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  1. I discovered Mindful Art Journaling by Rachel Rose on her website or on vimeo under Workshop Muse, yesterday evening and today my first experience : the freedom to mix medium watercolors, a charcoal crayon and color crayons and back to watercolors , energizing effect now about 20 min later ( the picture shows it) also surprising how the « rational » mind at moments wanted to interfere, where the aim of the exercise / practice is to let things emerge as they unfold, letting the impulse bubble up and follow the movement of the hand for me like letting express what is there even if I don’t have words for it, let myself be surprised and go with the process, no results ( ie a production / picture which I might put up on the wall or offer to someone) requested … just let it unfold … Who knows maybe it will talk to you too ?
  2. I came across this reading list at the site of Oxford Mindfulness Center (OMC). It begins with resources for learning mindfulness & MBCT and than goes on to scientific articles. Willem KUYKEN complied ( jun 2019) quite some resources and edited as a pdf (18p.) Mindfulness & MBCT Key resources (reading list). You can find the download link via the aug 2019 Newsletter of OMC, or via the menu For you than resources, than scroll down to additional resources
  3. I came across this one today, on traumacenter.org, related to the field of trauma & and psychotherapy What Are the Benefits of Mindfulness? A Practice Review of Psychotherapy-Related Research Davis D. & Hayes J., American Psychological Association, Psychotherapy Vol.48. No. 2, 2009, pp. 198-208 I saw no search function on the traumacenter site; I got back to it using a search engine and main keywords.
  4. Hi Gillian, I'm glad to hear your interest in the topic / article. I did not put a direct link as I am not keen on reading the policy of mindful.org as to repostig / relinking their articles. I prefer putting the indications like : author, title, date and site on which I found it. They have a search function, using "Salzberg cruelty" , it pointed to the article.
  5. Thank you Gillian this one speaks most to me, maybe for the background mind-patterns it illustrates I came across an article -dated November 13, 2019 - by Sharon Salzberg on mindful.org, which for me is somewhat complementary ( I see harsh self-criticism turning into self-flagellation and eventually self-hatred, also as a form of cruelty). How to Be Kind When Confronted with Cruelty ? Kindness is a force of imagination—a whole-hearted, courageous, genuine awareness that we are all connected.
  6. The answer is yes. What is the situation ? - or "an article about a study highlighting acceptance" published by Jill Suttie on Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley - Title of the article : The Mindfulness Skill that is crucial for Stress based on the study: Psychological mechanisms driving stress resilience in mindfulness training: A randomized controlled trial. Chin B , Lindsay EK et al | Health Psychol. 2019 Aug;38(8):759-768. doi: 10.1037/hea0000763. Epub 2019 May 23.
  7. Hey Gillian, This video ( 7 min) is more general : Understanding neuro-plasticity or Using Your Mind to Change Your Brain, the effects of some practices (like gratitude) found "within Mindfulness" are mentioned, described by Rick Hanson
  8. Ohhhh my …. this is a quite tough and complex situation …. your daughter receiving potentially life-threatening diagnosis by her oncologist, besides the shock to learn that, it seems like here you can’t rely on what worked for you until now: I understand you are very deeply worried, afraid of what might be the evolution of that disease with your daughter and maybe there’s also a feeling of overwhelm / mixing of different emotions and also thought-patterns, which show up as «guilt », that’s really no easy situation I wish you all the courage and support you need Hugging you warmly ( if that is ok for you) tribal Sorry, I am not sure I got the meaning of your question ( english is not my native language), and I realized I wished to express my concern on reading you and send you some supportive words
  9. Another one I discovered today : one hour, gently soothing instrumental, so might technically not qualify as a mantra
  10. tribal

    forest mandala.jpg

    mmmmhhhhh ...your forest mandala resonates a lot with me .... calming and vibrant effect on me at the same moment , and so many different landscapes to discover inside it or widen the perspective seeing all of the mandala, well those parts which are still on the picture
  11. tribal


    wow this one talk a lot to me ... the colors, a kind of a spiral-movement and the colors looking like they were moving themselves ... with that still "point" at the center
  12. tribal

    zen om.jpg

    your Zen-tangle with the "Om" talks a lot to me Would it be ok for you, if I print it and maybe start coloring it ?
  13. tribal


