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  1. Hi everyone- This is such a thought provoking question. I think I would say that my most impactful silent teachers are two- my son and my daughter. I have been reminded by and through them, at each age and stage- of the impermanence and wonder of life. The container of motherhood has been a learning lab where I have cultivated patience, curiosity, experiencing emotions, forgiveness, humility, and love. Hope this finds everyone in the community well. Rachel
  2. Congrats on taking the leap! I created a lovely, simple website on Wordpress. You can check it out here. rachelpottsorg.wordpress.com All best to you!
  3. On Peace from Jaiya John: 'Catching peace is not like catching a fish or a cold. To catch peace, you have to let go. Peace is not a catch and release, it is a release and catch. Release everything and catch peace.' This was shared during a meditation led by my teacher recently and it has been humming in my awareness since.
  4. Hello, @LHA- This really resonates with me, as I am someone who gets lost in my thinking mind by conditioning. Mindfulness has really helped me 'catch' when I am doing this. Even if just for a moment here and there, I can bring myself back, get present, and the inner commentary slows and quiets. A few practices/resources I use/have used to support me in this constant chattering: 1. The Untethered Soul by Michael Singer 2. Tara Brach's Practice- Letting Life Live Through You 3. Noticing when I am doing so, and using steps to disentangle from the stream of judging
  5. It really, really does help and support. I am open to all interpretations and wisdom, so yes...and thank you.
  6. I think this inquiry is related to finding one's voice. Recently, I have been feeling a deep intuitive sense to remain open to something that seemed to close off a ways back. I am working with discerning to notice if it is truly my inner voice guiding me toward a possibility or if there is some underlying clinging or attachment that is keeping me in this limbo space. Wondering if anyone has any insight to offer. Always, grateful for this community- Rachel
  7. Hi Friends- Just wanted to share a sample of the kids' practices I put up on my site (rachelpottsorg.wordpress.com) for the little ones in your life! Enjoy and share freely! The Rainbow Inside Us- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1XkbfVZZqzc7HOqida5Dp5OWCz5O0FwZo/view?usp=sharing
  8. This week's inquiry is a welcome one! I listened to a short talk by Tara Brach yesterday (linked. below) and she spoke of a time of great struggle where she simply began saying inwardly, over and over, "Please be kind." So often, I remind my children and my students of the importance of being kind, but rarely do I remind myself to be kind- TO myself. So those are the words I am contemplating and whispering to myself this week. Wishing everyone well. Rachel https://www.nicabm.com/radical-compassion-2/content-1/?_lay
  9. Welcome to this most wonderful and supportive of communities, from a fellow New Jerseyan! Be well- Rachel
  10. I found myself avoiding this inquiry. My relationship with digital communication feels sticky, as I am sure it does for so many. On the one hand, I recognize that I am not a mass consumer of digital media. The only social media platform I have ever used is Instagram, and only starting a few years back when my oldest child began using it and I wanted to be able to monitor. I try to limit my news consumption to news catchall where I can glimpse the headlines from various sources, which I do twice a day at most. Being online for work since the pandemic began has created an ever growing d
  11. Hi everyone- I hope this post finds you all safe and well in these continued uncertain days. I published a new blog post on my website last evening, and I wanted to share it with our community here. Always, any feedback or wonderings it brings up are warmly welcomed! https://docs.google.com/document/d/1M5FdrImjHWrXmpqzYxKY5Cdvd2cGVToucOM-OVcFoiw/edit?usp=sharing My site, if anyone is curious, is: rachelpottsorg.wordpress.com Wishing you ease as the week begins. Be well- Rachel
  12. I ALWAYS come back to my roots, @Gillian Sanger! In Ayurveda, I am dominant in Vata, which is comprised of air and space, meaning, I need to ground in order to feel more balanced. Doing things like your pottery work, or anything that stimulates that connectedness, can bring us what we need. Enjoy your class! Be well. Rachel
  13. Good morning- In reading this week's prompt, I felt a tangible sigh of relief. Like I was grateful for the gift of the question- to slow down and check in with myself. Thank you, @Gillian Sanger. I am working through a week of study with my teacher on clearing vishuddha chakra- the throat chakra, bridge between heart and mind. Within this work is a call to use aspects of right speech- are my words true, kind, necessary? Also embedded here is the invitation to explore one's truth, and to speak, listen, and act from a place of truth. It feels like I am working on attending t
  14. @Gillian Sanger- Thank you once again for the inquiry around what the natural world can offer us in terms of looking within and learning about ourselves. I find that when I am outdoors, a few things sort of naturally (no pun) occur. First, my senses of sight and hearing sharpen. Colors look more vivid, shadows more pronounced, trees or birds against the sky more stark in their contrast. Likewise, there is an increased listening as sounds that may be easily missed become more tangible, discernible. In those experiences alone, there is wisdom. Wisdom to pay attention, to open my awaren
  15. Such wonderful feedback from you both. Thank you for taking the time to read. @Gillian Sanger I actually strongly identify with the lower, and especially the root chakra. In fact, I have to remind myself to allow for the upward flow of prana and not ALWAYS lean toward the the ground, though I find its' stability and constancy helps me be most present. I wish you both ease and thank you again for reading and sharing your thoughts. I love writing these; sharing them is the icing on the cake! Be well. Rachel
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