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  1. Welcome @Kamal Malhi i hope you are well in this time of change and keeping safe. I am not on this site often but pleased i signed in and welcome you. 

    How are things where you are? are you finding yourself helping a lot of people at the moment. Your back ground sounds like a lovely life adventure so i hope we can connect. 

    Have a blessed day stay safe and continue your good work 

    Love and light 

    Marisa ☺️



  2. Kamal Malhi

    Kamal Malhi

  3. Hello @Kamal Malhi! Thank you for joining the community 🙂  If you'd like to introduce yourself, feel free to say hello in either the 'Introduce Yourself' section or in the 'Icebreaker' thread.

    I hope you have a calm and nourishing day!

    1. Kamal Malhi

      Kamal Malhi

      Hi Family of Mindful Practitioners!

      I am Kamal Malhi, a Mindfulness teacher, clinical pyscologist and counselor and am the founder of Bodhicitta Centre For Mindful Awareness, and Lotus Sutra - a centre for deaddiction, family counselling, grief and bereavement management and CBT/DBT therapies. I live in Chandigarh, India and have been an educator and community builder for four decades!

      As a meditator and counsellor I have worked extensively with women and children. As a Naval wife,I have counselled and taught mindfulness to The Indian Navy, corporate houses and especially to friends and family.

      Much of my work is pro bono now, and I enjoy facilitating younger teacher and guides by sharing my experience.

      I have been a practicing Buddhist meditator for 30 years _ first in the Theravada tradition, then the Karma Kargyu Tibetan school - and finally for the past ten years as a MIndfulness meditation teacher.

      In Chandigarh, where I have recently moved to and starte dmy centre Bodhicitta, I work with Karma Lama Yeshe Rabgye of Buddhism Guide to spread mindfulness amongst schools, hospital and health staff and for children in slums areas.

      I would be happy to connect with and support any one's journey...and learn your stories, teachings and recognise your hearts. If one thing that has come acrss stronly in these times, is that we are interconnected, interdependent and inter twines as one Human Family

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