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  1. I am a bit late to this week's inquiry, but I was actually surprised by the amount of decompression I was feeling last week after the inauguration. I do not think I had realized how much emotion had been tangled up in these recent months for me. I have been feeling a slow burn of hope, relief, anger, and exhaustion. Dare I say a bit of cynicism (eek) on the edges, around the concept of a magic bullet having arrived and all being well. There is so much suffering, for multiple reasons, and the work must now be attended to in earnest. In that way, I get a sense of energized commitment. Complacency is not action. These things- racial injustice, the climate crisis, economic inequity, the pandemic- are not someone else's 'problems'. They belong to all of us; so now, with the turn of leadership here in the US, we get to work. The last thing I have felt this week has been awe. Amanda Gorman not only inspired with her words and recitation, she reminded every student I work with that it is COOL to read, write, and express yourself. Words are power. Wow. Wishing all here peace and ease. Take good care.
  2. It's funny- I never don't feel like meditating. Sometimes I may not want to get out of bed quite as early (procrastination!), or my mind is racing and cluttered that I anticipate my sit won't be what I wish for (clinging!), but I always WANT to sit. The consistency of my practice provides me grounding and stability, the very things I needed when I began to meditate. Each morning is like a coming home, even when imperfect (always). Be well- Rachel
  3. Yes! A few years ago I wrote and recorded two series of meditations for children, one based on the chakras, and the other on the yamas and niyamas. I've refined them and will be sharing them all on my site. I plan to create more short practices for children for sure. If more kids can learn to regulate with mindfulness, the hope is they may grow into more aware and mindful adults.
  4. I am so excited to share that with timing and momentum of its' own, I now have a platform for sharing my practices. rachelpottsorg.wordpress.com And on IG- @rachelpottsmindfulness Deep gratitude to this supportive and wonderful community, and to Sean for his excellent program and guidance. Hoping you are all well- Rachel
  5. Happy and peaceful New Year to all in our wonderful community! I feel there were so many lessons I learned in 2020- it is rather challenging to choose just one to speak to here. I would have to say that this year in its' entirety has taught me that grasping doesn't translate to security or solidity. This applies both relationally and within myself. I have begun to more clearly see that I am not bound by nor to the roles I play (mother, daughter, educator, etc..), so clinging to or using them as a sort of armor doesn't truly serve me on my path. What I hope to cultivate in the coming year has been coming to me in almost a mantra over the last several weeks, and I think it applies to all areas of my life- acceptance, contentment, patience, and purpose. I hope to open my heart and mind to experiences that give me the opportunity to explore them all, to the benefit of many. Be well- Rachel
  6. I was just invited to lead a short mindful meditation for female identifying people during an event of a women's collaborative in the city where I live. It will be taking place on Zoom as well.
  7. When I logged onto Insight TImer this morning, your New Years practice was the very first to pop up! It was wonderful. Thank you, @Gillian Sanger Happy New Year to all!
  8. Hello everyone- I am always happy to wax on books! I have a few in particular I think are worth sharing from this year. Spiritual/Mindfulness Books: Untethered Soul by Michael Singer The Road Home by Ethan Nichtern Trauma Sensitive Mindfulness by David Treleaven Daughter, Drink This Water by Jaiya John Other notables: How to Be an Antiracist by Ibram X. Kendi The Short and Tragic Life of Robert Peace by Jeff Hobbs On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Vuong American Dirt by Jeanine Cummings
  9. Happy Holidays, @Gillian Sanger and everyone here in the Mindfulness Exercises Community! Grateful to be part of this! Rachel
  10. Thank you for the very useful feedback. I haven't formally started sharing them...just with family and friends and colleagues. I appreciate you taking the time!
  11. This is a juicy question of the week! For me, and in my experience, coming to understand mindfulness and incorporating it into my life has allowed me to get really clear on the inner work I had been avoiding- by NOT being mindful. Autopilot was an apt excuse to not pay close attention to my hurts, feelings, and patterning. Once I went inward, and became more aware- first on my cushion, later in more areas of my life-I moved toward the very things I had avoided in order to learn and grow. Personal development indeed....and a lifelong work in progress, but being mindful as much as I can in as many moments as I can that brings me back to the path of learning and healing. Mindfulness has been the vehicle for so much of my self study and opening to life.
  12. Poetry is such soothing medicine. From Dr. Jaiya John, a current favorite of mine right now. This is from his collection of writings called Freedom: Medicine Words for Your Brave Revolution. Would you like to hear an epic Love story? You. Healing. From all of it. And living free.
  13. Hi everyone- Here is a link for a meditation I recorded today on turning toward our own hearts with compassion in moments of difficulty. I would be so grateful if anyone listens and can provide feedback. Hoping you are well and safe. In peace- Rachel https://drive.google.com/file/d/16spyQUHfDOVTjBsYnIwDUMKFf7CCtVtr/view?usp=sharing
  14. beautiful. and perfectly timed. thank you, @Gillian Sanger
  15. I have been a big proponent of the both/and mindset since learning it about 18 months ago from a dynamic family and relational therapist named Dr. Alexandra Solomon. It really does apply in the case of gratitude, though I hadn't frameed it as such. So thank you, @Gillian Sanger for the great tip. Grateful for this community for sure.
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