    tis one caught my attention by it's rainbow-colors and than I discovered the spirals
  14. Thank you luma the earthy colors and the "spiraling" effect of your mandala talk a lot to me , and your Zen-tangle as I see it there, has something grounded and radiating at the same time for me.... Who knows, maybe qualities I am looking to cultivate currently. I wondered if you could upload them to the gallery as well, even if for the moment that is labelled photos. I would be easier for me to see your works again after a while. Wishing you well, tribal
  15. I discovered this one today thanks to another person. 23 minutes, letting emerge a deep feeling of calm for me
  16. The big gong inthe center close to the far wall, talks a ot to me
  17. ohhh Thank you for this video ... it touched my heart and resonates a lot with some current reflections I noted 12:46 « impersonal intimacy » 13:15 « i know i feel tremendous love, but it is not tied up into any story, any expectation, or compromise » for me it seems like he distinguishes both ideas, intimacy and love, maybe intimacy as I see it now might be linked more to a relation-ship aspect, in the sense how do I relate to sth, see sth, whereas love like sth that just is and your which makes me think on "the space" of awareness, in the sense Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield talk of it. Maybe that's one of the keys , witnessing also our own "Want's & Don't Want's" ( as well as entitlements, attachments, etc) as they pop up Thanks to you for this conversation
  18. Hello Gillian, Thanks for the invitation to consider this thematic and dig a bit ... I have not an answer to your question "How would you define love ?" As for the different uses / definitions of the word love, I came across a text by a buddhist monk today. On love by Ajahn Jayasaro found here: https://mindfulnessexercises.com/on-love/ On the page you will find the complete PDF of about 60 pages, well I think it would make about 25 A4 pages written in Arial 11. - That's one of those texts, I will get back too, after letting sink in and some reflecting ... Beneath the PDF there is a part of the text, scrolling half-way down, there is a reflection on the semantics and a description of 4 types of love. As for universal love, maybe there are some resonances with the concept / idea / ideal of metta - p.53 of that PDF describes characteristics of the ideal of "a pure love" or metta Wishing you well tribal
  19. Ohhh thank you Gillian for this very practical and simple idea It relates to a question, I came across today, sometimes useful in communications settings after having listened : "What do you need from me in this situation?" Wishing you well, tribal
  20. Hello to all of you, In my current understanding, the shortest definition for self-compassion is something like "Treating myself with kindness". And this involves often the way I talk internally to myself, or which thoughts / feeling arise and which of those I choose to further cultivate. As I am a fan of lists, I would like to invite you, to add to this topic, just pointers to resources, maybe with a short description. I suggest opening a separate topic, if you'd like to discuss or share your experiences. So here is the one which inspired me to open this thread/topic here. Diana Winston : A Meditation on Your Self-Critical Voice | Guided Meditation (audio) | on mindful.org Wishing you well tribal
  21. Hello Ro, I don't know if it fits your questions, what crossed my mind were aspects of "self-compassion" concerning "difficult conversations" , Maybe you will also find some helpful ideas on mindful.org I wish you patience and joy in your explorations, your journey with mindfulness. tribal
  22. tribal


  23. until
    https://www.mindfuleducationsummit.com/free-online-event-2019 Hello, I don't know if posting events of this type ie online events / summits is in line with the forum rules. I not please let me know. Thanks in adavance tribal
  24. ohhh thank you for sharing this one Gillian a smile drawing itself on my face and felling my ribcage widenign, heart space opening ...
  25. Hello to all of you I live in tiny Luxembourg ( country located inbetween France, Belgium and Germany). Although I was interested in meditation and mindfulnes for quite a while, I came gradually to a more regular meditation practice through the Shiatsu-training, which I began in sept 2014, and thanks to a great Yoga teacher whose courses are for me like meditation in movement. In January 2018, I participated in an MBSR-course in a place nearby and also during 2018 I registred for the 100 days challenge offered by Sean Fargo on Mindfulness-exercises. Currently my interests are in discovering further, and establishing / maintining a regular formal practice and also trying to transpose to daily life. The teachings and guided meditations of Tara Brach and Jack Kornfield, as well as Thich Nath Hanh speak a lot to me currently : being present in the present moment, loving awareness / presence with tenderness, « opening the heart », feeling / knowing the connection with all that is. And exploring also what is way beyond words ... Wishing you well tribal
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