lives as well as my own.This has not been an easy thing, but I am finding that when I do this, the therapy and my groups become more powerful, and the men put more energy in to the work. The life and world of the inmate is so radically different from mine, and although I have worked in prison's for many years, I still have to admit that I don't even know the half of it --what an inmate's experience is. I have to struggle to let go of my assumptions, my own frame of reference, society's views about the incarcerated, my own burn out--all of these are a part of my point of view. I think that this is a place where acceptance and mindfulness can inform my work.
  6. Thank you for your kind words and welcome. I think that you might have commented on my introduction, but I had not replied. I am something of a tech trogladyte, and I am still learning about how to navigate this site. It appears that you have a lot of great experience, and I am looking forward to learning more from you. Shalom, Joseph
  7. I am enjoying this challenge, and I find it helpful in developing a daily mindfulness practice. Today was day 8, and we practiced Focused Awareness, grounded in the breath. The reflection question struck me because I am a psychologist, and I spend a great deal of time listening to my patients. There are times when my attentiveness wains, and I get distracted. I try not to do this, but I am only human--well, part human and part monkey. I find that when I set a mindful intention to focus, I am better able to focus. I also am finding that the more focused I am, themore I enjoy the session; my patients also appear more engaged and productive in response to my attentiveness. Thank you for this practice, Joseph
  8. Greetings, My name is Joseph, and I am new here in town, and would like to introduce myself. I have been trying to learn mindfulness and meditation sine 2000; recently, I have become more active in my pursuit. I had read various authors on the topic from Jack Kornfield, Herbert Benson, Alan Watts, and Thomas Merton. But I never got going. A few years ago, I read Ruth Behr's book-- Practicing Happiness, and I got more Involved. I had fractured my pelvis and read her book while I was in rehab, and I found her approach to mindfulness helpful in my rehab. I was hooked. I am a psychologist in a correctional facility and try to teach mindfulness to my patients. I found this site, and am looking forward to improving my practice and teaching.Christian, and interested in the Christian tradition of meditation and mindfulness--all of the spiritual traditions that I knw of have meditation or contemplation as part of their faith. I believe that we all have something to give to each other. Looking forward to learning and growing. Thanks for this service, Joseph
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