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  1. Growing up, I had several uncles who played in a fairly popular band called Whiskey River (very apropos) and we used to go to their outdoor concerts when I was a young child, so I feel like music has always been in my life. I listen to a wide variety of artists and styles of music. Lately I listen to a lot of chanting; everything from Tina Turner to Deva Primal, Snatam Kaur, Krishna Das, Peruquois, Ajeet Kaur, etc. Chanting is soothing and facilitates my writing. I also love Madonna, and have seen her in concert five times! I've always admired her strength and attitude; her breaking of rules
  2. I appreciate your awareness and attitude Jen. I, too, am going to practice connecting to what's important. And we are actually having sunny and warm weather way up here in MN so I am enjoying that by going on long walks. It helps distract me and ground me back into my body and calm mind.
  3. Hi Faune! Nice to hear from you. I hear you about being stressed and I can say that this week has been tense for me as well. Thank you, Gillian, for acknowledging the tension here in the US, and I, too, have found solace in yoga, meditation, and silent group meditations. Writing has also helped me. I struggle to understand how so many individuals can vote for a leader who is openly racist and misogynistic. David, I hear what you're saying about social activism being a burden or maybe an escape for those who have yet to process their own trauma adequately. I think it's important, ho
  4. Hi Tanya, I hear that you are being very conscientious and planful about your son's visit, and I think that's commendable and a great start! I would suggest the following: 1. Agree to listen reflectively. We hear things through our own filters and often misperceive what the other is saying, so if a difficult topic comes up, practice reflective listening, which essentially means repeating what the other says to ensure that you are hearing the message correctly. For example, if my sister says, "I'm really frustrated because you always interrupt me" I might think she's calling me rude,
  5. I agree with you Rachel. I find Pema Chodron to be very helpful and have read many of her books and attended some of her workshops. Her recent book, "Welcoming the Unwelcome" is particularly poignant and so relevant in today's world. I also like her book "Start Where You Are, A Guide to Compassionate Living." Some of the wisdom from that book: "If you know how to die then you know how to live and if you know how to live then you'll know how to die. Suzuki Roski said, 'Just be willing to die over and over again.'" "Resistance to unwanted circumstances has the power to keep those circ
  6. Gillian, thanks so much for the link to iBme! They have such excellent programming! So thrilled for the resource...thanks again!
  7. Thanks Gillian and Rachel, it's nice to be back! Thank you for being so kind and welcoming
  8. Thank you Gillian for the lovely meditation, and I appreciate your comments Rachel, about Tonglen meditation. I am practicing compassion in a few different ways. I'm starting off with practicing self-compassion. I've learned a lot about self-compassion from Kristin Neff, and as someone who tends to take care of others, I've come to understand that I can only give from a place of fullness inside. I also practice compassion by volunteering and being active in causes in believe in, such as racial justice and human rights. Another way I practice compassion is by being mindful in everyday interacti
  9. Jo, How are you? You have been so quiet that I have grown concerned and hope you are well.

    1. Ali Zien

      Ali Zien

      I also came to visit, I was concerned about her absence. I pray that everything is okay

  10. Jo L


    Hi Leanne, The most comprehensive book about childhood trauma repercussions and treatment is “The Body Keeps The Score” by Bessel van der Kolk. There are some great online resources: https://www.childtrauma.org https://www.childmind.org https://www.crisisprevention.org https://www.nctsn.org (national childhood traumatic stress network) These websites have a lot of resources and information.
  11. Jo L


    Hi Leanne, I'm a psychologist so very familiar with the exciting world of child psychology. I recommend the book "The Psychology of the Child" by Jean Piaget, which is a classic. It's not necessarily 'fun' to read and is pretty dense, but is full of fascinating information about child development; intellectual, emotional, and social aspects of child development. There's also "How to Talk so Kids Will Listen...And Listen So Kids Will Talk" by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish, which is a practical and helpful book. If you're looking for books about childhood mental illness, there's "Disorders
  12. Hello Franca! Welcome! Thanks for the resource on raja yoga. I have some experience there but great to have more information. How are you going about getting into Corporate Mindfulness if I may ask?
  13. Hi Karen, Welcome! What a cool job and fun course to create! I'm a psychologist, life and wellness coach, meditation and yoga teacher. I'm wondering if you are looking for specific ideas or resources?
  14. I'm with Gillian, sorry you had a tough night. I have an idea (everyone try this!) Close your eyes (not until after you read this Wrap your arms around yourself and give yourself a hug. Say to yourself slowly (silently or outloud) by name, I love you. I'm here for you. I'm listening. I see you. ( Repeat as many times as you want)
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