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  1. Thanks Gillian and Gene, much appreciated. i studied at BIYOME with Celia Roberts in Brookfield Qld. And am continuing my learning with Mindfulness for a meaningful life. it’s now all online and Celia is very knowledgeable and experienced. I did the 350Restorative aYoga and Meditation course last year and found it so informative and exactly what I required without knowing it. I talked to Celia and she recommended it, she is very intuitive with what a student needs or doesn’t need. hope that helps Gillian. i am grateful to of found a studio already and have already started teaching although on line now, but nevertheless teaching. Keep me posted on your decision. Leigh
  2. Hi all, I am a restorative yoga teacher and meditation teacher looking to share meditation with as many people as I can. Hoping to write some of my own meditations to include in the restorative yoga classes as well. thanks and chat soon.
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