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  1. welcome aboard Sneha and congratulations on the book..... we look forward to hearing more about your book ...
  2. chotu goes out for walks on a leash twice a day everyday ... if he isnt taken out - he is very vocal indeed.... just thought i would share a picture of him.... he scampers up trees and runs around on the property ... truly an amusing fellow ...
  3. i couldnt agree with you all more ...we are the most arrogant specie on the planet - we have a lot of mice living with us in our new house out in the country - so we usually catch them and release them out in the forest across the road from us in hopes that they wont come back where as people here are using that sticky stuff to catch them and that is so sick..its traumatizing and starves the poor thing to death ... we have a bunny rabbit that chills out on our deck every evening and drives my chotu (cat) crazy - and our bird feeders are all around the house so it works like cat tv for hi
  4. Awesome that we see eye to eye on this point -- and i would like to share 2 of my latest videos - let me know how they worked for you ... look forward to hearing from you ...
  5. when i hear the word mindfulness - i think consideration and compassion are a part of that meaning, aside from concentration - so if sharpshooters are enhancing their concentration to kill - they aren't being mindful - they are just improving their focus and concentration and should probably stop using the word mindful and stick to saying that they are improving concentration -that's my 2 cents for today -its tiresome to see how eastern philosophies are getting watered down and manipulated these days...
  6. completely understandable - enjoy with your friends and family - love midland .... our house sits on an acre and surrounded by trees more or less ...am working on gardening so i can plant flowers next season
  7. welcome back to canada @Gillian Sanger if you're ever in midland, drop by for some cocoa...would be great to meet....
  8. very interesting...i would love to know some steps and resources where we can cultivate these hearts ... would love to hear your suggestions etc. @Gillian Sanger
  9. Grateful for: Chotu my cat came back home after he got out of his catio - he hadbeen gone since august 18th and returned on his own on august 22nd at 5:05am - after alot of knocking on doors, calling out his name and walking the streets in the neighborhood, posting flyers and posters - well i am so grateful... my husband who helped, was understanding and is the most amazing kind gentle human that could exist - am so grateful to have met him.. the ability to walk for hours searching for chotu - even though the sole of my sneakers fell apart - but stayed together thanks to the tap
  10. Here is another guided breath meditation we can do to to relax, let go of anxiety, and stave off feeling the heat.
  11. you could try the bhramari pranayam which is the bee breath... when you hum on the exhalation it really helps when the mind is bouncing all over the place, and is very soothing...check it out and see if it helps :)
  12. i think the idea is to do A guided meditation everyday - whether its the same one or different one is really a personal choice or decision ... hope this helps
  13. hahah - sorry i didnt meant to confuse you with a barrage of information...my husband loves the east and wants to travel there (as i do too ofcourse) - especially when its snowing here in canada for 10 out of 12 months (just kidding) but you get what i mean... so my husband and i got married at the arboretum, under the trees, sun and sky- we wore traditional indian clothes but i blended the cultures - so i wore a white salwar kameez with gold chunni (scarf), cuz he likes me in white (as i am very darkskinned) although technically white in hinduism is worn for death/funerals - we were married
  14. Shanta is probably either from kolkatta or from west bengal ...since you mentioned bengal... and yes i love and miss street food - even my husband loves street food - and interestingly enough his system can handle it.. the vendors make india what it is ... abut sadly we are picking up all the garbage from the west like mcdonalds, and malls and losing our colour slowly... alot of people abhor modi and yet he still remains in power ...its an odd irony - for he has destroyed my country and brought in divisiveness - and where indias beauty lay in the fact that a mosque, church, temple and gur
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